5 Signs A Leo Woman Is Using You

Since a Leo woman can sometimes be self-absorbed, it is not impossible for her to use you for her own selfish needs. If you want to know the signs when a Leo woman is using you, you have come to the right place.

A Leo woman is using you if she starts unnecessary arguments and will purposefully make you jealous. She won’t be interested in getting to know you, and you will realize that you are not part of her priorities. A Leo woman won’t commit because she thinks the relationship is only for something temporary.

Before we begin, you should know first the signs when a Leo woman wants to break up with you. Read further!

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Signs A Leo Woman Wants To Break Up

She is distant

An obvious indication that your Leo woman is over you and ready to end the relationship is if she suddenly seems to have less time for you. She frequently gives reasons or postpones all of the plans she had with you, appearing to be engaged with plans and activities that do not involve you.

A Leo woman will occasionally get irritated when you bother her or interfere with her day.

In fact, even while she is dating, this sign tends to avoid spending time with people she finds repugnant in general. Additionally, when she makes an effort to put distance between herself and you, there won’t be much physical touch between the two of you.

She is selfish

A Leo woman often enjoys being the center of attention; otherwise, she will feel ignored and mistreated. She can start to lose interest in you and stop seeing your value in her life if she feels ignored and does not receive the necessary attention from you.

A Leo woman uses her selfish needs as a coping mechanism for the hurt you have given her.

A Leo woman will probably eventually accept the breakup as the only option and move on. She consequently develops a greater sense of self-importance and vanity, thinking only about her own requirements and desires.

A Leo woman might also ask for things from you but don’t anticipate anything in return.

5 Signs A Leo Woman Is Using You

She starts arguments

A Leo woman’s urge to challenge others around her is something she always does. However, if your disagreements start to become more frequent, you should be cautious, as this can indicate that she’s trying to use you.

A Leo woman may be attempting to push you away but is unable to do so directly if she has learned what irritates you and uses it to get a response from you.

When a Leo woman does this, it’s possible that she wants you to break up with her because she lacks the courage to do it herself. It’s a bitter pill to take, but this sign doesn’t deserve a place in your life if she purposely does things that she knows will hurt you.

She won’t commit

A Leo woman probably doesn’t care too much about how her activities affect you if you’re uncertain of where you stand in her life and if you frequently compromise and put up with her questionable behavior.

It’s possible that she’s just playing mind games on you if she entirely excludes you from her life and conceals things from you.

It’s time to realize that you deserve more than the bare minimum a Leo woman is providing you and to give yourself the self-respect to leave. Stop second-guessing your actions and start advocating for what you want instead of settling for less.

A Leo woman can simply be emotionally locked off and not yet prepared to commit to you, so she uses you to pass the time.

She makes you jealous

A Leo woman may purposely allow you to catch her glancing at other men while you are together, or she may leave her phone out so you can see her most recent phone calls with her ex. This is just another indication that she’s trying to shift the burden of ending the relationship to you.

It hurts worse to watch someone go out of her way to break your trust and violate her morals simply to make you feel inadequate. A Leo woman probably believes that by ruining the relationship and giving you control, she is saving you from suffering.

Stop pushing things if she makes it painfully clear that she doesn’t want to be with you and carry on with your life.

She isn’t interested

A Leo woman would naturally want to talk about herself, but she also has an insatiable curiosity about other people’s viewpoints and methods of living. In order to understand what makes you tick and how to make you happy, she will make a mental note of it.

Be wary if a Leo woman doesn’t make an effort to find out more about your life because it’s likely that she’s just unwilling to commit to a long-term relationship with you.

She won’t hesitate to let you know if she senses that you two are not on the same page because she doesn’t want to waste either of your time. Do not attempt to persuade a Leo woman of your value if she says that she is not interested.

She doesn’t prioritize you

A Leo woman has the right to set her priorities where she sees fit, but if she keeps you waiting for hours or schedules a date just to cancel minutes before without providing an explanation or even an apology, it is a blatant sign that she doesn’t appreciate you.

It’s obvious that a Leo woman is merely playing you if she only shows up when it’s convenient for her, treats you like a fallback, and arrives late. It hurts to see someone in your life that you’ve prioritized to put other things and people before you.

You must learn to let go, no matter how much you feel for your Leo woman.

A Leo Woman’s Weakness In A Relationship

Since a Leo woman is outgoing and open-minded, she enjoys lively conversations that are humorous. She gets too sensitive, though, and will stop at nothing to preserve her reputation and ego when someone criticizes her ideas and behavior.

A self-centered Leo woman only wants to talk about her feelings and to have her voice heard.

A Leo woman feels that she should always be in the spotlight and that everything should revolve around her. This can lead to a variety of issues in most of her relationships since the other partner will feel unheard.

Relationships require compromise; therefore, a Leo woman must pay attention to her partner’s plans rather than just focusing on her own.

How To Keep A Leo Woman Interested

Showering a Leo woman with sincere compliments is important since she can tell if you’re being sincere or not. The secret, though, is to go slowly and avoid rushing; to win her over, utilize your elegance and best humor. Make sure a Leo woman understands how important she is to you and how there is no other woman like her.

Showing your Leo woman affection, and lots of it is a basic rule that you can never go wrong with.

This kind of behavior is acceptable because, in actuality, this sign frequently requires ego stroking. Giving a Leo woman an ego boost by telling everyone around you how much you love and admire her only serves to your advantage.

5 signs a Leo woman is using you, final thoughts…

If a Leo woman is using you:

  • She starts arguments
  • She won’t commit
  • She makes you jealous
  • She isn’t interested
  • She doesn’t prioritize you



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