5 Signs A Virgo Woman Is Playing You

It can be quite hard to know if a Virgo woman is not serious about your relationship because she is shy and quite unapproachable. If you want to know the signs when a Virgo woman is playing you, you have come to the right place.

When a Virgo woman is playing you, she won’t communicate with you about your future and won’t also hide the fact that she is not interested. She will definitely show it. She will be manipulative and will start to be critical of you. Moreover, she will never make time for you, and she will always say that she is busy.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with this woman.

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That said, before we talk about the signs this woman is playing, let’s see what she is like in love.

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Characteristics Of A Virgo Woman In Love

She is caring

If a Virgo woman loves you, you may be confident that she will always show you affection and compassion. She never fails to show her close friends and family a lot of love and care. Despite the fact that she is a very kind and giving person, she also demands to be loved and cared for in return.

A Virgo woman will not hold back when it comes to showing her affection in a relationship. She will be her partner’s foundation of strength and provide unwavering support. Along with her kind and sympathetic attitude, she is a unique woman that possesses a variety of good qualities.

She is loyal

With a Virgo woman, there would be no problems with trust because of her unwavering loyalty. She prefers the real deal, values honesty in relationships, and is aware of the value of honesty in committed relationships. Although she may come out as reserved, she is a woman of strength, loyalty, and reliability.

A Virgo woman is very trustworthy, independent, and known for being a perfectionist. She is therefore kind, dependable, and considerate to anyone close to her heart. Her loyalty and compassion make for a strong and healthy relationship.

A Virgo woman is one of those trustworthy women that you wouldn’t want to lose.

She is reliable

One of the best ways to define a Virgo woman is a responsible and reliable woman. She is incredibly dependable and takes all of her duties seriously. Moreover, she will always have your back and be there for you whenever you need her.

A best friend, confidante, partner, and even a trustworthy advisor could all be found in your Virgo woman.

It may appear difficult to fall in love with a Virgo woman, but that is not actually the case. Her overly critical mind loves to thoroughly evaluate a potential partner before making a commitment. She aspires to stay with someone for the rest of their life once she gives her heart to that special someone.

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Characteristics A Virgo Woman Dislikes In A Man


A Virgo woman despises having a messy and disorganized environment. Although she has a tendency to exaggerate, if she wants respect, she will have to live with this trait. She’ll have a hard time adjusting to such a mess when she meets a man who seems to be chaos itself.

A Virgo woman hates a man who doesn’t finish what he starts or sticks to schedules. She would feel uneasy and uncertain about any significant development of the relationship if the other person has disorganized energy, goes about his daily business randomly, and fails to follow through on his plans.


If a man is obsessed with displaying his physical traits and is shallow on the inside, a Virgo man will turn away. She dislikes those who talk nonstop just for the purpose of talking and then breaking their promises. She is an active individual and she is looking for an educated partner who can keep up with her.

Most people might find her practicality and logic boring, so she would therefore value a partner who shares her values and philosophy. A Virgo woman is not a woman who can be deceived by sweet words or a fake aura because she is constantly looking for the ideal husband.

Therefore, she won’t respond to cheap tricks and cheesiness that are only used for the show.


A Virgo woman does not like having flings or casual relationships. She is somebody who values life and there isn’t a lot of free time as a result. She will carefully consider every aspect of a man before she decides to date him and she should be the last person on the list if someone is seeking a one-night stand.

A Virgo woman does not want someone who can’t assure her and he hates it when he is being uncertain. Therefore, she would either live the rest of her life being single or be seen with someone who wants to start a family with her.

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5 Signs A Virgo Woman Is Playing You

She doesn’t communicate

A Virgo woman will almost immediately begin to consider her future with someone if she has a romantic interest in that person. When you try to start a conversation with her about your relationship, she usually joins in if she is serious about you.

You can be sure that she is only playing you if she refuses to communicate about it.

Additionally, she won’t wait for you to strike up the subject if she genuinely wants something serious with you. Therefore, you can pretty much be certain that a Virgo woman is not interested in you romantically if she does not initiate conversations with you about your future together.

She isn’t interested

When a Virgo woman gives you the cold shoulder for no reason, you can tell something is wrong. She might not be dismissive, but she won’t have any interest in anything that you do. Her aura will come across as cold and heartless because she won’t talk to you as much or ignore you if you ask for help.

Moreover, a Virgo woman will become more irritated the more you push her.

A Virgo woman will make an effort to maintain respect and keep her thoughts to herself. She will forgo doing all the typical things she would prefer to do for her loved ones and adopt a harsh demeanor to push you away silently.

A Virgo woman doesn’t mean to be impolite, but she also doesn’t mince words.

She is critical

After a while of being with a Virgo woman, if she still finds flaws and imperfections in you, this is a pretty clear indication that she is only playing you. She may say things that are offensive to you and she will do it to make a point that will stick in your mind.

She is aware of your boundaries but will never purposefully cross them.

It’s obvious that a Virgo woman is playing you when she becomes critical by doing or saying things you don’t appreciate. Her negative traits may include speaking harshly to offend you, acting distantly, and prodding you needlessly.

She will say things that are demeaning and condescending rather than providing a constructive critique.

She is always busy

A Virgo woman won’t even make an effort to find time for you if she is not interested in having a serious relationship with you. Even if she is interested, she can still find it difficult to make time for you because she always prioritizes herself.

A Virgo woman will make up ridiculous strategies to minimize her time with you.

You never seem to receive any consideration or importance from a Virgo woman. She will avoid being in the same room with you, seeing you, or even hearing you speak. You may practically be certain that a Virgo woman is only playing you if it appears that she doesn’t make time for you.

She is manipulative

A Virgo woman will manipulate you in an effort to persuade you to leave her alone. You will be forced to leave her alone for your own good since she will make the situation so toxic and overbearing. She has ways of letting you know that she doesn’t like you and would do anything to avoid you.

When she is ready to leave the relationship, she will drag you through difficult situations so she can escape on her own. She does it to make you think that ending things was your choice, so you won’t feel bad about attempting to stay with someone who loves you but can’t seem to understand her.

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5 signs a Virgo woman is playing you, final thoughts…

If a Virgo woman is playing you:

  • She doesn’t communicate
  • She isn’t interested
  • She is critical
  • She is always busy
  • She is manipulative



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