What Does A Virgo Woman Like In A Man?

What does a Virgo woman like in a man?

If you’re wondering what a Virgo girl looks for in a guy, then all you need to know is her zodiac sign’s typical characteristics.

A Virgo woman wants a man who is sensible, responsible, and refined. She needs a patient, tidy, and dependable partner who she can always rely on for help and emotional support. If you possess these traits, then you might be a Virgo woman’s perfect match.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface…

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10 Characteristics a Virgo Woman Loves in a Man

Communication skills

Each sign of the zodiac has a governing heavenly body that reveals something important about that sign’s values and strengths. Virgo is guided by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect.

Mercury’s influence makes a Virgo woman smart, philosophical, and good at communicating. She is very straightforward and honest, even to a fault.

A Virgo lady knows that having good communication is necessary for a successful relationship. She wants a man whose communication skills are as developed as hers.

Her ideal man should be truthful and she should know how to express himself without being too dramatic or sentimental.


Just as every zodiac sign has a ruling planet, each sign also has a special symbol that embodies the quintessential qualities of that sign. Virgo is one of the only signs that isn’t symbolized by an animal.

Instead, Virgo’s symbol is the virgin, which reveals that a Virgo woman is trusting, naive, innocent, careful, and self-sacrificing. She is honest and loyal to a fault because sometimes she puts her trust in the wrong people and sticks by their side when they don’t deserve it.

She can even be a bit harsh when expressing her opinions. She doesn’t mean to be cruel; she just doesn’t know how to cushion her brutal honesty with flattery.

A Virgo woman will always be totally honest with her loved ones, and she expects the same treatment in return. She can’t be with someone secretive or manipulative.


Each astrological sign correlates with one of the four natural elements: air, fire, water, or earth.

A sign’s natural element tells us the disposition and some personality traits of that sign. Virgo is an earth sign, and earth signs are known for being practical, rational, and grounded.

As an earth sign, a Virgo woman isn’t very in touch with her feelings. She thinks with her head instead of her heart or gut, and she always conducts a great deal of research before making any decisions.

She wants to be with a guy who is more practical than sentimental, just like she is. She loathes big, dramatic displays of emotion, especially as a way of seeking attention or sympathy, so she doesn’t want to be with a mercurial, moody guy.

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At this point, I want to talk about fractionation… What is fractionation you ask… Fractionation is like putting a woman on an emotional rollercoaster. It’s a sequence of repeated, intensifying cycles of emotional ups and downs… You give her an emotional high, then an emotional low, etc.

Women are emotional “creatures” and really connect with movies, activities, and, men who satisfy their emotional needs. For her, the emotional ride that fractionation creates is absolutely addicting!

For instance, you can send one-sentence texts using fractionation, in one of these 2 formats:

  • express your approval of one of her bad qualities… or,
  • express disapproval of one of her good qualities…

For example, “I love how you can be so boring.” or “I’m disgusted by your good manners.”

Statements like this will stop her in her tracks and she’ll reply to your texts asking what you mean.

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Another characteristic typical of earth signs is dependability. A Virgo lady is steady and predictable because she values consistency and sameness over impulsivity and trying new things.

One of the most appealing qualities in a man to a Virgo woman is reliability. She has to be with a guy she can trust wholeheartedly, and if her lover is too irrational and unpredictable, she will never feel like she can give him her heart.

A Virgo woman requires a man who keeps his promises, shows up on time, and is always there to help her when she needs him. In return, she offers the same unwavering loyalty and support.


Virgo is the most fastidious and detail-oriented sign of the zodiac, so a Virgo woman is likely to be a clean freak.

She values order and cleanliness to the point of obsession. Most Virgos are minimalists with remarkably clean and organized living and workspaces.

A Virgo lady doesn’t feel comfortable around dirt, mess, or clutter, and while she needs to have clean surroundings, she doesn’t necessarily like the process of cleaning. This means that she doesn’t want to be with a messy guy she has to follow around cleaning up after.

Her perfect match is a clean, neat, and organized man. Her partner’s home, car, and workplace should be spotless, and he should be a considerate guest who always cleans up after himself at someone else’s house.

A Virgo woman has high regard for nature and the environment, so tossing trash outside or not recycling is a huge turn-off to her.

Her love of cleanliness extends to grooming and self-care, as well. A Virgo lady takes excellent care of herself and always looks put-together, and she expects the same of any man she dates.

Being the sign of the virgin doesn’t make a Virgo woman a prude, but it does make her very selective about who she jumps into bed with. She prefers a freshly showered and shaved man in clean, unwrinkled clothes.

She’s not the type of girl who will want to get intimate immediately after a sweaty workout or even before she’s had her daily shower. She is drawn to a man who takes good care of himself and his possessions, including his home.

Nature lover

Earth signs, including Virgo, are closely connected to nature and require time outdoors to feel their best and be spiritually fulfilled.

While she’s a neat freak, a Virgo woman won’t mind getting a little dirty when she’s enjoying spending time connecting with nature in the great outdoors. A Virgo lady likes pastimes like camping and hiking which allow her to be one with nature.

She needs a partner who also enjoys outdoor activities and will encourage her to spend more time in nature. It’s beneficial for her soul and makes her feel peaceful.


Virgo is perhaps the most health-conscious of all the zodiac signs. A Virgo woman prefers a natural approach to health, so she likes to take care of herself as much as she can without the intervention of doctors, chemicals, or medicine. 

She is likely a very healthy eater and follows a strict workout routine. She spends a lot of her time playing sports or at the gym not because she’s superficial and wants to look a certain way, but because she likes feeling strong and in control of her body.

As the sign of the virgin, a Virgo woman respects her body and treats it as a sacred temple. Since so much of a relationship is sharing a lifestyle, she wants to be with a guy who is as healthy and fit as she is.

It’s not that she expects her partner to have a model’s physique. She just wants someone strong and in shape enough to do the physical activities she enjoys with him, such as running races and mountain climbing.

Culinary skills

As a highly health-conscious star sign, a Virgo lady also pays close attention to her diet and eats healthy foods. She is probably a skilled chef because she likes knowing exactly what she’s consuming, so she feels the most comfortable when she prepares her own meals.

A Virgo woman’s obsession with clean eating can be explained by her zodiac sign’s ruling body parts. Each sign correlates with a specific set of body parts that are of special importance to that sign.

Virgo rules the digestive system, including the intestines, gut, and spleen. This means that a Virgo woman has a sensitive stomach and pays attention to how food makes her feel. While she prefers eating healthily, this doesn’t mean that she enjoys the process of cooking.

She falls quickly for a guy who knows his way around the kitchen. It’s not that she expects her partner to be a personal chef who makes all of her meals, but it impresses and attracts her when a man makes the effort to learn how to prepare her favorite healthy dishes.


Due to her cautious personality, a Virgo woman is very patient. She would rather wait for the best possible option than rush into making a mistake.

For example, if she wants to move out of an apartment and buy a house, instead of buying the first house on the market she sees when her lease is up, a Virgo woman will do months or even years of research before making a downpayment.

She will take her time researching different neighborhoods, talking to other people about their home-buying experiences, and reading reviews for realtors before making a decision.

She finds impulsivity and impatience unattractive and immature, so she is attracted to a patient and stoic guy.


When it comes to being supportive and encouraging, there is no one more willing to help their dear ones than a Virgo.

A Virgo lady won’t flatter you with surface-level compliments because she’s far too genuine and sincere. Instead, she will give you thoughtful praise that is meaningful and honest.

But a Virgo woman is supportive with more than just her words. She backs up her compliments with his actions. A Virgo girl will do anything to help her partner achieve his goals, and she will make sure he feels good while doing it. 

She wants not only a romantic partner but also a best friend and a partner in life, so she gives the same level of support to her lover in return.

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What does a Virgo woman like in a man, in a nutshell…

If you’re trying to help a Virgo lady find her perfect match or you think you might be the one for her, then you should find out what traits she looks for in a guy.

A Virgo woman is attracted to a sincere, healthy, and outdoorsy man. Her ideal partner is a good communicator and knows how to keep his cool under stress. He should also be clean and organized and enjoy preparing meals together at home.

If you possess these qualities, then you just might be a Virgo woman’s soulmate.

What does a woman of each zodiac sign like in the opposite sex?



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