How To Get A Leo Woman Obsessed With You?

In this article, we will talk about your Leo woman and her obsession tendencies! How does she get infatuated with someone? What are the traits and qualities that make a man attractive to her? Alongside that, we will give you an insider’s tip on how to make a Leo woman go crazy over you!

The Leo woman is the fifth sign in the Astrology wheel, represented by the Lion, she is naturally magnanimous, courageous, proud, and strong. These women are not the ones to be pushed around because they will come back to bite you!

Powerful in their own right, Leo women are ruled by The Sun which gives them fierceness and charm…

Leo women are born from July 23 up to August 22. This means they are under the rulership of Leo and the Sun,  Leo women are fearless in nature, and Their bravery exudes and makes a lasting impression on many people. Alongside that, they are warm and generous people who have genuinely big hearts.

This is why your Leo woman tends to fall in love so easily, having a big heart means she easily sees the good in people. She is optimistic and lively and she sees the good qualities instead of seeing the negative ones.

In a romantic relationship, she is a warm and generous partner, often she likes posting her partner or showing her partner off to friends or family. Again this is because she is one proud woman.

In terms of infatuation and obsession, your Leo woman can be deeply infatuated with someone for a long time! This is because of your Leo woman’s fixed modality which can make her obsessed for long periods of time!

She looks for a man who is attractive, confident, and exhibits powerful and strong leadership skills.

With all of that in mind let’s tackle more on your Leo woman and her obsession tendencies, we’ll explain to you more about how a Leo woman develops an obsession so you can take advantage of it! We’ll also tackle the things she looks for in a man!

Let’s jump right in!

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Leo Women and Obsession Tendencies

A Leo woman starts her obsession journey with a crush, it can be a jolly, butterflies-in-your-stomach kind of crush, then the more she tries to get close to the man she’s having a crush with the more she starts idealizing the man, the more she gets infatuated and the more she’ll plan on doing things to “accidentally” get close to him or converse a chat with him.

After this by weeks or months, the social media stalking, and asking for information from his acquaintances, her obsession will be more apparent and clear.

She might even do the first move! Remember your Leo woman is confident and is a fire sign, she actively seeks the things she wants, but subtlety isn’t in her vocabulary!

Your Leo woman gets attracted easily especially if you have good looks and charm, a nice body, a confident aura, and a beautiful smile can be one of those attractive traits that truly appeal to her, being a confident woman.

She follows her heart more than her mind. She develops an unusual obsession on hand the more she gets positive feedback and attention from the man she’s into!

Unlike her fellow sister signs (Aries and Sagittarius) a Leo woman plans things out instead of doing things impulsively, alongside that a Leo woman values the standing of a man in society if he’s powerful and successful. Unlike the two sister signs who are more impulsive and live to see the moment.

A Leo woman finds it deeply attractive when a man is powerful in his own right! Whether he’s doing good at his work or career, if he has a passion he is exceptionally good at it! She deeply finds a man attractive who knows his purpose in life and is showing people how good he has it!

Alongside that a Leo woman finds it deeply attractive when a man has a nice athletic body, this is because of the fact that a bigger athletic manly body signifies physical strength which correlates with power, success, and confidence. These are the traits that a Leo woman looks for in a man!

Overall, a Leo woman deeply in love and infatuated is a process, now that we’ve discussed your Leo woman’s obsession tendencies let’s move on to the next part! If you want to get closer to her we will give you the most effective ways how to get her to obsess with you instantly!

How to Get Your Leo Women to obsess over you? (7 ways to do it!)

1. Exude power and success!

The first step of the list! In order to make a Leo woman have her eyes on you, one must be able to embody power and success! The trick here is to be proud and confident about yourself and your achievements!

Do not frown upon yourself or downplay any of your successes in life! Instead, inspire others by sharing your story!

You can also exude power and success by gaining confident and manly body language that denotes strength and awareness of your surroundings, always looking comfortable in the space you are using, using direct eye contact when dealing with people, and using a stern commanding voice when talking to people!

The more powerful you look! The more love you’ll get from your Leo woman!

2. Apply the push and pull method

When you’re getting on good terms with your Leo woman you need to plan out your days when you are giving time and attention to her, yes it is a good thing that you always get to hang out with her because then an emotional connection happens but only in further mystery you can create more attraction.

You need to have a day off withdrawing your time, energy, and attention from her. You are doing this in order to have him miss your presence and attention. Give out days in which you’ll actively make her day wonderful then ditch her on other days saying you are busy or you’ve got something else to do.

In this way, she will realize how important your time is and will value you more! Although this method can be entirely addicting it is highly important to not overdo it as it will just make it seem like you’re just playing her or ghosting her…

3. Get Physically bigger!

The third step to make sure your Leo woman is obsessing over you is that you need to be physically dominant over the other men around you! Physical dominance has been playing a huge role in humans and attraction and over time this only solidified with the beauty standards applied to men.

As such it is incredibly important to have a strong muscular physique because this is a trait a Leo woman finds incredibly attractive! Arms and good broad shoulders are the main power points that a Leo woman finds sexy! Remember that when building a good physique it is important to stay focused and disciplined!

4. Show her that she has competition…

The fourth step in making sure your Leo woman goes gaga over you is that you must show her that she is not the only one obsessing over you! You can do this by having playful banter with other women while she sees you from afar.

The more she knows that she has competition over you the more she’ll get vicious in pursuing you!

5. Go on trips and adventures

The next step in attracting your Leo woman and making her obsessed with you is that you must randomly or casually invite her to travel with you! Adventures are a must because this keeps the passion inside of her!

Alongside that, it is important that you must not make it look like you are deeply into inviting her or making it seem like you are pursuing her on a date slash travel adventure. The goal is to ask her to accompany you on these alone trips so make it as casual as possible!

Beautiful yet exciting places are a good way to go, if you’re in the city a nice hill viewing the entirety of a city is a good way to start, you can also try art galleries and museums, if you have a budget you can also the travel outside of the city! Work whatever’s best for you!

6. Show her you don’t need a woman to be happy!

The best way to truly attract people into your life is by creating a life you solely desire for yourself!

Living a successful life shows that you know your place in this world and that you are a powerful creator! When you embody the life people want you are showing your Leo woman that you can be a great partner in love and life!

Love your life and the body you’re into! Work on solidifying your place in your work or career!

Work on those unusual passions of yours! Try traveling more and partying with friends in different pubs and clubs! The key to a happy life is not chasing it, but rather embodying the happiness that comes along with it!

7. Maintain strong attractive body language…

Always play up with the strong and attractive man persona whenever you’re around her! Maintain eye contact with people especially with her when she’s trying to converse with you, keep a straight body posture, and avoid fidgeting.

Try to be as powerful as possible by dressing the part, if you are in a corporate setting wear darker clothes which signifies power and control.

The tone and dictation of your voice also matter, practice having a slow yet thoughtful tone of voice whenever you are talking to her. It is also important to be graceful, especially to other people. Being a gentleman adds points to your attractiveness scale so better show it to her!

Leo: The Lioness Lover…. Final Thoughts

Your Leo woman is one of the most passionate zodiac signs you’ll ever meet and come across with! Incredibly fierce and loyal she is a wonderful lover to be with!

Because of her fixed modality and her fiery fire element, her passion and obsessions can play a huge role in her life so don’t act surprised when she starts pursuing you more often if you followed the guidelines below correctly!

If you are looking for more zodiac signs and how to seduce them and make them obsess over you do not worry! For more information about the zodiac signs click the links down below!



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