What Happens When You Ignore A Leo Woman?

You probably know by now that a Leo woman thrives on getting attention. Maybe that is why you are curious about what happens when a Leo woman is ignored. You are in luck because I have listed everything you need to know when you ignore a Leo woman.

When you ignore a Leo woman, she will hold grudges and will give you the taste of your own medicine by ignoring you back. A Leo woman will eventually become aggressive and her trust towards you will also be gone in a flash. Over time, a Leo woman will move on once she has already made up her mind.

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That said, let’s first look at your Leo woman’s weaknesses and see what she’s like when she gets angry. Let’s go!

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Leo Woman’s Weaknesses

Leo women are preoccupied with the material aspect of life, only worrying about their own demands and ignoring others. A Leo woman may even begin to influence people in order to achieve her goals and she is also capable of flattering themselves and looking to build significant ties.

Leo women are cunning con artists who act unequally and authoritatively like spoiled kids. Because they are so prideful, Leo women may continue to hold onto false beliefs because they despise self-reflection and refuse to accept when they have made a mistake.

When competing, a Leo woman will have no concerns about lying and not taking into account anyone she views as an opponent. Leo women require affection, and if it isn’t given to them, they will seek it elsewhere.

More than that, she may become promiscuous in her pursuit of the person she believes is hers. Leo women are prone to overspending when working autonomously and will not accept being contradicted.

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When A Leo Woman Is Mad…

A Leo woman’s characteristics are frequently filled with pride and enthusiasm. She will most likely be assertive with her words and actions throughout these conversations, as this assertive behavior is meant to show you that she is serious about this talk.

It is critical that you pay attention to what a Leo woman has to say and you should expect her to grow overwhelmed and enraged if you make the bad decision to ignore her.

A Leo woman may expect you to be submissive at this time because she is not seeking a fight or an argument. If you choose to be contrary, you may find that your Leo woman loses control of her emotions.

Uncertainty or insecurity lies beneath the ego of every Leo woman because she desires to be in a relationship with someone who treats her with respect and admiration. If a Leo woman believes the foundations of her relationship are crumbling, she will most likely withdraw.

When You Ignore A Leo Woman…

She holds grudges

Leo women believe that everyone in their lives comes into their lives for a reason. And if you don’t prove your purpose for being there, a Leo woman will make sure you don’t come near her again.

If you ignore a Leo woman, then grudges are held until her final breath. A Leo woman will make you suffer throughout the ordeal, and she won’t offer you a chance to put things right in most circumstances. A Leo woman would rather ignore the person she loves than be the one ignored by him.

A Leo woman makes it clear that she doesn’t want you in her life at first, but if you don’t get the hint or if you hurt her badly enough, she’ll ice you out right away. The reason for this is that Leo women are more prone to study situations and try to figure out what’s going on.

More importantly, a Leo woman will try to figure out whether or not you’re sincere. In other words, she’ll search for evidence that you’re making an effort to make amends and she won’t believe you if she believes you’re just going through the motions.

She becomes aggressive

If a Leo woman becomes angry, it’s obviously because she is hurt or unhappy that you are ignoring her. A Leo woman will get into tough debates, and you’ll jump to conclusions rapidly.

It’s very likely that she’ll try to avoid being around you and she will begin to hold you responsible for everything you do and say. You won’t get away with your mistakes, but a Leo woman’s pride may prevent her from shaming you publicly.

Of course, if you discover that you have hurt her, this is where your understanding of what happens when a Leo woman becomes enraged comes out.

Whatever the circumstance may be, a Leo woman will not be there for you; it’s basically a tit for that situation. A Leo woman will continue to do anything she believes will cause you harm and she will make every effort to become the person you despise the most.

If you see this and don’t want to lose your love of life, apologize to your Leo woman and attempt to make her feel special. A Leo woman desires an open and honest partner because she is an open person who does not desire a lover who keeps his feelings and ideas hidden from her.

She ignores you

When a Leo woman gets hurt when you ignore her, she may try to avoid you which is the source of her rage. A Leo woman will begin to spend more time with her friends, family, and other social contacts.

A Leo woman may try to make you feel lonely by not being present, as well as jealous by spending time with others. Moreover, a Leo woman will not respond to your texts or phone calls; she will disregard them just like you did.

When a Leo woman gets hurt, she will also abruptly shift her emphasis to other people. Usually, there is nothing to worry about because this does not directly refer to other men; rather, she’ll concentrate on all of the individuals she enjoys spending time with and who make her happy.

In other words, if a Leo woman is irritated because you ignored her, she can lose interest in doing things with you or giving you her full attention. A Leo woman will usually keep everything to herself and concentrate on other things.

She won’t trust you

Most Leo women are less likely than other women to trust. A Leo woman will want to make sure you’re honest about your excuses for why you ignored her before she commits again since she is wary of those who have hurt her.

On the other hand, if a Leo woman believes you were honest in your apologies and how you handled the situation, she may swiftly change her mind. When someone she trusts betrays her, a Leo woman will react differently, guided by her own set of values.

You won’t be able to do anything if a Leo woman decides she’s done with you. Don’t think she’s cold-hearted; it’s just that a Leo woman loves and cares about you so much, and you’ve profoundly hurt her.

A Leo woman can’t tolerate the fact that you play with her feelings and trust, therefore it’s understandable if she gets numb to you after that. As I previously stated, she is reserved when coping with difficult emotions, but the fact that she ignores you indicates that something is wrong.

She’ll move on

If you ever offended your Leo woman by ignoring her, she will be ready to leave you and move on almost immediately. She will make every effort to forget about you because when she understands that something in the relationship isn’t working, a Leo woman has the confidence and fortitude to go on.

When a Leo woman feels neglected, she tries to put her ego aside and keep her head high, as if it doesn’t matter. As we all know, a Leo woman will hold grudges for the rest of her life, and in order to soothe her ego, she will move on and seek attention from new people.

If a Leo woman discovers that you no longer respect her by her actions, she will tell you that the relationship is over. A single action or even comment can lead to the breakup of your relationship with a Leo woman.

Because a Leo woman is quickly triggered, you must be careful with your actions and words. You may certainly do a lot to make a Leo woman feel better, but you must be cautious because your relationship could be over with one wrong move.

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What happens when you ignore a Leo woman, final thoughts…

When you ignore a Leo woman:

  • She holds grudges
  • She becomes aggressive
  • She ignores you
  • She won’t trust you
  • She’ll move on



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