5 Flirty (& Dirty) Things To Say To Your Virgo Woman

You may be wondering how to make your intentions known to a Virgo woman without coming off too strong. If you want to know the flirty and dirty things to say to your Virgo woman, you have come to the right place.

A Virgo woman may appreciate a more subtle approach, so you should still create a little space and ask her out in a more gentle approach. Although she doesn’t show that she cares much about your compliments, how beautiful she is, or that she did good in a certain task, this will keep her interested in you more.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with this woman.

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That said, before we get into the dirty things to say to this woman, let’s see what she’s like in bed…

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What A Virgo Woman Is Like In Bed

A Virgo woman tries to make everything flawless once she starts to be in charge, and this indicates that she wants to have a perfect time in bed as well.

She must realize that engaging in physical intimacy is a method to experience physical and emotional love rather than something that must be done. A Virgo woman will examine every tiny aspect of romantic interaction since she enjoys learning about the finer points of everything.

She will be willing to be intimate anywhere she wants to, but only if you take the initiative and give her a sense of security. Role-playing is not one of her major interests in bed because she values reality over imagination.

A Virgo woman can keep you engaged in bed because she’s seductive and irresistible. This sign will undoubtedly keep you hooked since she can provide you with a great time in bed.

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How To Flirt With A Virgo Woman

Show your intellect

You may want to engage in an intellectual conversation with her if you want to impress and appeal to a Virgo woman. She can’t help but fall for someone who is articulate, clever and has a variety of interests. Keep in mind that she wants to build an emotional connection and have meaningful, in-depth conversations.

Think intelligently while you’re pondering how to flirt with a Virgo woman. In this situation, the best questions are ones that will get her thinking, such as deep existential queries. She will open up to you more as you spend more time having intellectual conversations with her.

Let things happen naturally; your Virgo woman will appreciate it.

Be passionate

A Virgo woman has a soft spot for a man who is passionate, committed, and has life ambitions. The first thing you need to do is impress her with your actions because merely telling her that you like her won’t work.

Proving to her that you are passionate doesn’t mean that you should just simply tell her that you’re a passionate man.

Showing a Virgo woman how much you value and respect her is what you need to do.

Remember that she is a practical sign, so you won’t need to go out of your way to win her over. Big romantic gestures don’t attract her because she will be more impressed by your acts as long as they are heartfelt and genuine.

5 Flirty (& Dirty) Things To Say To Your Virgo Woman Crush

“Are you free tomorrow?”

To start with, it’s crucial to be straightforward when trying to flirt with a Virgo woman. Keep the profound philosophical or romantic discussions for face-to-face interactions. Try to make your intentions clear and to the point because a Virgo woman doesn’t feel comfortable conducting long, intricate discussions.

Consider texting a Virgo woman as the beginning of a conversation you’d like to have when you meet with her later.

To demonstrate your interest in a Virgo woman, propose engaging in activities together or just asking her out for a cup of coffee. She would like you to have ideas for things you wish to do together because this sign is actually attracted to people who appear to be in control.

It also relieves a Virgo woman of having to think of new ways to spend time with a potential lover.

“You look beautiful”

Don’t tell a Virgo woman right away that you want her. Although she enjoys clear, practical communication, she doesn’t want you to overpower them romantically. Avoid being extremely sexual or forceful when flirting because she will likely ignore your advances.

Being nasty or vulgar is not appropriate when you are flirting with a Virgo woman.

Telling a Virgo woman openly vulgar messages will turn her off, especially if you don’t know each other well yet.

Make sure your compliments are soft and subtle because she is typically courteous and careful. She is not emotionally aware and may find it difficult to communicate her sentiments, so be sure, to be honest, and kind in what you say to your Virgo woman.

“Let’s meet again soon”

If there is one thing to know about the Virgo woman, it is that she is a cautious sign. If you’re not patient or willing to wait for her, it won’t work out because she is careful in almost everything they do, including relationships.

So allow a Virgo woman to have her own time, especially if you have been hanging out for a couple of days in a row.

Allow a Virgo woman some time to begin missing you. While expressing your desire is absolutely fine, being a little inaccessible might cause her to think about you more. The Virgo woman is enigmatic and doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of interest.

Because timing is everything, this sign is a special case that calls for perseverance that will be worth it.

“Tell me about it”

A Virgo woman is inquisitive, studious, and often has strong intellectual interests.

It’s also the ideal opportunity to get to know this sign better and hear her talk about something she is enthusiastic about. The two of you will probably get along better if you combine attentive listening with a thoughtful discussion on what she has been thinking about.

It can also be a huge weight off her shoulders to have someone she can fully rely on and open up to because a Virgo woman is among the sign signs who worry and overthink a lot.

If you can help her in expressing what’s bothering her, whether the conversation takes place on the phone or in person, it might foster an even closer relationship.

“You did so good”

A Virgo woman can be quite critical of herself since she constantly seeks perfection and nitpicks everything. Recognizing her amazing work will help her break this tendency, especially when it’s something you know she worked really hard on to make as perfect as possible.

Even if she frequently detests being the center of attention, she will value the acknowledgment, and the correct amount of inclusive attention will quickly cause her heart to beat rapidly. When she does something for you, do not be reluctant to tell a Virgo woman how fantastic a job she did.

To earn this woman’s affection, boast on her behalf, and she will appreciate it so much.

How To Keep A Virgo Woman Interested

Go with her flow to show your Virgo woman that you appreciate her. Showing this sign of your interest without being intrusive is important. Avoid asking her too many personal questions because a Virgo woman is typically private; once she trusts you, she will open up.

Keep your distance because she’ll feel suffocated and eventually want to avoid you more frequently. Show a Virgo woman that she can rely on you and show her that you are the right person for her.

Find a way to relieve her of some of the stress when she begins to feel like the world is bearing down on her. Make it clear to her that a Virgo woman can trust you and be sure to express what you mean and to mean what you say.

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5 flirty (and dirty) things to say to your Virgo woman crush:

  • “Are you free tomorrow?”
  • “You look beautiful”
  • “Let’s meet again, soon”
  • “Tell me about it”
  • “You did so good”