How to Get a Virgo Woman to Chase You

How to Get a Virgo Woman to Chase You

If you are dating a Virgo woman, or you are eyeing one, then be prepared for absolute perfection because that is what her personality says about her. If you think you can’t have her, then think again. Here are the things you need to do.

To get a Virgo woman to chase you, wear something gray on dates. She loves that color! Be organized and romantic. You also need to appreciate her intelligence and protect her at all costs – may it be emotionally and physically.

Communicate with her all the time. You should know how to deal with her gently.

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Let’s get more details about what she’s like and how you can woo her into your life. A lot of value you can get here. So let’s go, shall we?

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What She’s Like

How to Get a Virgo Woman to Chase You

Perfectionist, ambitious, workaholic. These words define a Virgo woman. Some may think that she can be arrogant and too opinionated sometimes but you will be surprised at how much you will love her company once you get to know her.

A Virgo woman will always have this inkling of desire to fix things and bring them to perfection. This can be a weakness sometimes, but hey! She is still a total badass.

Even if it means lowering your pride, it is best to do so if you want to avoid pushing her away or having long arguments that seem too impossible to end.

If you are looking to spend your life with her, you must be prepared to be always corrected.

Even if there is nothing wrong with you. That is just how she is and there is nothing you can do to change that.

Dating a Virgo is not that hard, especially if you both have the same personalities. But if you do not, don’t be overwhelmed.

A Virgo lady is nice to be with. She is humble and highly sympathetic. You also do not

have to constantly worry about how she is doing because she can get by herself just easily. She is self-sufficient, hardworking, and always thinks practical. If these are the traits you are looking for in a woman, then you are on the right track. She is highly likely to not disappoint.

However, she can be very insecure when it comes to her love life and will do everything she can to keep the people she loves. She hates it if someone or someone takes her lover’s attention away from her. This can be a weakness but we will show you how to handle that. Just keep on reading.

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7 Ways to Get a Virgo Woman to Chase You

It is not a secret that girls can be too clingy sometimes but if you are someone who enjoys this, then you probably won’t get any problems with that.

Virgo ladies can be dominant with their overachiever personalities but they can be sweet and dedicated.

Here are 7 things you can try to do to make her chase you instead.

Be organized

How to Get a Virgo Woman to Chase You

She is someone who loves perfection. Her eyes are set on bringing everything she sees unorganized to perfection. This might be bothersome to you, or it may not be. But if you wish to have her follow you instead, then practice a habit of being organized.

If she sees that you are systemic, this will only make her like you more. The secret is to get her to like you by showing her what she wants to see. It is not easy to be perfect or to look perfect for that matter but courtship isn’t really easy. I’m sure you’re well aware of that and pretty prepared.

You do not have to sound or look like someone too scripted. Just show her that you are well-organized, morally proper, and someone who respects order.

Wear something gray

A Virgo lady loves gray. Her favorite color is gray. And would love anything that looks gray.

If you want to catch her attention, wear something gray. She will most likely look at you the entire time you’re together because she adores GRAY! Isn’t that great? She will not take her eyes off of you!

If you are not very fond of gray, too bad for you. But hey! The goal here is to make her chase you,  remember? You do not have to wear anything flashy. Just a simple shirt or bracelet that’s gray can already catch her attention. That is how much she loves the color.

Appreciate her intelligence

A Virgo in general is intellectual. If you are dating one, then it means that she is intelligent and witty. Although she might not show it, she would really love to hear you appreciate how smart she is.

Try being vocal about how smart she is without sounding too cheesy about it. You can do that by being direct just as she can be direct sometimes. She will be more open to you once she sees your sincerity and how much you appreciate every little thing about her.

Since she is someone intelligent, she appreciates a guy more if he can be intellectual as well. Or just someone who can join her with her smart talks. Someone who will be able to say relevant comments instead of being ignorant.

Be romantic

How to Get a Virgo Woman to Chase You

Anyone can fall for a romantic, including a Virgo. It is not a secret that most girls fall for someone who can make them feel loved and special. A Virgo woman is not an exception.

A Virgo woman loves receiving affection. Her actions may not show but she adores spending time together to bond or have fun. She loves to unwind and joining her would make her like you more.

Try going for a hike or swimming. Invite her for some time together where you both could enjoy what you love. Always be kind to her and appreciate her more. These little gestures go a long way. Trust me! If this doesn’t work, nothing else would.

Be Mr. Security

May it be her feelings or physically, make her feel secure whenever you’re with her, or far away from her. You don’t have to bring with you a bulletproof vest and a gun. No hun! We don’t mean that. Security in the sense of affection, communication, emotion, and mental state.

She feels secure if she feels that you are only into her and no one else can come between you. She feels safe knowing that even if you’re far from each other, your feelings would stay the same.

Secure her in a way that she would not feel threatened or in danger may it be physically, emotionally, or mentally. In short, love her in her own love language!

Communicate with her

Just as I’ve mentioned earlier, a Virgo lady has an intellectual personality. She loves having smart conversations and is easily absorbed whenever meeting people with similar brain waves.

If you want to keep her interested in you, have frequent conversations. You don’t have to be smart for her to like you. You just have to make sure not to leave any of your conversations hanging.

A Virgo woman would feel more loved and cared for if you and she could have constant communication. That’s her love language. You can try expressing how you feel, or your dreams and aspirations in life. Your plans, or your future desires. Even your favorites. Food, colors, drinks. That works effectively too.

Then listen to hers as well. As you know, Virgo, in general, is ambitious, hardworking, and critical. She would also want to share with you her future plans, what she desires to achieve, and what she has to offer.

These are healthy things to talk about and you won’t have to argue about them. Just respect what each other has to say.

Be gentle with her

How to Get a Virgo Woman to Chase You

She can be dominant at times but still, be gentle with her. She doesn’t see this but it is up to you to handle your entire relationship. If you’re feeling too overwhelmed, you just have to talk things over.

Handle her gently in a way that she would feel your emotions but at the same time, she won’t feel like she is being disrespected. Your Virgo woman will easily understand that everyone’s needs and wants vary.

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Get a Virgo woman to chase you, in a nutshell…

To get a Virgo woman to chase you, you need to:

  • Be organized
  • Wear something gray
  • Appreciate her intelligence
  • Be romantic
  • Be Mr. Security
  • Communicate with her
  • Be gentle with her

Happy chasing (and being chased)!



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