Do Virgo Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Do Virgo Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Dating a Virgo girl can be a challenge and a blessing at the same time, however, what happens if you fall out of love with her? Will your Virgo lady still come back after a breakup?

It depends, she may or may not come back depending on how you deal with her after your breakup and how grave was the offense omitted by both of the parties during the duration of the relationship, you must however work on her tough exterior if you want her back.

Your Virgo lady is represented by the beautiful virgin, the sixth constellation of the zodiac, ruled by the swift and communicative mercury and domains the element earth, she will be extremely logical and practical, deeply loyal and grounded, and she makes for a serious partner with higher aspirations in life.

Her analytical nature might make her cold and aloof, it is however just a stone-cold exterior that masks away the sensitive Virgo lady who craves commitment and intimacy like no other, her loving side is only reserved for the people she deems worthy of it.

On the light side, she is humble, modest, gentle, practical, organized, helpful and hard-working, self-sufficient, loyal, and a great friend and partner that gives you wise and pragmatic advice. When in love she will be extremely loyal and giving.

Her dark side can give her nagging tendencies due to her perfectionism, she can also be cranky, over-thinker, hyper-critical, judgemental, aloof, and skeptical when things don’t go as she planned.

She can be critical of herself and others because of her perfectionist tendency, her desire to make everything neat and organized is impeccable, when in love her usual Virgo traits will show up and manifest in her way of showing you her love and affection.

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Virgo women in love and dating style

Do Virgo Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

When dating this earthy Virgo lady, expect a serious and mature relationship, she will tend to avoid casual flings, hookups, or even flirtatious conversations with potential partners, she is reserved and would rather assess a guy he’s potentially dating.

She’s the kind of gal that steers away from too much drama or spotlight, she will tend to be quiet and reserved about her relationships she can be quite picky and can have very high standards in dating which means you can be quite lucky if she finds you interesting.

A Virgo woman in love is shy and sensitive, she wants to assume the submissive role in the relationship, and she prefers it the traditional way, she might not often make the first move and might be carried away by being romanced by her partner when in love you’ll see her generous and delicate side more.

Her devotion to her partner is unparalleled, she can kind and supportive, she will be extremely helpful to you and the people close to you, she can be quite generous in her affairs with you, she will often do more than what is necessary, during the fun part of the relationship she can be experimental with you.

She can also show her intellect and wit to impress you, her dry but funny humor can often make you laugh, her natural intelligence can be incredibly helpful in fixing day-to-day problems, and her practicality and common sense can astound you and other people in her circle.

During your long-term relationship with her, she can be quite independent, do not expect her to be clingy, she will be attached and in love but will show it to you in her ys, she craves intimacy behind closed doors, and she will be realistic and grounded about your future goals together.

Overall, a Virgo woman in love is the kind of woman who would do everything to make the relationship perfect, she expects you to do the same, she will have however a strong set of boundaries that when crossed might make her flee away from you.

In dating, she will be reserved but incredibly observant of her potential partner, she might see the little things in you that other people might not see, she will be helpful, kind, and supportive, she will be dependable, and might even go along the way of being generous with you.

You need to, however, look for her full birth chart by knowing her exact date of birth, her birth location, and the exact time she was born to be able to get a full scope of her chart that has many different aspects to her Sun sign which can give us a broader scope of her personality.

Why do Virgo women have a hard time getting back after a breakup?

She has strong boundaries set for the relationship

Do Virgo Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Because she is realistic and grounded, she knows what she wants and expects to give and get from the relationship, because of that during a breakup which is an ultimatum of a relationship, she often realizes that she is not happy and wants something better for the relationship.

Yes, she can be loving but she knows her place well and does not expect any kind of cheating, betrayal or bad treatment to go around the relationship and expect as if nothing happened, she will not endure any kind or form of perceived disrespect.

This means that breakups from her are usually because her partner has crossed some boundaries that she has set, only gaining her trust and forgiveness can help.

She has mountain high-standards

She often becomes a slave of her critical thoughts which makes her compare her relationship to other relationships she knows or sees, this means that when she feels that what she’s receiving in a relationship is not well while she’s giving what she thinks is more than enough, she will tend to lose interest.

Also because of perfectionism, she can have pretty high standards before and after the courtship and relationship stage, this means that a breakup is usually a sign to her that both of you are not compatible with each other.

Because of this, she will be more hesitant to come back to you.

She is hyper-focused on material & career pursuits

Her good work ethic and natural drive can make her successful in her material or financial pursuit because of this, it can make her more of a career-oriented person rather than a hopeless romantic, her level-headed approach can make her less focused on sulking and being depressed about the breakup.

Instead of finding a rebound, she might act cold and aloof and might cut you off completely from her life, her workaholic tendencies are the main highlight of her ego, this sign is not one to be messed with as they can bounce back stronger than ever.

She can cut you off completely

Do Virgo Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Unlike other signs who might give away for their exes to come back and talk to them completely, this sign is different, she can be ruthless in cutting you off from her life, she can move into a different apartment, change her address completely, block you from her contacts or just about anything to avoid you.

When she knows she’s done she’s usually done and there is nothing in between, even if her mutable energy is present, she can be the most stubborn and headstrong mutable sign. Thus making her incredibly difficult to be reached out to.

You’ve hurt her badly that she became closed off

Your Virgo lady is a serious and loyal sign, she doesn’t easily trust and let people in her life, with that said if you have lied, betrayed, or cheated on her even more so have physically hurt or humiliated her in a way, her ego will most likely be hurt which will automatically make her cold.

Either way, this serious issue can only be fixed by admitting your past mistakes and accepting your genuine apologies on her part…

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7 Ways To Get Your Virgo woman back

Assuming that you have insisted on creating physical contact with her, it is challenging to still get to her contacts especially if she has blocked you already, when you have the opportunity to physically be with her, follow these steps to amend with her.

Show her that you’ve learned from your mistakes

Do Virgo Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Apologize, Apologize, Apologize…

No matter what you do, always apologize first, increase the frequency of your apologies and always be prepared to create meaningful and sincere conversations about it, apologize with the clear intent of wanting her back, and prove to her that you are sorry for your actions.

This essential step will unlock the key to her heart…

Give her a concrete plan of action

Your Virgo woman does not play around with her relationships if she decided to break up with you it’s probably for a reason, this is why it’s important to recognize that you need to appeal to her logical and analytical mind.

Give her what her restless mind needs by giving her a list of things you plan on doing and the things you’re willing to do, be sure to be a man of action and live by the words you have promised to her, this way you’ll slowly gain her trust.

Winning her trust means more chances of her opening up the door to her heart…

Value her by showing your respect

If possible when you’re around her, openly communicate in light-hearted and friendly conversations, be calm in talking to her, and respect her opinions even if it seems judgemental or critical, this ensures that she sees you’re doing this to get back at her.

Improve yourself

Do her a favor and improve yourself while you’re still on a break with her, she will instantly notice you if she knows you’ve been doing way ahead of her since you last broke up.

This is because she is naturally career-oriented and will make her want a man with the same aspirations as her, improving your looks, your bank account, your personality, or just about any aspect of your life can help prove to her that both of you are the same and will make her rethink about the breakup.

After a breakup with a Virgo woman, it is best to improve certain aspects of your life instead of going in for a rebound or casual flings, this will only make her uninterested and make her prove that her decision of breaking up with you is right.

Openly communicate with her

Do Virgo Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Assuming both of you have initiated physical contact, calmly and politely ask her out for a friendly date where both of you can discuss things that went down in the last relationship, be private about it, and set it up in a nice preferably opulent place.

This will enable you and your Virgo lady to openly talk about the relationship, do not argue with her as it will only provoke her nagging and cranky tendency.

Be polite, talk in a self-assured manner, and show her what you’ve become, this will make her more open to the possibility of getting back together. 

Be dependable

Be a dependable friend for her, even if she’s far away from you give her nice words of affirmation, be there for her when she needs you, offer support, be kind and thoughtful, especially in her hard times, and try to ask her out on a spa date to help her destress.

Being a dependable friend will help her emotionally connect with you which will help you both grow together, possibly rekindling back the love that was lost.

Approach things with her pragmatically

Address things with her the way she addresses things, talk and communicate pragmatically, be direct and blunt, and do not hide any of your intentions from her, avoid sugar-coating, she would find it more attractive if you have the confidence to speak your truth.

Engage in deeper and more serious conversations and topics, and do not be afraid to show your deeper and even darker side, remember she wants you to be authentic at this point prove her wrong by doing the right thing.

Why are Virgo women the best long-term relationship partners?

The love of Virgo is steadfast yet erudite: he is practical and intelligent but still gives affection and love to make you feel the utmost loved.

She’s peaceful and loving

Do Virgo Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

The mercurial Virgos do not like drama, petty or shallow relationships, as such she can make for a good partner or wife, her loyalty and devotion to please her partner by any means is a wonderful thing to experience.

Because she’s serious and might dislike casual flings, she will be dedicated in a relationship she chooses to be with, she will be organized and detailed oriented.

Virgos have a hard time getting into a relationship and they will have a hard time getting out of it if they think it is necessary, they treat their relationships seriously and the most challenging part is they need to put down their defenses to show their vulnerability.

Your Virgo woman has mutable energy

Fun fact: even if you or some people might think that she’s dull and quite the serious type, she can be fun and wildly experimental in her serious relationship. Her wild side is hidden and can only be accessed by her chosen partner.

Because she is ruled by Mercury and exhibits mutable modalities, she will be open and interested in trying out different things with you, whether it’s going on to different places, or trying out new things to spice up your relationship, she will try all those things to make the both of you happy in the duration of the relationship.

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Get your Virgo woman back, final thoughts…

Breaking up with a Virgo woman is a tough one, ruled by Mercury, she is analytical and deeply rooted in her aspirations in this lifetime, she can be loyal and loving if you’ve proven to her you are worth it to be loved if you still want her to try a little harder in showing her you’re sorry and you want her back.

Give love and receive love is the main love motto of a Virgo woman and as such you also need to live up to those words, her love, and beauty are like no other, like a diamond in a sea of glass…

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