How Does A Virgo Woman Test You?

How Does A Virgo Woman Test You?

Virgo is ruled by the planet of Mercury, which according to astrology is about communication and how thoughts are processed. As manager of the 6th house, the Virgo woman is responsible, that is, devoted to her home and family.

She is well-grounded and is a reliable partner to have around. So, how does your Virgo woman test you?

The Virgo woman will test how you value what she has to say. You need to be able to respect her opinion. She wants to be appreciated for what she offers. If there’s anything that lets a Virgo woman down, it is her love being unreciprocated.

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That said, let’s take a look at your Virgo woman in more detail…

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Profile of a Virgo woman

The Virgo woman makes a great family maker. She will make sure that the food is ready, that the clothes are clean, and that everyone has a routine.

She will make organization a habit and likes to spend her time improvising her environment.

As an earth sign, she likes to build her foundation and looks for the long term. However, the Virgo woman is mutable too and she is more adaptable to change versus her earth counterparts.

She deals with changes through a practical approach, but please do be warned, Virgo women are set in their ways most of the time.

There is something to be said about Virgos, sometimes you meet a Virgo that can be quite critical of others. This is where they earn their nagging reputation. They can’t help it because their ability to look for details is a blessing and a curse.

Another way that it manifests is that, if a Virgo woman keeps quiet, this doesn’t mean her thoughts have shut off, she’s is simply being polite not to offend anyone.

The Virgo woman believes that hard work does pay and is not afraid to have sleepless nights. She is selfless but has trouble relaxing. It is always about being productive.

She wants to be useful at all times. That is also why a Virgo woman might be picky when it comes to settling with someone.

7 ways a Virgo woman will test you

She will test your incompetence

How Does A Virgo Woman Test You?

If there is a contest for work ethics, Virgo will win or be in the top ranks. The Virgo woman is a great addition to any team. 

She always is on the lookout for how to improve a product or service, or anything to do with the business.

Therefore, she wants to be with someone who proves to be reliable. They want to have a partner that is true to their word.

A Virgo woman will be proud of someone who is able to show that they are professional and don’t take opportunities for granted.

She tests you by her need to be nurtured

Although they are not always affectionate through their words, Virgos need it the most.

Virgo women are hypercritical of themselves more so of the people they evaluate. Most of the time, they create their own anxiety.

This means she can be a bit insecure when it comes to her relationships in general. She always thinks, is she good enough? Is she doing enough?

A good partner for the Virgo woman is someone who can be patient and is able to show appreciation to who she is and what she does.

She will test you through her kindness

Whether you end up with a nagging Virgo woman or a tight-lipped one, she remains kind. Her ways may not always be verbal but she will always have service as her primary love language. 

She will be devastated to find out if her loved ones are taking advantage of her.

Amongst all the zodiac signs, Virgo women are one of those that is willing to make it last. She does not give up easily. It would be heartbreaking for her to know that her love is not reciprocated.

These women don’t know how to express their feelings well and Virgos don’t do well in resentment.

She tests you through her endless feedback

How Does A Virgo Woman Test You?

There is a reason why the planet of Venus (the planet of love) struggles in Virgo. As Virgo is a sign of analysis and perfectionism, she might make things bigger than it has to be.

You would have to understand that if she has a sharp tongue, it is not against you as a person, but rather on the output of the task. So, don’t take it to heart.

Virgo women maintain high standards so she wants things done based on her idea of what’s acceptable and perfect. They seem to be judgmental but only because they want you to be the best version of yourself.

Some might think Virgos are problematic because of that but if you can put on some earplugs or learn to live with them, they are definitely worth it.

She will test you if you are able to respect her opinion

Virgo women want to be acknowledged. Maybe it will come that you don’t agree with her opinion, but you still have to let her feel respected. When you keep dismissing what your Virgo woman has to say, you might come on her nerves.

These women are like Cancers and they take note of how you treated them. They do not easily forget.

You will notice that it will bother her when she tries to bring it up randomly. Worse, she might become passive-aggressive.

They love when you listen to them. In this sense, they show their leadership skills. Although their sign is associated with service, she does not mind taking a position of authority to keep things in control.

She tests your intentions

Virgo women don’t have a preference for short-lived romance. They want to be in a committed relationship. For her, dating is not for leisure. She will take things slowly with you. Again, she has high standards for herself and you can expect she might have one for you too.

When you are able to convince the Virgo woman that you are worth it, most of the time it is for life. They will not be possessive but they will definitely be jealous. She might do her best to hide it though but she will care, maybe a bit too much.

She tests how you peel her layers

How Does A Virgo Woman Test You?

If a Virgo woman likes you, you will know that when she becomes vulnerable with you. Virgos don’t like incompetence and sometimes being vulnerable is seen as a weakness in her eyes. Virgo is a sign that likes to keep everything to themselves.

She is careful and skeptical that she might get hurt when she opens up to someone. They are more on action than words, ironic, even though they are supposed to be about communication.

Remember, they take a practical and logical approach to everything. Sadly, she tends to bury what she feels.

The Virgo woman is conservative in relationships but when she chooses you, she is in it until the very end.

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Is a Virgo woman testing you, in a nutshell…

The Virgo woman will test you through the support you can give to her. She wants someone who can nurture and encourage her despite Virgo’s critical nature. This is a lady that wants to be respected for what she has to say.

Virgo women take it slow; they don’t take romance as a race. They have high standards for themselves and need a partner that can understand their good intentions behind a sharp tongue.

As they are devoted and selfless, she does not want to be taken for granted.

When a Virgo woman loves you, she dedicates her whole life to serving you and your future family. She gives her all to her loved ones.

They are selfless and would rather show that through action than say it in words.



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