Does a Virgo Woman Cheat?

Do you think your Virgo woman is cheating on you? Do not fret! In this article, we’re going to give you an insider on how to catch your Virgo woman if she’s cheating on you and also give you insights as to why she would cheat on you!

A Virgo woman can be capable of cheating if she does not feel and thinks that she is compatible with you, thereby, making the relationship null and void, she can also have a superiority/god complex making her justify her actions, and she can also have trauma that makes her tempt to cheat to her partner…

The Virgo woman is the naturally wise and intelligent woman of the zodiac, bright and gifted in many ways, she is great at multitasking and planning things, and she’s more inclined to logic and routines, making her a stereotypical corporate earner who earns money through hard work.

When her passion is often met up with her bright logical side, she can be exceptionally successful in her undertakings, she has an undeniably gifted hand that heals, she can excel in medicine, and her methodological approach makes her great in that field of work.

In terms of love, she can love her partner in a lot of grounded and practical ways, often helping her partner with the problems he is facing or may offer gifts or showcases of love, she can also be warm and affectionate but only in secrecy, she doesn’t let her guard hold down in the public eye.

There can be several ways why your Virgo woman would be unfaithful and cheat on you, with that said let’s tackle the psychology of why would your Virgo woman cheat in a committed relationship and how can you spot if he’s betraying you behind your back!

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Let’s dig deep!

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Are Virgo Women More Likely to Cheat?

Virgo women aren’t likely to cheat, most likely their long-term partners will be their partners for life and they will have a hard time letting go, however, they still can cheat if they feel that they don’t love you and that they deem the relationship “ingenuine” and “not for long-term”.

The Virgo woman can be extremely loyal and a wonderful grounded partner to the one she chooses and wants to be with, because of her mutable nature mixed with the earth elements, she can still be grounded in a flexible and manageable way.

She is mature and often when she’s into a relationship, she makes it of great importance because she wants a serious one, she doesn’t crave flings or amicable relationships, she wants to form a mature relationship where both of the parties get mutual support and love.

This can make your Virgo woman incredibly attached to you, whether she likes to admit it or not, she wants to feel the real love and she wants a genuine one, therefore, when she’s in a relationship, she considers it as an important aspect of her life.

She is certainly picky and judgemental so you better be proud of yourself if she sees something in you or she finds you attractive, the Virgo woman has an incredibly high standard that seems unattainable for most people so she regards you as her counterpart.

However, trouble and incompatibility in your relationship can be a real problem, it can also be a problem if both of you have a hard time expressing your thoughts and feelings, with that said toxicity is the main problem but is highly unlikely that it can cause your Virgo woman to cheat on you,

Overall, a developed Virgo woman who is inclined to express her light side will be more in tune with healing and helping others, most especially her romantic partner, she will be faithful and loyal and show her love in grounded, practical, and wonderful ways, she may be stoic but you will feel his warm love towards you!

The Virgo woman will have an easier and more harmonious relationship with someone who has similar earth placements (Taurus, Capricorn) and water placements (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), the relationships formed with these placements are deemed long-term because they are compatible in terms of outlooks in the relationship!

Why Do Virgo Women Cheat?

The Virgo woman can cheat because of her deep-seated insecurities and her inclination to appear and think that she’s superior and more “right” than her partner, she can also have issues when she’s betrayed in her previous relationship making her reenact the trauma she feels on the current one…

Virgo women don’t really cheat and are unlikely to cheat, but when they do, they can be one of the most conniving, most deceitful women out there, because they’re ruled by Mercury, they can be incredibly great at lies and manipulation, often resorting to distortion of the truth to trick you!

Virgo women can cheat because of their past traumas in their previous relationships or because of their insecurities, your Virgo woman might be cheated on and betrayed in her previous relationship that she refuses to accept the fact that she’s cheated on making her reenact in her current relationship as the abuser.

It is also possible that your Virgo woman is deeply inclined to her shadow side, making her extremely conniving and controlling, she thinks she’s always right and regards herself highly to hide her insecurities, making her think that entertaining other men who pursue her are right and justified.

Many cheating Virgo women may think that cheating is okay because it expresses their dominant personality or that it implies that they are capable of having sexual prowess and that they’re attractive, they may also think cheating is ok because they simply get the sexual desires they want from that person they’re cheating with…

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How to Find out if your Virgo Woman is Cheating on you?

Were going to show you the signs to look out for if you have a hunch that your Virgo woman is cheating on you…

Let’s find out!

First off, it is important to not disregard your hunch, always remember that we humans have extraordinary senses far beyond our physical ones and that are thoughts manifest as energies and auras, some gifted people can even see and accurately depict those energies.

With that said, when your gut or your sixth sense tells you that something is off and unusual you should go follow that hunch, usually a hint that your partner is cheating is the very first sign of her cheating on you.

Now that you know to yourself she’s cheating on you it is then important to get the logical sense of things, you have to remember that she can be hard to catch if ever because she’s sneaky herself, therefore always check if she’s into more of her privacy than usual.

If she doesn’t let you hold your phone or she scourages away to hide your phone, her laptop, or any of her belongings, she may be hiding something from you, it is also highly possible that she has backup phones that she uses to text her other partner, she can also use codewords or send emails to her potential lover instead of texting on her usual phone.

When looking out for these things be careful not to let her know that you’re up to something, when successfully done, you will usually find enough physical evidence to support your claim that she’s cheating on you.

Also, an important note to remember is to analyze her body language whenever she’s around you, if the interaction seems to be less romantic, colder, and shallow and the body language is more closed-off and it lacks sexual romance then you can tell something up.

She will also be fidgety and full of anxiety, you can see it in her eyes and her facial expression, she may fake a smile but you know and you’ll feel she’s faking her positive emotions around you, she will frequently blink than usual, she’ll do unusual hand movements, wet her lips and will look more tensed than usual, this indicates she’s hiding something.

One sign to also look out for is her acting “superior” around you, instead of being feminine to you, she might show her true colors by showing her dry humor that often mocks you or your masculinity, she can also be extremely harsh about you, often telling you to mean things, at that moment, you can tell she’s fallen out of love.

Last but not the least, be aware of her speech, always check around her time and routine schedule, do not fall easily into her traps and her fabricated cover-up stories of her whereabouts, and never fall for any of her misdirections.

At the end of the day, you only have yourself as your ally, always trust your gut and when it tells you something is up, never give up till you find physical evidence that proves she’s cheating on you and when you know she does leave and cut the cord!

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Final Verdict: To keep or not to keep a Virgo Woman’s cheating heart? 

Word of advice: cut the cord and move on! – A cheating Virgo woman or any cheating woman for that matter ain’t worth it to be pursued around! If your hunch is right and you’ve proven that she’s been unfaithful to you while you’re still together the best option you have is to leave here and move on!

Remember that the karmic cycle is always remembered and that anything given will be given back threefolds, cheating and betrayal will soon be met upon with more cheating and betrayal, instead of choosing revenge, choose to forgive and heal yourself.

Usually, cheating relationships don’t last and they can be more devastating if they’re left untreated, if the pain and anger don’t go away, it is best to seek help from family or friends or seek therapy for further psychoanalysis.

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