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How To Text A Libra Woman

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If you want to win a Libra woman’s heart, then you need to know the proper way to text this loving and communicative sign.

When texting a Libra woman, keep your messages sweet, flirty, and balanced. Be honest and sincere, but also be charming and romantic. Shower her with compliments and make sure you look your best in any photos you send her. If you follow these guidelines, you will have the Libra woman of your dreams eagerly waiting for your messages.

I’ve provided some really good general advise to connect with and understand your Libra woman by text.  If you want more specific details, then check out the Synastry Chart at the end of this article.  You’ll get plenty of details about your connection with your Libra woman.

How to Flirt With a Libra Woman Over Text

When you want to flirt with a Libra lady, it’s helpful to know some of the astrological influences of her zodiac sign’s personality and communication style.

Each zodiac sign has a guiding planet or other heavenly body that reveals something significant about that sign’s disposition. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, money, and beauty.

As a sign ruled by the planet of love and romance, it’s safe to assume that passion and relationships are of great importance to your Libra crush. Make sure to send her lots of cute, sweet messages that can only be interpreted as flirtation when texting your Libra lady.

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Although you should always be sweet and friendly when interacting with a Libra, don’t fall into the friend zone by only texting her kind things that fail to express your romantic interest.

Make sure she knows that you like her as more than a friend by punctuating your messages with plenty of lovey-dovey emojis (like the winking or kissing face, or lots of hearts),

Since Venus’s influence also makes Librans highly interested in aesthetics and art, you can flirt with your Libra crush by sending her attractive photos and asking for her picture in return. Make sure that you look your best and get the angles and lighting just right because a Libra woman looks for these details.

You can also impress her by sending creative, artistic shots. For example, if she texts you to ask what you’re up to, don’t send her the standard, “Not much, hbu?” Instead, take a snap of whatever you’re doing in a way that makes it look cool.

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If you’re just having your morning coffee, take a photo that shows your favorite mug, the book you’re reading, and the sun streaming in the kitchen window. Showing her instead of telling her goes a long way with a Libra woman.

Finally, Libra women are innately caring and considerate. They hate hurting people’s feelings and they know just how to charm anyone and make them feel special.

Do the same for your Libra woman by texting her just to let her know you’re thinking of her or to ask how her day is going. She will appreciate how much you care and will want to check in on you, too.

How to Seduce a Libra Woman Over Text

If you want to seduce a Libra woman over text, there are a few things you should know about her first.

Because Librans are naturally so romantic, it’s hard for them to separate lust from love. Your best chance of seducing a Libra woman is to show her that you genuinely want more from her than just her body. She prefers physical intimacy within a committed relationship, so let her know that you love her mind and heart just as much as her looks.

At the same time, Librans are excellent at separating fact from feeling and can detach emotionally when they want to. A Libra woman is perfectly capable of enjoying a one-night stand, as long as she shares a mental connection with her partner as well as a physical one.

A Libra woman’s communication style is charming and kind, yet honest and straightforward. If you want to seduce her, you have to find the right words to politely express what kind of relationship you want with her, whether it’s just a physical connection or something more.

When seducing your Libra woman over text, remember how important aesthetics are to her. A Libra lady is a visual creature, so send her a hot photo of yourself and she will likely be happy to send you one of herself in return.

Libras are usually quite vain, so you must inundate her with compliments and praise everything about her, especially her appearance. A Libra woman can’t hear often enough how gorgeous she is, and she wants you to compliment her intelligence and personality, too.

Establishing clear boundaries, exchanging sexy photos, and flooding her with compliments are all effective ways of seducing a Libra woman over text.

Things to Text a Libra Woman

Whenever you are texting a Libra lady, there are a few important things to remember to keep your communication clear.

Every zodiac sign has a unique symbol that encapsulates the most important aspects of that sign’s personality. Libra’s symbol is the scales, making it the only sign of the entire zodiac with an inanimate object as its symbol.

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It also tells us that Librans are all about fairness and balance. Part of what makes Libra women so charming and likable is their ability to see different viewpoints and make unbiased judgments. Most Librans have a strong interest in justice, and you have probably heard the Libra woman in your life say, “That’s not fair!” or “That seems fair to me.”

When it comes to texting, keep the messages you exchange with your Libra lady balanced and even. Text her regularly, but don’t bombard her with long paragraphs when she hasn’t even responded to your first message yet.

If she sends you a paragraph, she expects a paragraph in return. If she sends just one letter or an emoji, that’s all she needs back.

She does, however, always expect a message back. The typical Libran is constantly on her phone and is an anxious texter. If she doesn’t hear back from you, even if you don’t think her last message requires a response, she may become worried or hurt. Always acknowledge her texts, even if it’s just by sending a thumbs-up emoji or a simple, “Okay.”

Safe topics to discuss with a Libra woman over text include art, design, and money. She will happily respond when you ask her for advice on what to wear or how to decorate your apartment, and her opinions will be helpful because she has excellent taste.

Exchange financial tips and talk about the economy, and she will be impressed by your financial savvy and planning for the future.

Why a Libra Woman Didn’t Text Back?

As one of the biggest social butterflies of the entire zodiac, the typical Libra woman is always on her phone. If she’s not texting you back, you should know that there’s a deliberate reason for her silence.

Scroll through your previous messages and see if there is a lack of balance. Perhaps your Libra lady feels like you haven’t been responding to her enough, so she’s giving you a taste of your own medicine. If you don’t reply to her or text her first very often, she might think that you don’t want to hear from her. 

While Librans are direct and straightforward, they are also very non-confrontational. A Libra will do almost anything to avoid an argument. If she won’t text you back, it could be that she’s avoiding a fight with you. She might also be upset with you and is showing you passive-aggressively by ignoring your texts.

Finally, the most likely reason why your Libra lady isn’t texting you back is that she is busy texting or talking to someone else. Librans are super social, so your Libra crush is probably hanging out with friends and not checking her phone, or she’s already engaged in a text conversation with one of her pals.


If you want to win over a Libra woman with your text messages, you need to be aware of her zodiac sign’s typical personality traits and behaviors. Once you have a better understanding of how her sign communicates, you will know what it takes to get a response from her and make her smile.

Keep your texts balanced, romantic, and straightforward. Be charming and considerate, but also make your intentions clear. Always respond to her and avoid picking fights over text. Engage her in conversations about her favorite topics like art and finances, and exchange lots of sweet and sexy pictures.

If you follow these guidelines, you will surely capture the heart of your Libra crush and have her constantly lighting up your phone.

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