5 Ways To Make A Libra Woman Regret Losing You

5 Ways To Make A Libra Woman Regret Losing You

Whatever the case may be, a Libra woman may require space or decide to end a relationship for a lot of reasons. It is important that you understand all of them in order for you to make her regret losing you. Read on to learn how!

To make a Libra woman regret losing you, you must work on yourself and keep yourself busy by pursuing the same interest as hers. Distance yourself from a Libra woman and learn to socialize more with your friends.  As a result, she’ll eventually regret her decision and you must let her chase you by then.

You may be curious as to why a Libra woman did it and how you can make her regret it.

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You are in luck because I have listed everything you need to do to make her regret losing you.

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Reasons Why A Libra Woman Left You

When a Libra woman decides it’s time to leave, she’ll let you know by giving you the silent treatment, distancing herself from you, or refusing to put forth any effort in your relationship anymore.

Libra women are obsessed with ensuring that everyone they come into contact with follows the rules she instilled. She is life’s true judge, and she wants everyone to treat others the way they would like to be treated.

Your lack of romantic commitment is likely to be the main reason for a Libra woman breaking up with you, as this is by far the biggest deal-breaker for her. Libra women aren’t looking for part-time lovers; they want a committed relationship with someone who will prioritize them in their lives.

Another reason for a Libra woman to break up with you is if the power balance in your relationship is skewed too far in your favor. So, it’ll be over soon if you’re dragging her around, treating her unfairly, and pulling all the strings in the relationship.

Your relationship with a Libra woman will not last long if you do not provide enough companionship and quality time. If you are a workaholic who works long hours and has little time left over to spend with her, then you are most likely to be dumped by a Libra woman.

Similarly, extroverted people who spend too much time socializing with their many friends and acquaintances, leaving their Libra woman alone, should be avoided.

They’re also notorious procrastinators, and it can take them a long time to decide to break up with you.

You can expect your relationship to be on and off at times during this time, and because a Libra woman will remain as polite and charming as ever toward you, it can be difficult to know where you stand with her.

When she does decide to break up with you, a Libra woman will do everything she can to make the breakup as painless as possible for you. She would rather accept personal blame for the breakup than point a finger at you, no matter how bad your behavior was.

You should also know that a classic Libra woman’s breakup line is “It’s me, not you.”

5 Ways To Make A Libra Woman Regret Losing You

Work on yourself

5 Ways To Make A Libra Woman Regret Losing You

The conceited Libra woman believes that how people act and present themselves on the outside reveals a great deal about who they are on the inside.

She’ll remember how positive and resourceful you are when she sees you aren’t going to chase her and are instead working on yourself and making the most of your life. So do whatever it takes to feel confident and exude that confidence to the rest of the world.

She’ll imagine herself having a good time with you, especially if working on your appearance brings out your natural beauty. You’ll get her attention if you remind her of your natural beauty, both physically and internally.

The more you remind a Libra woman of your beauty, kindness, and compassion, even if it’s from afar, the more she’ll long to be with you.

Socialize more

Demonstrate to your Libra woman that you live a desirable, happy, and full life that she should be so fortunate to be a part of. Bonus points if you can hang out with your mutual friends if your friend groups stand out.

If she hears good things about you from trustworthy people, she’ll miss being a part of your life and it’s possible that it’ll make her envious.

She’ll notice that you’re popular and have so many dates booked on your calendar that if she wants to spend time with you, she’ll have to act quickly. You need to strike a balance between inciting her discouragement and letting her know you have other options.

When you show a Libra woman that you have a lot of friends to keep you occupied, she will feel honored that you are taking time out of your schedule to be with her.

Distance yourself

5 Ways To Make A Libra Woman Regret Losing You

Everyone requires space at times, which can be inconvenient when someone else requires space from you as well. But you’ll have to take that into account if you want a Libra woman to regret losing you.

She may start to shut down if you don’t know her limits and she doesn’t make it clear when she needs space. Your first priority should be to make her regret losing you and you’ll be able to do this if you start giving him space.

It may seem obvious, but it’s easy to forget that if you’re always with her, a Libra woman can’t regret losing you.

Give yourself a no-contact rule with a Libra woman every now and then; she’ll be preoccupied with her other interests and hobbies and suddenly realize something is missing. Hence, a Libra woman will start to rethink her decision once she starts to notice your absence.

Make her chase

Even if you miss a Libra woman, do not always go chasing her. She’ll return to you once you’ve stopped chasing her and she’ll go out of her way to find you. When you refuse to pursue a Libra woman, she will understand that she must make a decision.

It may take a few days or even weeks, but leaving a Libra woman alone and refusing to chase her will give her the opportunity to realize how much she regrets losing you.

A Libra woman will start to regret losing you, but she will not respond right away because she needs to get used to the new routine. First and foremost, she will re-engage in her own creative pursuits and re-establish contact with old friends.

As the tables turn, a Libra woman will start chasing you. A Libra woman will naturally turn between the extremes of needing time away and wanting to spend time with you, as she has the need for balance.

Keep yourself busy

5 Ways To Make A Libra Woman Regret Losing You

No matter how tempted you are, don’t pursue a Libra woman if you want to make her regret losing you. Instead, try to entice her by pursuing passions that she loves.

Remind her that you are everything she wanted in a partner, and she will eventually start to regret losing you. For example, participate in community activism and post about it on social media so she can see it.

You’ll give a Libra woman space to miss you and fantasize about you if you don’t respond to her right away because you’re too busy painting or writing your novel.

You’ll pique a Libra woman’s interest if you follow your own muse and you’ll persuade her to rekindle her relationship with you. If you’re looking for a way to make a Libra woman regret losing you, show her why you’re her ideal partner.

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5 ways to make a Libra woman regret losing you, final thoughts…

To make a Libra woman regret losing you:

  • Work on yourself
  • Socialize more
  • Distance yourself
  • Make her chase
  • Keep yourself busy

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