Why is your Virgo Woman Jealous?

In this article, we’re going to tackle why your Virgo woman is jealous? What are the most obvious signs that she is jealous and how can you resolve your problems and issues with her!

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The Virgo Woman is the sixth sign in the zodiac wheel, incredibly precise and strategic, she is the most methodological woman of the zodiac making her one of the most successful zodiac signs. She is assertive when she uses her mental prowess and her hardworking energy to put on a goal!

Your Virgo woman is a mutable earth sign that is ruled by Mercury, the air and earth energies are combined making your Virgo woman incredibly intelligent in the most grounded of ways, unlike other signs who are intelligent in terms of philosophy, your Virgo woman can exert much force into the real world – finances, business, academia, and work structure.

In a relationship she is incredibly practical in terms of showing her love to someone, she is the kind of woman who would give you solutions to your everyday problems, she guides and helps you every step of the way and she can be a good support system.

She is intelligent enough to show you that love can be shown in the most mundane of things.

However, when she’s jealous it can be pretty bad, she might have her repressed feelings put aside making her grumpy or irritable. All the while the jealousy builds up until she snaps out of it making her distant and icy…

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How Jealous Can Your Virgo Woman Be?

Jealousy level: 7/10

Your Virgo woman fawns over the fact that she can be level-headed with her emotions and that she deems showing it as a weakness, as such it can be incredibly difficult to read a Virgo woman’s thoughts however perfect she may seem to be her body language can tell that she is jealous of someone you probably know of!

She represses her feelings to the point of emotional shutdown, she does this because she is incredibly focused on her relationship with someone who seems to work for her.

Remember that your Virgo woman treats everything as work to be accomplished so her innate jealousy is just a sign that she is genuinely worried that things might not work out for you.

Whether or not the jealousy she experiences is real or imagined, your Virgo woman will do things to keep you faithful to her. She might not show rage within the relationship but her anger will be cold and seething and you’ll feel it to the core once you’ve noticed it!

With all of that said, let us now move on! Let’s find out the most obvious and the most flat-out signs that your Virgo Woman is jealous and what are the ways that you can help him get out of it!

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Signs Your Virgo Woman Is Jealous! (7 ways to look out for!)

1. She seems spaced out

The first sign that she becomes jealous of someone while you’re in a relationship with her is that she will be spaced out and lost in her head all of a sudden, she’s efficient and productive at work and home but now she seems to be all over her head which makes her surrounding chaotic and miserable.

2. She becomes irritable

Incredibly tied to the first sign, once she realizes that her surroundings are messy and chaotic she will turn highly irritable like the moodiness of a Cancerian woman. She becomes naggy about things and she may blame you!

Because of that what was once orderly now. She becomes a harbinger of chaos. She can’t manage his time properly or do any good work because she is in his head overthinking and being consumed by his anxiety and frustration!

3. She turns cold and aloof

The third sign that your Virgo Woman is jealous is that she turns cold and aloof, she will be less and less romantic with you until she reaches a solution to her problem which is in this case her jealousy. She will turn cold and you will feel it to the bone. 

She will put up strong barriers, like the cold hard earth, it will be impenetrable, and as such, she will make sure that there will be a space or distance between the both of you. This may hurt your feelings but remember that your Virgo woman has a hard time expressing her feelings so this is her way of coping.

4. She spends less time with you

In reaction to the third sign, because there will be a distance between the both of you she will spend lesser time with you, she may be busy at work or doing house renovation or just all around making herself busy. You will feel that she’s almost running away from having a situation with you!

5. She asks plenty of questions

There will be a point in time when she will snap out of her cold depressive state and will do something to cure her jealousy. She will do that by becoming extra talkative to you but not in a good way…

Instead, she will ask you plenty of questions that will answer her suspicion of you and the person she’s jealous of! She will be hyper-vigilant about your tone and the words you say, she is an expert lie detector so she will know instantly if you’re lying or not!

6. She will be mean to the person she’s jealous of!

The sixth sign that your Virgo woman is jealous is that she will use her unique humor to make fun of the person she’s jealous of! The humor will be dry, sarcastic, satirical, and sometimes dark but it will always pertain to the person she’s jealous of!

7. Her body language is closed-off and aromantic

The last and the most obvious sign that she is jealous is that she will show it through her body language!

Cold anger will rush down through her body and you’ll see it in her RBF (resting bitch face) she might even put up a glance at the person she hates and might show closed-off body language by closing her arms and more pouty lips.

Always remember that with your Virgo woman, there will be some sort of anger and repression and cues of anger will indicate that she is jealous of the person especially when they’re both in the same room! 

With that said, look for flushed cheeks, clenched fists, and narrowed eyes! Also, look out for the silent treatment! Almost certainly your Virgo woman will stop talking and ignore the person she’s jealous of even if the person is in front of her!

How to stop your Virgo Woman from Being Jealous!

To stop your Virgo woman from being jealous and feeling jealous you must take the initiative in making sure the relationship has free-flowing communication. Take the initiative in making her feel like a woman who can speak her mind freely without any repercussions.

Reaffirm your love to her and be open in expressing your love to her even if she’s having a hard time being romantic or clingy to you, allow yourself to vividly express everything by being vulnerable. When you’re in a vulnerable state there’s nothing to hide and it will be like a glass ball that she can look into.

Talk to her and be patient, when she opens up instead of judging or disproving be understanding of the situation and make sure that you are being your most honest and open-minded self. When done always end the discussion with you reassuring her.

Love her when she feels unloved and does the necessary things that will make sure she feels that way forever. If you’d like to take an essential step by blocking that person she is jealous of from your life or doing necessary things to keep her away from you.

She will take this gesture as a way to solve her problem and she will be grateful to you!

Alongside that, be open to being the more romantic guy in the relationship, provide words of encouragement especially when she’s stressed from work, take her out on a nice date, and be a gentleman.

Your Virgo woman accepts more traditional roles so she would take this initiative as a great way to make the relationship more fruitful!

Virgo Woman and Jealousy: Final Thoughts

The Virgo Woman is a real keeper! She’s faithful and dedicated to the relationship while being practical about life! She knows that life is not all about romance all the time and that sometimes we gotta live in the real world! She is a true friend and lover!

Always remember that these signs that she’s jealous are always accurate and the things mentioned above will make sure that your Virgo woman will feel secure and at ease in the relationship. Remember that every zodiac sign expresses its jealousy in its own different ways!

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