What Does A Libra Woman Like In A Man?

What does a Libra woman like in a man?

If you are a Libra or you’re trying to help a Libra lady in your life find his perfect match, then you have to understand what a Libra woman wants in a man.

A Libra woman needs a considerate, understanding man. Her ideal guy is as outgoing and social as she is, and she wants to be a good communicator who is open and honest about his feelings. A Libra lady makes a supportive and loyal partner, and she deserves the same from any man she is with.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface…

Before we jump into the 10 Characteristics your woman likes in a man, I need to point out that it’s also important how you pull these off! There are subtle things you can do that make a huge difference.

Researchers have found that women find men attractive based on how they carry themselves (their body language). They discovered that a guy’s looks are just a small part of what really attracts a woman.

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10 Characteristics a Libra Woman Loves in a Man


Each sign of the zodiac has a guiding celestial body. A sign’s planet or heavenly body reveals many of the values and quintessential qualities of that sign.

Libra’s ruling planet is Venus, the planet of love and beauty. As the star sign governed by the planet of beauty, a Libra lady has an especially strong sense of aesthetics.

A Libra woman appreciates visual appeal, and she likes for her partner to look presentable. Libra women are often naturally beautiful, and physical attraction is crucial to them in romantic relationships.

A Libra lady doesn’t require her partner to be a perfect model, but she likes a guy who puts some effort into his appearance. He should look put-together and dapper as often as possible.

If you want to impress a Libra lady, don’t wear dirty sweatpants and a ripped tank top when you’re planning to see her. She can’t help but be attracted to a guy who looks fresh, clean, and well-groomed.


Just as every zodiac sign has a guiding planet, each sign is also connected to a natural element. A sign’s natural element tells us about the values and qualities of that sign.

The four natural elements are air, fire, air, water, and earth. Libra is an air sign, and air signs are typically outgoing, warm, and friendly.

It’s important to a Libra woman to have a partner who is as social and friendly as she is. Her ideal guy is an extrovert who likes being around people and going to parties.

A Libra lady is a social chameleon who can fit in anywhere she goes. His perfect guy should be willing to try new things and meet new people so that he doesn’t hold her back socially.


As the astrological sign ruled by the planet of love, Libra is one of the sweetest, most adoring signs of the entire zodiac.

A Libra woman is very kind and considerate to everyone, but especially her partner. She truly cares about others’ feelings, and she will bend over backward and sacrifice herself to take care of the people in her life.

She is a natural people-pleaser and hates arguments. She tries to keep the peace as much as possible, and she always considers other people’s emotions before acting or making decisions.

Although she doesn’t need her partner to be as considerate as she is, a Libra lady will become resentful of a partner who never prioritizes her. She is patient and understanding, but she has to be with a man who puts her first sometimes because she will always consider her partner.

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Thanks to Venus’ influence on her zodiac sign, romance is of the utmost importance to a Libra woman. While some astrological signs value freedom, adventure, or power more than anything, a Libra lady will do anything for love.

She is loyal and devoted to her partner, and she expects the same level of commitment in return. But even though she is steadfast, she’s not a particularly jealous or controlling type of person.

A Libra woman is naturally flirtatious because she is so charming and social. She enjoys meeting new people, but she would never stray from her partner by doing anything more than a little bit of casual flirting with other men.

A Libra woman can understand if her partner likes to talk with other women, as long as he is loyal and never betrays her physically. 


Along with being gregarious and social, the zodiac signs ruled by the air element are also curious and intellectual.

A Libra woman can’t be with a man she can’t have a stimulating conversation with. Her ideal guy should be clever and interested in many subjects, and he should enjoy having long discussions and talking through any problems with her.

She’s not interested in a shallow or uneducated man, or someone who acts like he’s less intelligent than he truly is. If you want to impress a Libra lady, you have to show her how witty and knowledgeable you are.


One of the typical personality traits of air element zodiac signs is practicality. While a Libra woman is highly sensitive to the emotions of the people around her, she isn’t very in touch with her own feelings.

She is an analytical, rational person who makes decisions with her head instead of her heart. She would rather take action and make choices based on data and facts than by relying on intuition or gut instincts.

A Libra woman is very analytical and observant, and she wants a partner who shares her same point of view. Her ideal guy shouldn’t be too moody or overly sensitive.

She doesn’t like it when people make big, dramatic displays of their emotions. She views this behavior as selfish because it makes others, including herself, uncomfortable. A Libra woman prefers a calm and grounded guy who practices self-control. He shouldn’t have meltdowns or throw tantrums when he’s upset, especially in public.


One of a Libra woman’s greatest attributes is her communication skills. She is always open, direct, and she knows how to express herself without being hurtful or cruel.

A Libra lady can’t be with a closed-off guy who doesn’t know how to communicate his feelings or articulate his thoughts. Some astrological signs are highly intuitive and expect their partners to be mind-readers, but this won’t work for a talkative Libra woman.

Her perfect match is someone who can open up and use words to express his feelings rather than being passive-aggressive or pouty. And because she values intelligence, she really loves it when a guy has an impressive vocabulary and a witty way with words.


Since her zodiac sign is governed by the planet of beauty, a Libra woman is invested in aesthetics. Some signs don’t care about how their partner dresses, but a Libra lady likes a guy with fashion sense.

She embraces fashion-forward styles, and she loves going shopping with her partner and helping him pick out clothes. She doesn’t want to parent him and force him to dress well. A Libra woman expects her guy to take good care of himself, but she enjoys helping him select and style his clothes as a fun bonding activity.

A Libra lady likes a stylish, fashionable man who cares about his appearance and dresses to impress. While some may view this as being shallow, to her, it’s actually a sign of creativity. She encourages her partner to express himself through clothing and be inventive with his outfit choices.


Physical affection and touch are very important to a sensual, loving Libra lady. She can’t be with a cold, aloof kind of guy who never holds her hand or kisses her in public.

This doesn’t mean that she needs to be touchy-feely with her guy at all times. She respects personal space, and sometimes she needs a little breathing room herself.

It also doesn’t mean that she wants to take things too far in public. She likes a little bit of gentle PDA, like cheek kisses and hand-holding, but she would never want to make anyone uncomfortable by being too aggressively affectionate with her man in front of others.

But she needs to be with a man who enjoys cuddling and hugging, both in private and in front of other people, because it makes her feel secure and loved.


A Libra woman is her loved one’s biggest cheerleader, and she is one of the most encouraging partners a guy could have. She is supportive in both word and deed by backing up her kind words with actions.

A Libra woman won’t tell you that you’re doing something well when you’re not or give you false flattery. Instead, she gives constructive criticisms in a kind and tactful way, and she doles out thoughtful and genuine compliments to boost your ego and make you feel more confident in yourself.

She is also quite helpful and is always willing to lend a hand to the people she cares about. She deserves a partner who is as accommodating as she is.

Libras are prone to nervousness and anxiety, so a Libra woman needs a guy who supports her by keeping her calm when she gets stressed. He should also sincerely offer his help when she seems overwhelmed.

A Libra woman is independent and doesn’t need a partner to take care of her, but she wants a guy who is supportive and encouraging.

93% of human communication is non-verbal… Tap into this…

Did you notice that these 10 characteristics that we’ve discussed don’t involve words (or talking)… Your body language has a huge influence on how a woman perceives you (likes you).

Kate Spring, a relationship coach, has found the key and calls it your “secret language”. Subtle changes in your posture and facial expressions can make the difference between a woman looking past you or walking up to you.

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What a Libra woman likes in a man, in a nutshell…

If your goal is to help a Libra lady find the right guy, you have to know what she looks for in a partner and what she expects from a relationship.

A Libra woman needs an affectionate, devoted man who is supportive and has a calming presence. Her ideal guy is friendly and outgoing, and he should enjoy accompanying her on social outings and meeting new people. Her perfect man is clever and articulate because a Libra lady is so intelligent and communicative.

If you know someone who fits this description, then you just might have found the best match for a Libra woman. 



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