Virgo Woman In Marriage, What It’s Like…

Virgo Woman In Marriage, What It’s Like…

The Virgo woman is strong and independent. She is the foundation herself. Many times, you may think she is cold and arrogant but if you get to know her deeply, you would see that she is a woman of character, and everything she does, she doesn’t take lightly. Even without a man, she would most likely be successful on her own merit.

The Virgo woman in marriage is a worthy investment. She is a prized wife. She applies perfectionism in everything that she does and makes sure her future household will flourish. The Virgo wife wishes to please and make her loved ones happy even if it means at her own expense.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface…

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The Virgo woman in courtship

Virgo Woman In Marriage, What It’s Like…

The Virgo woman in love wants the best for herself and her partner.

She doesn’t want to be with someone who can’t make up his mind or wants to play games. She is future-oriented and is a constant worrier. The Virgo woman doesn’t want to wait in vain and waste her resources, time, and effort on something that she feels won’t last.

That is why the Virgo woman takes her time to fall in love. She has a lot of ambition for herself. She is not in a rush to be tied up. If she does make time for romance, she would prefer to be with someone who has the intention to stay with her for life.

Usually, she will stir clear from hookups and would wait for a man of quality.

If she doesn’t find a man that she feels satisfied with, she would have no complaints about remaining single.

A Virgo woman is very selective. If you are able to win her heart, it will not mean she will let you be with her, though if you are able to succeed in convincing her that you’re worth investing in, you can surely feel the devotion and faithfulness that a Virgo woman can offer.

Even when you’re together, the Virgo woman will not rely on you for her needs. She is all about service. She wants to be able to solve her loved ones’ problems. In fact, it’s always about everyone else and she forgets herself quite often. Many times, if she has not learned to set boundaries, she is the type that is taken for granted, eventually making her resentful.

The ideal partner for a Virgo woman is someone who can be nurturing and patient with her. She doesn’t want to feel useless and it’s also not helpful that she is an overthinker. It would be great if her partner will be able to give her a safe environment that she can open up to and learn to relax.

To teach her life is not just about work but also to enjoy it as it is always up to us to make meaning out of life.

Use fractionation to connect with her emotionally…

At this point, I want to talk about fractionation… What is fractionation you ask… Fractionation is like putting a woman on an emotional rollercoaster. It’s a sequence of repeated, intensifying cycles of emotional ups and downs…

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Women are emotional “creatures” and really connect with movies, activities, and men who satisfy their emotional needs. For her, the emotional ride that fractionation creates is absolutely addicting!

For instance, you can send one-sentence texts using fractionation, in one of these 2 formats:

  • express your approval of one of her bad qualities… or,
  • express disapproval of one of her good qualities…

For example, “I love how you can be so boring.” or “I’m disgusted by your good manners.”

Statements like this will stop her in her tracks and she’ll reply to your texts asking what you mean.

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OK, let’s look at marriage with a Virgo woman…

Marriage with a Virgo woman

The Virgo wife intends to please

Virgo Woman In Marriage, What It’s Like…

When you marry a Virgo wife, you are blessed. Maybe you have the shy Virgo wife that is shy and polite.

She wants to be able to give you pride by making sure she is respectful and responsible as your partner. You can also have the outspoken and competitive Virgo wife; she can be a tough cookie to handle but you also know that a huge factor that the household thrives is because of her resourcefulness.

If there’s anything the Virgo wife needs to realize in her marriage, it’s not letting the expectation of society or their opinions get in the way of their union. The Virgo wife has a deep need to be appreciated. Sometimes if she does not find it in her partner or family, she seeks it in the way the public perceives her.

It is not like Leo where they would desire to be the center of attention, the difference for Virgo is that the need for validation stems from wanting to be a useful contributor to society. That is the source of the Virgo wife’s pride.

She is introspective and she wants to make sure she is always doing the right things and setting an example to her family.

The Virgo wife makes you think she’s shy

If you think the Virgo wife is conservative, think again. She has a playful way in her lovemaking. Magazines and popular media call them the Virgin but she is capable of being the opposite. The Virgo wife likes to look innocent and perfect but they have a wild side too.

As her husband, you are fortunate that she only lets you see it.

Some people may also label Virgo as boring because of her love of routine but don’t forget they’re also known to be hardworking and detail-oriented, who’s to say that won’t reflect in your private sessions together. Oh, and do not forget how she is service-oriented and puts others first.

The Virgo wife makes sure that the family will flourish

When you marry a Virgo wife, you marry someone who is responsible and likes to keep traditions. She is motivated to reach an ideal or expectation. If she’s focused at home, she will create a cozy and smoothly run atmosphere for her family.

She will have a certain routine and set of rules, especially when the children come along. It would be hard to change things when she has become used to doing something specific. If you want a tip, do not move things around the way a Virgo wife arranged them. You’ll spare the unnecessary counsel.

The good news is, she’s an initiator too. You will love how devoted she is to whatever she does. If she is a career woman, you will see her as one of the trusted employees, she will invest in things that enrich the home.

This also applies to mundane things too, like if she cooks anything, she makes sure your guests will love it.

The Virgo wife can’t give herself a break

Virgo Woman In Marriage, What It’s Like…

The downside of your Virgo wife is that she doesn’t know how to relax. There’s a reason Sagittarius can be the worst nightmare of Virgo people because they’re simply people that think differently. Your Virgo wife overthinks, is self-critical, and is a perfectionist. A challenging lifetime indeed.

She can bring stress on things that didn’t need it. She may make a big deal out of something mundane. This can all be avoided if she was raised in an environment that was able to make her feel appreciated. Though if she is not fortunate enough to have experienced that, it is not too late.

You would have to remind her that she’s doing great, that things would be chaotic without her. This is not too much to ask. The Virgo wife doesn’t expect anything at all. She simply wants to be recognized, not so she can brag, but she can feel a sense of pride for herself.

Not a lot of Virgo women know how to love themselves greatly. They are used to putting others first and she works hard in hopes that she will get it from her efforts.

The Virgo wife is a perfectionist in everything

Your Virgo wife does her best in whatever she does. She wants to be a source of pride for her husband and her kids. One of the biggest fears she may have is a failure. Though, isn’t it also true that everybody fails at some point? Mistakes happen, plans don’t go accordingly.

If only your Virgo wife can treat life like the Sims, then maybe she will be very much in control. Her perfectionist nature can make her a controlling wife and mother to her kids. She needs to realize that freedom is also a right of everyone and that she won’t always be right in the eyes of others.

Though, the Virgo wife will always mean well, so it’s important not to take this against her.

If you haven’t watched Disney’s Encanto yet, the Virgo wife might resemble Abuela from the movie. She wants to protect the family image and pride too much that she forgets that life is all about balance lest the cracks are ignored and eventually cause a tower moment for everyone.

Her husband needs to be firm enough to be able to tell her when her expectations are too high and unrealistic and to remind her we’re all just trying our best.

The Virgo wife is a lie detector

The Virgo wife is a born lie detector. After all, Mercury is her ruling planet, which is about communication and ideas. She is a great organizer. She will be able to put the pieces of the puzzle easily. She will also be the type of person to keep receipts and use them on you when you least expect it.

If you need revenge, let your Virgo wife plan it. She is meticulous and will make sure everything is well-planned.

The Virgo can be closed-minded in what she thinks is right

Virgo Woman In Marriage, What It’s Like…

Another downside to the Virgo wife is related to her perfectionism. This makes her judge others even if that wasn’t intentional. Many times, she can make comments on how to do something better even when no one is asking.

The problem is, some people can take this personally. Some people can resent her for something that she is simply trying to improve. To the Virgo wife, sharing is caring but many times it is done coldly that it would be better for her not to help at all.

She may consume herself into a mess she has made unintentionally. She is not the best at expressing emotions. The Virgo wife reserves herself and keeps her thoughts private. Often, this results in your Virgo wife exploding out of nowhere.

Many may misunderstand her, but the least you can do is to defend her and explain that she never meant to hurt anyone.

OK. We’ve covered the details and what to expect from your Virgo woman quite well.

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Marriage to a Virgo woman, in a nutshell

The Virgo woman in marriage is a prized wife. She makes herself devoted and dutiful to the affairs of her household. She is a lady of routine and makes sure she carries her work not just well but to perfection. The Virgo wife wants to please not just her family but also the family’s image.

It may prove to be an issue when a Virgo wife forgets about balancing life. She might lose herself in everyday matters that she forgets about the big picture. The image of a happy and prosperous family. Many times, she can have a way of judging others and is misunderstood due to her reserved personality.

The partner that will love the Virgo woman would need to be patient and understanding. He may need to defend her from time to time that her intentions are mostly well-meaning. He would need to be firm enough to tell her when her expectations have become unrealistic and close-minded.

At the end of the day, a Virgo wife is an alpha woman. She is independent and takes the initiative. She always sees the things that most people miss. If you marry a Virgo woman, it already means you are a man of quality and there is something about you that she finds worthy.

She will always put you and your family first before her own.



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