Is Your Virgo Woman Done With You? (7 Clues!)

How Do You Know When A Virgo Woman Is Done With You?

The Virgo woman makes a reliable homemaker. She prioritizes security in a relationship. The Virgo woman lives selflessly and it’s her nature to serve the people she loves. She always wants to feel like she is productive and tends to worry a lot. She is analytical, resilient, and observant.

When a Virgo woman is done with you, she will cut you off from all the categories of her life. She may even avoid your friends and family in the process. She will stop doing the things that she does for you and starts to redirect her energy towards herself and becomes focused on her career.

Sounds simple enough.. but we’ve just scratched the surface!

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The Virgo woman in love

How Do You Know When A Virgo Woman Is Done With You?

The way a Virgo woman loves is through her actions. She is not vocal and expressive about what she feels. In fact, it might be an issue for her to open up emotionally. She tends to think about what’s ideal and what should be and can be a bit too critical of herself.

The Virgo woman can benefit from a partner that is patient and kind. Someone who is able to show his appreciation for her. Because of her anxiety, she might project her insecurity toward others and frustrate the people around her.

When you love a Virgo woman, understand that she only wants you to be a better version of yourself. She doesn’t do this to benefit her but knows it’s for your own good.

A Virgo woman in love by wanting to take care of you. She will be open to rearranging things for you, and organizing your life. She wants to make your life easier. When you are together, she might naturally clean her home when she visits. The Virgo woman will try to be the best partner for you.

She is selfless. Even if she is shy and introverted, she will observe quietly. It won’t take long for your Virgo woman to memorize your favorites and pet peeves. When you choose a Virgo woman, you don’t just choose the good times, you also choose a partner that is willing to surpass trials and tough times.

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7 Clues a Virgo woman has moved on

She stopped trying to figure it out

How Do You Know When A Virgo Woman Is Done With You?

Virgo women are normally kind and polite. She is less likely to act rudely towards others unless she resents them. When a Virgo woman is done, she doesn’t have to keep asking questions about why it didn’t work out.

For her, she’s probably done trying to make a difference in her life, and she wants to go anywhere else she is appreciated. The Virgo woman thinks she has already done everything in her power to make things work.

When a Virgo woman has convinced herself that it is no longer worth it, it may take her some time to process the emotions, but in her head, she is in a much clearer place, and she will appreciate the freedom she gained.

She becomes distant

When the Virgo woman has had enough, she will distance herself from you. She may even cut ties with your friends and family, so she is sure not to be involved with you. When she no longer feels hopeful about the relationship, she would want to try to avoid conflict and slowly remove herself from the picture.

The Virgo woman does not feel sorry if she becomes single. She understands relationships take work. For them, love is a literal sacrifice and labor.

In the same way that if ever she wanted to come back to you one day, she will remain in touch and still talk to you. The Virgo woman might stalk you in secret, creating dummy accounts or recruiting her friends to update her on your activities.

She is not able to express herself to you

How Do You Know When A Virgo Woman Is Done With You?

The Virgo woman is awkward in opening up about her feelings. She appreciates when she can be truly open to the person she loves. It will be painful for her if she is with someone, but she feels ignored. Maybe she will feel that you are not the right person for them.

Virgo women do not attach themselves easily. She is conservative and does not prefer a whirlwind romance because she is avoiding a broken heart. She understands that because she has a soul of service, she is usually taken advantage of by others.

She might try to compromise but she will not be quiet about it. She can’t help it and eventually, the Virgo woman will push boundaries to try and change it. Not being able, to be honest, is a huge deal-breaker and may help a Virgo woman justify the relationship’s demise.

She doesn’t care enough to make corrections

Virgo women are problem solvers. She always sees a loophole in everything. She always thinks about how a situation can be improved. When she doesn’t bother to correct you anymore, that’s her labor of love fading.

She could have felt that whatever she says falls on deaf ears. Virgo women are not fans of lies. They’re going to give you feedback that may or may not be hurtful if it’s for the best. When you make her feel bad for even trying to be in your life, then there are no second chances to look forward to.

She refuses to do things for you

Ironically, Virgo is a sign that is frustrated when they are not needed. However, if she’s done with you, the Virgo woman understands that there are plenty of things and people that do need her. It is not surprising if you have already taken her for granted.

You might be surprised at how much your life will crumble the moment she steps away from your life, only if you have been dependent on her.

Your plans may remain spontaneous instead of being booked in advance, notes will be over the place versus when she places them in a corkboard. You will miss your Virgo woman’s attention to detail, but she will not miss having to do those for you.

She sets up her walls higher

When a Virgo woman no longer wants you in her life, she will build walls to keep you out. She will want to have her space so she can process the separation. The thing is Virgo women find it difficult to handle a breakup especially if it came up to her by surprise. They will find it difficult to let it go.

The reason is, Virgo women are practical and like routine, she loves their life being planned out. They could be master organizers if they tried. She is used to having you around and makes a dedicated lover. So, if given an opportunity for second chances, there’s always this possibility it could work out.

She becomes more sarcastic

How Do You Know When A Virgo Woman Is Done With You?

You may also notice that the Virgo woman might become passive-aggressive. She will become more and more sarcastic instead of trying to solve issues straightforwardly. There will be a change in how she approaches you or talks to you.

Simple questions are answered with one-word comments and it’s like she can’t wait to roast you if given the chance.

Most of the time, a Virgo woman will be able to handle her anger and try her best to approach you in the gentlest way possible, if she cares for you, but if she no longer loves you, it wouldn’t matter even if she snaps on you. For the Virgo woman, it is just futile and has no point

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When your Virgo woman is done with you, final thoughts…

When a Virgo woman is done with you, she might act coldly. She will become sarcastic and passive-aggressive. Other times, she will become distant, choosing not to think about the relationship.

The Virgo woman is an overthinker, if the breakup was sudden, she might become restless trying to understand what went wrong, but if this has been happening for some time, she will pick up the puzzle pieces and understand that it was for the best.

The Virgo woman will be able to pick herself up through the pain and move forward with her life. She will take time to invest in herself first or maybe her career, she is not afraid of being single because the Virgo woman is independent. She is not the type to pity herself for lacking a relationship.

When a Virgo woman loves, she loves you amongst the good times and the bad times.

She understands love takes work and is willing to sacrifice to make your needs met. When she decides she doesn’t want you anymore, you would need to resolve it quickly, or else, when a Virgo woman is done, she will always think that she made the right decision.



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