How To Get A Virgo Woman Obsessed With You?

In this article, we will talk about your Virgo woman and her obsession tendencies! We will talk about how your Virgo woman gets obsessed with someone and what are some of the effective ways on making her obsessed with you!

The Virgo Woman is the sixth sign of the zodiac astrological wheel, the mark of fall begins with Virgo as the Virgo season starts from August 23 up to September 23, this means women born under this date will have their sun sign in Virgo! These ladies are known for being sensible, grounded, and highly intelligent.

The Virgo woman is a mutable earth sign ruled by Mercury, although most earth signs are quite known for being stubborn and fixed, Mutable Virgos are known for being flexible this is due to the interesting combination of the planetary ruler and the modality.

Mercury is known for being changeable and it is known that mutable modality gives the sign a “go with the flow” attitude to things.

She is represented by the Virgin, more specifically a beautiful maiden holding golden wheat, again this has something to do with Agriculture and harvest, again strongly connected to the element of earth, the earthy qualities of Virgo woman such as being adept at long-term planning, ambitious, responsible, she is the archetype of a stable, persevering worker.

She rarely follows emotions and uses logic as a guiding voice in life. This can make her pretty stoic when it comes to love because she knows how deeply painful love is and how love can make you pretty vulnerable in the toughest of times.

Yes, your Virgo woman gets crushes but rarely obsession from a man he deems highly attractive to her yet she shows none of it to the public.

In terms of infatuation and obsession, your Virgo woman values a man’s attitude and personality, looks come second to her. She is not blinded by the physical allure of beauty but rather sees the person for who he truly is.

With all of that in mind let’s tackle more on your Virgo woman and her obsession tendencies, we’ll explain to you more about how a Virgo woman develops an obsession so you can take advantage of it! We will also give you essential tips to make your Virgo woman deeply obsessed with you!

Let’s jump right in!

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Virgo Women and Obsession Tendencies

A Virgo woman rarely develops an obsession with someone, this can be quite a challenge because you need to work extra hard to prove to her you are worth it as a man. Looks alone could not determine your chances with her.

Being highly critical of others is a negative trait your Virgo woman has so it’s more common for her to give men a side-eye rather than pursuing them.

Although the right kind of man can make a Virgo woman’s heart melt, if it happens it will start with admiration, either the Virgo woman will find the man an inspiration for what he does at his work or career and she might deem him the kind of man who is her “type”.

After that, it develops into a crush and this makes a Virgo woman’s days and weeks brighter than usual…

The stalking gets worst until she becomes highly infatuated with the man she dreams of having, she may try to hide it, represses it, and as much as possible act unbothered by it but deep inside she is going crazy for the man of her dreams!

She is deeply attracted to a humble, sophisticated, and well-spoken man, the kind of man who would have a soothing voice that you can just listen to him talk about his experiences for days. A man who is confident about his field of work yet is not loud nor braggy about it.

She likes the types of guys who are gentlemen and can hold good conversations.

Your Virgo woman is also deeply attracted to someone intelligent, the kind of man who can get his way of thinking.

This is very important because intelligence is a very attractive trait to her, you can be the most handsome or the buffest guy in the room but if you can match her level of intelligence she will turn down you!

You must understand that your Virgo woman is one of the women in the zodiac wheel who do not give a damn about glitz and glamor, she is realistic and she knows that looks will fade someday only what’s inside is what truly matters!

She likes the idea of falling in love but she is not stupid to let her emotions guide his way, as much as possible she will always look for a man who will have the same adherence to life as her. She is also known for having a poker face, she might be crushing hard over you but her face won’t tell otherwise!

Now that we’ve talked about your Virgo woman and her obsession tendencies let us talk more about the powerful ways in which you can attract her to your life!

How to Get Your Virgo Woman to obsess over you? (7 ways to do it!)

1. Look important!

The first key step in making your Virgo woman lay her eyes on you is that you need to look sophisticated and important! You must show her that you are powerful in your own right and that you have your life put together.

In this day of age, social media is a powerful tool to let people see you on a different side of life. Make yourself important by utilizing social media, and posting pictures where you look handsome and refined! Share photos and videos of yourself traveling but do not go overboard as sharing your thoughts.

It is always good to act mysterious as this creates attraction.

When you are close to her, always be prepared to look good. Dress appropriately depending on the occasion, keep your hair tamed, and opt for darker clothes that denote professionalism, work on your appearance too!

Convey the message that you are slightly superior to the other men around you and you’ll surely have her attention!

2. Practice Altruism

The next key step in making your Virgo woman obsessed with you is that you need to practice Altruism! Being kind to other people and showing no selfishness is an inherent trait that a Virgo woman admires in her lovers.

As such it is incredibly important that you show her your good deeds, especially to other people!

3. Talk with confidence

When talking to her you must have a stern voice, a confident, manly, deep yet slow and comforting voice that is well-spoken. You can do this by practicing the tone of your voice, deep voice is incredibly attractive for your Virgo woman.

Alongside that, when talking to her you must be able to have well-thought ideas when speaking with her. Stick with straightforward conversations but also do not go overboard in making it seem like you are not interested in her. Learn how to improvise light-hearted humor from time to time.

4. Help her with things 

The fourth key step in making it possible for a Virgo woman to have her eyes on you is that you need to be always ready in helping her with her stuff! Offering help is one of the attractive gestures that your Virgo woman likes because it denotes that a man is a true gentleman!

Hold the door for her and genuinely compliment her work, let her have credit if it deems rightful for her! The key here is you need to show her that you are genuinely admiring her for her achievements!

Alongside that, you can also offer your help to her or if she’s dealing with some problems opt to advise her on what you know from experience. Remember that the more she admires you for what your qualities are the more likely she’s gonna be obsessed with you!

5.  Take care of yourself!

As it was said a while ago, a Virgo woman needs to see the qualities and the personality of the man first before the look but that doesn’t mean that you should not pay attention to your physical body.

Still, you need to maintain good physical shape and look healthy! Remember the sign of Virgo also deals with physical health so a Virgo woman needs to look for a well-abled man who is strong and physically capable! When getting in shape it is always best to go for the toned body instead of going full buff.

6. Set the mood every time you’re with her

Every time you’re near each other you need to set up the attraction between you and your Virgo woman, you must be able to create tension of some sort because in this way you can actively attract her. Set the mood every time you’re with her by keeping positive body language every time you interact!

Smile, gaze, smile repeat. Use your wit when holding a conversation with her while keeping your body language smooth and relaxed. Practice the seductive smirk while you intensely stare at her eyes. 

The more she’s positively responding to the seduction cues the more you push it a little harder and see the conversation go wild and sexy! Trust us! You’ll thank u later!

7. Speak intelligently

The last key step in making sure your Virgo woman goes gaga over you is that you need to show off your intelligence to her! Talk about the crisis the world is experiencing today! Talk about the latest news! You can also talk about your work experiences especially if it’s a corporate one.

You must sound or at least appear well knowledgeable, you can use humor every once in a while but always be ready for the kinds of questions and topics she’ll talk about. Remember to breathe in and out and try not to overcomplicate things. 

When you’re in a relaxed state of mind the more you can confidently speak your thoughts without any awkwardness in your body surrounding you! Remember to always treat her like a lady by being a gentleman because she is always watching you!

Virgo: The Traditionally feminine Lover…. Final Thoughts

Your Virgo woman is a traditional lover she prefers her man to be a gentleman and do the things for her and in return she’ll do what the traditional roles say of her! She will love you in pragmatic ways and she will do it because it is her love language! 

Wise beyond her years and genuinely kind to others, your Virgo woman is a simple woman who wants stable, secure, long-lasting love! Give it to her and she’ll give her blood, sweat, and tears to building a kingdom with you!

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