How To Attract A Virgo Woman

How to attract a Virgo woman?

Virgo is the “serving part” of the Zodiac wheel where the earth element is mutable, and therefore prone to changes or adaptations.

The initial spark awakened in Aries concretized in Taurus and expanded through Gemini, rooted back to Cancer, shined brightly through Leo, and is now focused on practical execution and service in the sign of Virgo.

A Virgo woman is precise, clever, and practical. And the two distinctive ways to attract her are to be like her or to be her opposite. This will mean that either she will fall for your working discipline, your wits, and your neat appearance, or, she will find you mesmerizing through your artistic and liberated spirit. 

With this, we’ve just scratched the surface…

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Is a Virgo woman hard to cope with?

The living intelligence of a Virgo woman is always associated with self-control and precision. And that makes her the perfect collaborator wherever the organization is needed. Her inner need to do and have everything excellently maintained could give her the aura of someone complicated, indeed.

On the other hand, that is precisely why she is an exemplary secretary, an impeccable clerk, a librarian, an excellent head of department, and a system analyst. And that is why she becomes so necessary for bosses, directors, and also ordinary associates.

Nothing escapes her watchful attention, because she has exceptional memory. She does not allow mistakes and distractions, and she is able to provide a coordinated rhythm to the work, which enables her to make the best use of her time.

When it comes to her romantic side, this will depend mostly on where her natal Venus is placed. And if this planet is in Cancer, she will then be very sensitive, romantic, and perhaps a bit dramatic.

If her Venus is in fiery Leo, she will fall for all shiny and status symbols, and she will give her heart solely to the successful man. If her natal Venus is in Libra, she will also seek for “lucrative arrangement”, but she will also feel genuine love.

The real issue with a Virgo woman arises when her natal Venus is placed in Virgo, and things get even more complicated if her Mercury is in the same sign. In this case, she will be very calculative and nitpicky and this can ruin any love relationship there is.

You have to understand that there is no perfect person on this planet, and a Virgo woman is searching for that one special non-existent individual. This is why her frustration can produce many hard situations and disappointments for both partners.

What are the main traits of a Virgo woman?

By nature shy and enduring, the Virgo woman seeks spiritual superiority with the right people, deeply knowledgeable about life, and this is how she unites everything good and fulfills her dreams. Her great sense of realism and analytical spirit help her to integrate easily into society.

She falls in love with a great passion only if it is a man who is completely different from the average, either by his unique talents or by his earnings or wealth in general. And of course, those two things should be nicely combined in one man, and that is the epitome of the proper choice for her then.

In this particular situation, the Virgo woman immediately falls in love.

But even then, she unconsciously analyzes her feelings, constantly corrects them, and even masks them, so that she has little left of true love, not to mention passion – it ceases to exist as in that ancient Greek mythical story about Psyche and Eros.

However, if her chosen one is successful, he will never feel her inner psychological struggles, because the Virgo woman is a perfect wife, hardworking, resourceful, wise, and original.

She easily organizes life and improves it, she knows how to cope with everything with a strong sense of duty and refined taste, and that is why her marriage usually survives.

When she is married to a successful man, successful in any sense, she is a great team player, but she is emotionally below average because she looks at everything around her quite rationally.

As for her appearance, a Virgo woman is usually of shorter stature, thin, with smaller breasts, and with a beautiful, smooth face, just like a real little doll.

How to pursue a Virgo woman?

A Virgo woman will be mesmerized by someone who will either mirror her, or by someone who will act in a confusing, but inspirational manner. She can only be satisfied if a person is equally perfect as she is. And also, she can easily become hooked on the “unexplainable” or mysterious person.

Generally speaking, in astrology, a male principle in a female chart is seen through the planet Mars, as the younger partner, the Sun as the middle age partner, and Saturn, as the older partner. And Mars and Saturn can be positioned anywhere in her chart.

On the other hand, her natal Sun is placed in the sign of Virgo, and this shows that she will easily identify with someone who acts just like she does.

In this sense, an individual interested in a Virgo woman will have to behave like someone neat, organized, rational, and talkative. She will fall for prolonged discussions about health habits or medicine, especially literature and many other interesting subjects.

And she will be uplifted for finding such a clever and resourceful partner after so many disappointments.

And the same person could play the opposite role of a magnetic artist who dreams big and possesses some special skills. In this case, while trying to understand him, she will fall in love.

How to attract the younger Virgo woman

If you want to attract a younger Virgo girl you simply must play the game “messy, but exceptionally talented artist madly in love with her”. In this way, you will manage to confuse her instantly, and also, she will put down her defensive attitude while trying to “save” your soul.

In a Virgo girl’s natal chart, her ideal partner is seen from the sign of Pisces.

And Pisces is ruled by Jupiter as the traditional ruler and Neptune as the modern ruler. Those two planets are usually placed in the same positions for each generation, but they can theoretically be anywhere in an individual chart.

Jupiter as the ruler of Pisces carries the narrative of spirituality, deep and high explorations, liberation, isolation, and focus on big and mysterious themes.

At the same time, Neptune is all about magical and mesmerizing feelings, artistic talents, psychology, or addictions, in accordance with the other important individual Zodiac points.

Having this in mind, a younger Virgo girl will immediately become attracted to someone so different than the “ordinary” people, and she will feel the powerful need to admire and help this individual get out of any confusion or addiction, and show their unique talents to the world.

This impossible “mission” will get her right into the ocean of love.

How to attract a mature Virgo woman

To attract a mature Virgo woman, one has to show her clearly traditional values, as well as a mental and financial stronghold type of personality. In this phase of her life, she had enough of saving “weird” characters and now is ready to enjoy all the fruits life can give to her.

In often situations, a mature Virgo lady will either be divorced or won’t even have the time for a committed relationship like marriage for instance while trying to build her reputation. The natural area of her partnerships is in the sign of Pisces, and this shows two or more long-term relationships.

In this time frame of her life, she will feel the need to digress from all those confusing people. And she will also be “cured” from emotional bonds where she was the healer, a parent, or an exclusive advisor. Now, she will want someone equal to her in every sense, and she will seek joy at last.

Virgo woman’s areas of love and inspiration will now become active through the signs of Capricorn and Taurus, and therefore, she will become uplifted by someone conservative, but well-established in higher social circles, someone who praises traditional family values, but is not afraid to take risks in business or even political career.

And she will also become almost mesmerized with down-the-earth values, like secured or in some cases, luxurious life, beautiful items, people and behavior, and all things connected to nature.

In this sense, you can powerfully attract a Virgo lady by being a real old-fashion type of generous gentleman, who will wine and dine her, travel with her to nice places, and offer her a sense of relaxed safety.

OK. Now that we’ve covered the details about how to attract a Virgo woman…

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