How To Talk Dirty To A Virgo Woman?

How To Talk Dirty To A Virgo Woman

Having a relationship with a Virgo woman is tough yet rewarding, to say the least, if you want to talk dirty to a Virgo woman, you’re in the right place!

Talk dirty to a Virgo woman approach her calmly and comfortably, because she often hides away her wild side, ask her things like what positions would turn her on, tell her in detail how you’ll give her a good time, ask her kinks and tell her your kinks, don’t shy away to get freaky and dark in the process!

Virgo women are the intellectual women of the zodiac, very analytical, organized, meticulous, and detail-oriented, they can be perfectionists in every aspect of their lives including their romantic relationships.

Ruled by Mercury and a mutable earth sign, they can be incredibly flexible and lusty when it comes to love and sex, do not be fooled by her virgin archetype…

She can be picky when it comes to sex but if she falls in love with you and decides that you’re worthy of love and sex she will give, expect the sex with her to give you one of the wildest lovemaking you’ll ever have.

With that said, how can you turn her on and elevate her arousal levels to the roof by talking dirty to her? Do not fret as we’re giving you the ways to talk dirty to a Virgo woman successfully!

Let’s jump right in!

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How to turn on a Virgo woman through dirty talking?

How To Talk Dirty To A Virgo Woman?

Talking dirty is usually not a habit or a communal thing a Virgo woman does because of her perfectly modest appearance and personality, the key is to set up the right mood and time to talk dirty to her.

Get off of any distraction or stress that may make her overthink, and give her a relaxing space to be calm and be vulnerable, when you see it as the perfect opportunity to talk dirty to her, start by asking about her kinks and tell her your kinks too.

While doing this, a sensual touch like a rub on the back or intense eye contact can seal the deal, this sets up the mood of the whole conversation and is highly guaranteed to arouse her.

Tease her with the kink you both specifically share or if she has a different kink, play along with it, the key here is to show her you’re in the game of whatever sexual fantasy she might be hiding in.

Keep on going, if she reciprocates or shows any signs of arousal, ask her and tell her how good and heavenly it feels when you do it with her, compliment her figure or beauty, this time ask her to loosen up and go with the flow.

Help her get to that point, if she starts getting highly aroused, try to get rough already and call her pet names, if she is into degrading pet names, play along with it, call her that throughout the conversation, and watch her get wild.

Keep your cool off and do not get impulsive or in a rush, take it slow, get romantic and passionate in the process, and do not be afraid to get freaky and kinky when it comes down to talking dirty, she may not say it but she definitely sees it as great foreplay before sex.

How to talk dirty to a Virgo woman through text?

Play along with a kink you both are into

How To Talk Dirty To A Virgo Woman

A kink is defined as a sexual fantasy that is a bit non-conventional and in high contrast with “vanilla” or “standard” proclivities, whether its bondage, dominance, gagging, or foot fetish, whatever it may be both of you are highly aroused into – play along with it.

Message her things surrounding that kink and how you’ll incorporate that into the bedroom, keep you cool in this process but do not forget to have fun in the process…

Praise her when she’s getting wild…

When you’re in the heat of dirty talking to her on the phone, if she’s starting to get wild and lustful about the idea of the kink you both share, praise her for that.

Send her messages like, “Good girl, baby.” or “That’s my good little girl”, anything that praises her wild and freaky attitude while dirty talking to her will seriously turn her on

Always remember to be sincere in your compliments to her, do not be presumptuous or fake.

Tease her with submission/domination kink

This woman is a serious control freak by nature, her perfectionist tendencies can get into her own relationship, a good way to exercise this is by teasing her with a control-play kink that both of you can enjoy!

In order to do this, you must message her bluntly and ask how she’ll react, more likely, she’ll react positively to it, ask her what role she’d like to take in, and play along with it!

The domination and submission kink will surely turn up the heat in your conversation, as both of you will have different ideas on how it would turn out, making the dirty talking on the phone long-lasting!

Ask her to loosen up

How To Talk Dirty To A Virgo Woman

Ask her things that would make her comfortable in the dirty talking process, ask her if she feels nice and wanted when you’re talking dirty to her.

If she says yes then it’s a good start, if she feels uneasy or uncomfortable, ask her what things would make her feel good.

If she’s more into visual aid than sensory, you might spice things up by sending her a sexy photo of you, or just simple voice messages that are short and have a sexy vibe to it.

The key is to make her loosen up and stop holding tight to things that are stressing her…

Don’t be afraid to get romantic

As much as sexting and dirty talking arouse her, staying true to your feelings is an important aspect of your sexting.

Don’t be afraid to get expressive in your messages and show your care and affection, this will certainly help in the long run.

Get her a pet name!

Last but not least, give her a nickname that you use to call her during your lovemaking, a pet name you can give her can be anything from freaky to sweet.

You can use this to turn her on, when messaging her while dirty talking with her, reminding her of that nickname you give her in the bedroom will surely turn her on.

For once she will remember you calling her that during your intense session, this will instantly turn her back in time to the last time you did it.

Do this and you’ll have her head over heels for you while you’re talking dirty on the phone!

Talking dirty to your Virgo woman, final thoughts

How To Talk Dirty To A Virgo Woman

Virgo women are great partners for life, they love unconditionally and can match the same energy of wild and freaky if you turn her on in the right way!

Overall, the best way to talk dirty to her is to get to know her more to get close to the level of proximity where she hides away her wild thoughts, if you do, ask her kinks and what kinds of things you both enjoy in the bedroom.

If you’re in a long-term relationship with her, be sure to talk dirty to her in the right place and setting, do not be in a hurry or rush as this will turn her off and make her even pickier than she is.

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