How To Text A Leo Woman

How To Text A Leo Woman

If you are interested in a Leo lady and want to capture her attention, then you need to know how to text a Leo woman to win her over.

When texting a Leo woman, keep your messages coquettish, complimentary, and compelling. Leo is one of the most romantic zodiac and proudest signs, so your texts should be passionate and feed her ego. Try your best to entertain her, and always leave her wanting more.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface…

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That said, let’s look at how Leo women flirt…

How To Text A Leo Woman

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How to Flirt With a Leo Woman Over Text

When flirting with a Leo lady over text messages, you should be aware of her astrological sign’s typical communication style.

Every sign has a special symbol, usually an animal, that encapsulates the unique personality traits of that sign.

Leo’s symbol is the lion, which reveals that Leo women are extremely prideful and they enjoy the thrill of the chase.

Many women prefer being the one pursued in romantic relationships, but a Leo woman isn’t a traditional female. If she likes you, she will let you know and she won’t hesitate to text you first. Because she has the spirit of a lion, she has no problem chasing a man she likes and she doesn’t value her prey as much when it comes to her easily.

Since she is so prideful, it’s important to let her know that you’re romantically interested in her, but you also can’t give too much away. You have to strike the balance between giving her enough attention to keep her satisfied and always leaving her wanting more.

When she sends you a text, reply immediately, and keep your tone fun and flirty. Use plenty of cute and sassy emojis, like the smiling heart eyes or the winking kiss.

Sprinkle your conversations with compliments to make her feel good. Text her just to say how gorgeous she looks, how determined and strong she is, and how she’s unlike any other woman you have ever known.

The more you admire her and show her that you like her as more than a friend, the more she will want to keep texting you back.

How To Text A Leo Woman

How to Seduce a Leo Woman Over Text

You must know how to recognize the difference between flirting and seducing if you want to seduce a Leo lady over text messages.

Flirting is how you stroke your Leo woman’s ego and express romantic interest in her while seducing is how you show her that you lust after her and want her sexually.

A Leo woman is straightforward and courageous, but she’s not very emotionally self-aware. She may not know how to express her deeper feelings, but she has no qualms about telling a man she is interested in him physically.

Her seduction style is bold and direct, yet refined. When you’re trying to seduce a Leo lady over text, don’t be vulgar or rude, but make your intentions clear.

While she has a great deal of self-confidence, a Leo woman constantly craves flattery. You can seduce her by sending texts telling her how irresistible she is, how sexy she looks in a particular dress, and how no other lover could ever compare to her.

Text her that you can’t stop thinking about her and that she is driving you wild with lust.

Because a Leo woman is so bold and self-assured, she is attracted to men who are equally as confident as she is. Be brave when you want to charm her and don’t hold back from telling her exactly how you feel.

It’s important to be forward and direct with a Leo woman, but you also have to be romantic. Keep your text messages pure and passionate, and don’t send her any messages that are too nasty or overtly sexual.

Since Leos are often quite vain, you can seduce your Leo lady over text by asking her to send you a sexy picture.

You don’t have to get into the specifics about what kind of photo you want; let her take control and decide just how steamy she wants to make your text conversation.

You should also send her sexy pictures of yourself. Leos can be a little superficial, so your Leo lady wants a man she is proud to have on her arm. Make sure you look good in any photos you send her because she will probably look at them often and show them off to her friends.

The color associated with Leo is orange, so in your photos, wear something in a bright orange hue. Leos also love gold and red, so don’t shy away from metallics and different shades of red.

Your Leo woman will be blown away when she sees your hot photos light up her phone screen, and she will enjoy earning more of your praise with photos of her own.

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How To Text A Leo Woman

Things to Text a Leo Woman

Whether you intend to flirt with a Leo lady or to seduce her, there are certain text messages that are always good to send her.

When texting a Leo, you must strive to entertain her. She can get bored and distracted easily, so you will have to put in a little effort to keep her attention focused on you. It’s not unusual for a Leo to stop texting back in the middle of a conversation because she got busy with something else in front of her.

Send her lots of funny jokes, memes, and videos that you think she will like. Tease her brain with puns and puzzles, and make sure your texts are never dull or pointless.

Every zodiac sign is ruled by a heavenly body that tells us something important about that sign. Unlike most astrological signs, Leo is not ruled by a planet. Leo’s guiding heavenly body is the sun.

This tells us that, like the sun, a Leo woman thinks the world revolves around her. She expects her partner to put her first and adore her, so if you want to win her over, you must help her with praise.

Show your Leo lady how you feel by sending her lots of text messages just to say that you’re thinking of her, and always respond to her messages as soon as you can.

If you even want to be platonic friends with a Leo woman, you should still shower her with praise.

As one of the vainest signs of the zodiac, a Leo woman cares deeply about what others think of her. Make sure that your text messages always make her feel appreciated and adored, and she will never want to stop texting you.

Another way to flatter her is by asking her for advice. When you ask for her input, it shows that you trust her judgment and value her opinions.

While you should lavish her with attention, you don’t want to come off as clingy or desperate. Always respond to her texts, but don’t demand that she reply to you.

Text her often, but not so frequently that she doesn’t have an opportunity to wonder what you’re doing when you’re not with her. You have to find the perfect balance between being available, and not being too available.

How To Text A Leo Woman

Why a Leo Woman Didn’t Text Back?

If your Leo lady suddenly isn’t texting you back, there are a few possible explanations for why she has gone silent.

Don’t assume that your Leo woman is ignoring you out of anger because suffering in silence is not her style. She is hot-blooded and passionate, making her much more likely to engage in an epic texting war than give you the silent treatment.

Your Leo lady might not be texting you back if she feels like you have been neglecting her. She will sulk in silence or seek attention elsewhere until you reach out to her. Leos can be incredibly dramatic, so she might not be texting you just to test you and see how you react.

Another reason Leo could be ignoring your texts is that she is falling for you and wants to protect herself from her strong emotions. Although she is romantic, she likes to play the field and hates feeling vulnerable.

Finally, your Leo woman might not be responding to your messages simply because she is too busy. She can be selfish, so if she is preoccupied with her friends or work, she probably isn’t thinking about texting you.

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Texting a Leo woman, in a nutshell…

When texting a Leo lady, there are a few things you can say to ensure that you always get a message back.

Keep your text messages to a Leo woman fun, flirty, and flattering. Make her feel adored and admired, but still play a little hard to get. Be confident and bold in your texts and make it abundantly clear that you’re interested in her.

When she smiles every time her phone lights up with a message from you, you are well on your way to winning a Leo woman’s love.

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