What Happens When You Ignore A Virgo Woman?

You are obviously curious as to what reaction a Virgo woman will give when she is ignored. Keep in mind that she thrives on attention, so being ignored really isn’t her cup of tea. Let me guide you through what happens when you ignore a Virgo woman.

When a Virgo woman is ignored, she will disregard you and keep herself busy just so she could avoid any contact with you. A Virgo woman will also maintain her distance and will most likely hold grudges against you.

When a Virgo woman has had enough of you for taking her for granted, she becomes passive-aggressive.

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Virgo Woman’s Weaknesses

Virgo women are cold and serious, and they aren’t at all impulsive, which makes their loved ones angry at how quickly they judge everything.

A Virgo woman is analytical and direct, believing that things should be done correctly, not to mention that she has high expectations of herself; more than that, she is paying attention to every small detail, including her own.

When a Virgo woman has an excessive attitude, she can become neurotic and have an illogical dread of not doing things precisely.

When Virgo women concentrate on perfection, their darker characteristics emerge because they are prone to obsessing over cleanliness and being terrified of chaos.

While a Virgo woman is capable of handling any duty and is diverse when it comes to dealing with change, she is almost always irritated and unable to perceive things clearly.

Virgo women are constantly in a state of panic, attempting to justify their emotions. A Virgo woman has high expectations when it comes to personal relationships, which makes finding a soulmate tough.

When A Virgo Woman Is Mad…

When you learn what happens when a Virgo woman is angry with you, keep in mind that she will most likely direct her energy deeply. Of course, a Virgo woman may express her feelings in a subversive or passive-aggressive manner.

You may discover that a Virgo woman is sabotaging the relationship through her actions, leading you to face the issues before she is ready. A Virgo woman will reflect on her prior actions, how they influenced her major concern, and how she might act in the future.

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When You Ignore A Virgo Woman…

She disregards you

Virgo women are too preoccupied with their careers and other duties to waste time getting involved in pointless drama. If you were in a serious relationship with a Virgo woman and she suddenly stopped talking or responding to your messages, she is harboring bitterness toward you.

A Virgo woman expects a lover to be loyal and not to act casually, so you should have put her at ease. If the Virgo woman senses your lack of reciprocity, she may become frigid and withdraw into her space, sometimes without warning.

A Virgo woman is a perfectionist, which contributes to her harsh judgments and behavior. She wants to make sure that everything follows a routine and pattern so that her organized lifestyle is not disrupted.

When she wants to communicate her disappointment, she’ll begin to disregard you and make snide remarks. She is not tolerant of deception and she’ll point out everything you’ve done wrong, as well as instances when you haven’t gone out of your way to make her feel special or cared for.

She maintains distance

If you are serious about pursuing a relationship with the Virgo woman, she will have fits of fury and expect conformity from you. A Virgo woman will be unconcerned about your expectations and remain emotionally and physically distant from you.

A Virgo woman will keep you at a safe distance, protecting you from additional harm. If you have a disagreement with her, she will bring it up and try to prove herself correct without considering your point of view, often appearing domineering and unwilling to accept your justifications.

A Virgo woman attempts to keep her emotions hidden from you by putting some distance between you and her. You may get uncomfortable, and a Virgo woman is usually not very good at covering it up.

Distant behavior in a Virgo woman indicates that she is no longer in the same boat as you. For instance, a Virgo woman will make excuses such as being fatigued, having deadlines, or being out of town for months.

When you ask a Virgo woman to call for just a minute, she will upset you by claiming that you don’t understand and support her career.

She is passive-aggressive

Your connection with a Virgo woman has come to a halt if she has run out of patience. A Virgo woman must be treated with care and respect, or she will be uninterested in flings and casual boyfriends.

If you’ve managed to irritate a Virgo woman, her passive aggression will come out in full force even if her rage may not explode right away, it will be released in little outbursts. If the Virgo woman had feelings for you, she might not abandon you right away.

When a Virgo woman considers the idea of leaving you for good, her stubbornness as an earth sign reflects brutally.

A Virgo woman may be influenced if she detects something fishy in her behavior, as she is unforgiving of irresponsible activity. A Virgo woman’s analytical mind will look for any explanation to justify her actions, and if none of them please her, she will leave your life.

She loves to believe in her spouse and stand by him through thick and thin since she is a genuinely sincere person. However, if a Virgo woman’s calculative mind begins to take over as a result of your suspicions, she’ll soon show you the way out.

She holds grudges

A Virgo woman’s tantrums would irritate you because she is usually calm and collected. She finds it tough to let go and move forward and it disturbs her as a highly involved individual in everything she commits to when her spouse lacks understanding or shows no consideration for her feelings.

Virgo women thrive being alone; so if your presence in her life drains her energy, disrupts her peace of mind, or interferes with her everyday functioning, she won’t mind letting go of her affections for you.

When someone hurts her, the Virgo woman will be unconcerned about his protective position. Because a Virgo woman has a good recall, all of your hurtful behaviors will start playing in her head.

If she is looking for a dispute, it will be difficult to persuade her of your point of view if there has been any misunderstanding. Consider her paying no attention to you if you have invested time and energy into the connection.

So, once the Virgo woman has decided to abandon you, your existence will be irrelevant to her.

She avoids you

Virgo women have realistic expectations and wish to avoid all hassles because they are practical. A Virgo woman may find it difficult to forgive if she is not loved in return. When Virgo women see you in person, they may have difficulty confronting complex emotions.

While she may not immediately shut you off, she will make excuses to avoid you and she won’t be as excited as she was when you first planned to meet her. Any lack of gratitude in a relationship for whatever a Virgo woman does will be met with coldness.

When a Virgo woman is disappointed, she will take on more obligations in order to distract herself from the pain she is experiencing. To keep a Virgo woman’s emotions under control, she should concentrate on her task.

If a Virgo woman realizes she’s been ignored, she’ll make sure she doesn’t have time for you; she often forgets to put herself first before others since she has such a generous heart.

When a Virgo woman’s emotions are further crushed, however, there is no longer any time for play and she’ll have more time to devote to her career than to you.

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What happens when you ignore a Virgo woman, final thoughts…

When a Virgo woman ignores you:

  • She disregards you
  • She maintains distance
  • She is passive-aggressive
  • She holds grudges
  • She avoids you



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