7 Effective Ways to Seduce A Virgo Woman

Because she is ruled by Mercury, your Virgo woman appears to be very intelligent, and like her male counterpart, she put walls around her to protect herself. You need a lot of patience if you want to take her to the bedroom. So, if you are ready for that, here are ways to seduce a Virgo woman.

To seduce a Virgo woman, appear as if you are a classy person, and you also need to appear and sound intelligent.

Be practical in every aspect of your life, especially when it comes to your finances. Be a gentleman and be patient and understanding. Be healthy, or at least try to be. Indulge her in outdoor activities.

If you think these are things that are hard to do, know that they actually are not when you do these tips properly. To do so, I have given details about these. So, continue reading!

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How A Virgo Woman Is In Bed

There is a huge misconception that lovemaking with a Virgo woman is boring because she is conservative socially and the way she presents herself. It is very rare to see a mature Virgo woman in a string bikini because again, she is very modest.

This does not mean that she is not pleasurable in the bedroom. What she has are opinions on a very wide range of subjects. She is ruled by Mercury, which is the planet of communication, and so, she is highly intelligent and capable of holding herself on her own.

She has a spine made out of steel, and you will never be able to sway her once she has made her mind up. And if you argue with her, you will never win.

Your Virgo woman is not the type of person to get arrested for drunk driving, and she will feel extremely embarrassed when she gets pulled over because of a speeding ticket. She is a woman of very fixed opinions, and it can be very difficult for you to move from the opinions that she holds.

However, when it comes to love, she is going to be the type to run away with someone and this is something that is exciting about her.

When we think of lovemaking, we do not instantly think of a Virgo woman. We usually think about a Scorpio woman or a Leo woman, but never a Virgo woman. Well, what most people do not notice is that your Virgo woman is very sexy and seductive as well.

She is very attentive and nurturing when it comes to her sexual partner. It’s almost as if she treats this as going to work because she takes this very seriously. She treats making love as a practice she needs to perfect.

There is an urge or her to think that she needs to be perfect in everything lovemaking-wise. She gets insecure when she feels she is not up to standards.

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7 Effective Ways to Seduce A Virgo Woman

Appear as if you are a classy person

Naturally, a Virgo woman is attracted to men or women who are classy in the way they present themselves. She is a classy person herself, and of course, it makes sense if he wants someone who is as classy as her.

You need to appear as if you have all your life planned out. This is how you can seduce a classy woman.

This does not necessarily mean that you need to be rich to be with her. You just need to be well-mannered and know the basic etiquette with regard to anything. Do not ever chew loudly because you might come off as a slob.

Do not drink at parties every night because that is not her type. To seduce her, you can take her out on a proper date and dress nicely.

Appear intelligent

There is no doubt that a Virgo woman is a very intelligent woman, and she does not like it she cannot converse with her partner in an intellectual way. She loves to learn and teach, and when you get to share your knowledge with her, she will find you sexy and irresistible.

You do not need to be academically good to seduce her. You just need to really know what you are talking about.

She does not need a whole lot of attention from you because again, she is a very independent woman. She just needs you to listen when she is talking and be in some kind of rapport when you are with her.

Show her what’s going on inside your head. Show her what you think about things that you like and dislike.

Be practical

A Virgo woman is not the type of woman to spend a lot of money on designer brands. If she does not see a thing to be useful in her life, she does not want to spend money on it.

She is very practical and not the type to hoard to accumulate material things just for the sake of collecting. She makes sure that she knows and sees where her money is going.

So, to seduce a Virgo woman, you need to show her that you know how to handle your money. Again, you do not need to be rich when you want to be with her.

You just have to be smart enough to know how to handle things in your life, including your finances. Also, show her that you are willing to learn and open your mind.

Be a gentleman

This goes with being classy. Your Virgo woman is truly a very simple woman. She does need a whole grand gesture just so you can sleep with her. You just need to show her that you are nice and can be a gentleman when you are around her.

So, you need to get yourself together and appear nice when you are with her.

Open the door for her, take her out to dinner, and remind her how beautiful she is. Practicing chivalry is one way to seduce her. When she sees that you are wooing her in the traditional way, she is going to want to sleep with you for sure.

Be patient and understanding

A Virgo woman is naturally very independent, and the last thing she wants is someone to carry behind her back. I mean she is very helpful, but this does not mean that you will depend on everything on her.

She also put walls around her to protect herself from getting hurt, so you need to be patient and understanding enough to realize that you cannot be hasty with her.

She can be very critical and picky, and this is because she wants to have a perfect life. Even if she likes you, you need to be aware that she is calculating what is going on and what your intentions are. To seduce her, let her know that you are willing to wait patiently for her to be ready.

Be healthy

A Virgo woman is the type to order a salad at a restaurant – not because she wants to look skin y or anything but to be healthy. She is the type to practice yoga and meditation because of course, she wants to be physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy.

To seduce a Virgo woman, you need to show her that you are healthy or trying to be.

Indulge her in outdoor activities

Because she likes to be healthy, she also enjoys exercise, and engaging in different outdoor activities is one way to exercise with her. She likes anything that is active and things that make her feel alive.

Even though she can be a little introverted, she enjoys time with nature because again, she is an earth sign, and getting into nature is like being at home for her. To seduce her, you can invite her to different activities that require being in nature.

7 effective ways to seduce a Virgo woman, final thoughts…

To seduce a Virgo woman:

  • Appear as if you are a classy person
  • Appear intelligent
  • Be practical
  • Be a gentleman
  • Be patient and understanding
  • Be healthy
  • Indulge her in outdoor activities



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