What Happens When You Ignore A Cancer Woman?

Ignoring a Cancer woman can be a challenge because of how caring and loving a Cancer woman is. If you have been with her for a while, you know that this is something she does not like. But if you want to continue to play this game, here are things that can happen when you ignore a Cancer woman.

When you ignore a Cancer woman, she feels unworthy and insecure. She might feel that you do not want her in your life anymore. She is going to overanalyze things and might think that you are done with her. As revenge, she can also ignore you.

She might even cheat and entertain other men. She will simply move on.

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That said, let’s first look at your Cancer woman’s weaknesses and see what she’s like when she gets angry. Let’s go!

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Cancer Woman’s Weaknesses

This might not be known to a lot of people, but a Cancer woman can be a bit manipulative. This is probably the most toxic trait of a Cancer woman. Because of her empathetic nature, she knows how to listen to people.

She knows how to respond to people’s problems. This means that she truly pays attention. Although this is a very good trait, this gives her the chance to study you. In time, she will know what to say and what to do to get you to do that will benefit her.

She is going to use these manipulative skills to get what she wants.

Another trait that is most known to a Cancer woman is her being overtly emotional. Whether she likes to admit it or not, she is the most emotional sign in the zodiac. This is because her emotions are right below the surface.

She gets offended very easily. And this means that she takes everything personally even if it was not your intention. This can be quite annoying sometimes.

She can also be very negative. If you want some sunshine in your life, a Cancer woman is not someone you need to be close with. Because of her emotional nature, she tends to expect the worst from people and situations.

If you want some advice about something or want some motivation, a Cancer woman is not someone to run to.

When A Cancer Woman Is Mad…

The way that a Cancer woman shows her anger is a lot more complex than people with no Cancer placements. She is not the type to release her anger in a normal way. In other words, her reactions are not the typical definitions of anger.

She is not going to go around town to beat up whoever hurt her, cuss people out or even scream. When she is angry, she is going to express this through crying.

Let me remind you that a Cancer woman is a water sign, and so she lives in her own little emotional world. Her anger usually comes along with a lot more things like sadness, betrayal, and the like.

She has issues surrounding expressing anger because sometimes she can feel ashamed when she feels that she is angry because, to her, she should not express such an ugly emotion. During confrontations, the person on the other end might feel a little uncomfortable because of all the crying.

She can also be passive-aggressive. Well, this is very true for most Cancers. Some of the reasons that she is mad at you are because you exposed her to people that she does not allow to get into her inner circle.

She chooses people to let into her world, and that is something that she gets furious about. You also might have spoken ill about someone she loves or considers close to her.

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When You Ignore A Cancer Woman…

She feels unworthy and insecure

If you have been with your Cancer lady for a little while now, you know very well that she can be a little too clingy. She likes to be cared for and attended to. She likes it when you cuddle with her and just get physically affectionate with her.

In other words, she likes to be loved, admired, and desired. She wants constant affection, and when you suddenly start to ignore her, she will be devastated.

With her emotional nature, she needs to be assured that you will not abandon her and that you will be there for her no matter what. And when ignore her, she would feel the opposite.

She is going to feel that you do not consider her an important part of your life, and that could potentially ruin her.

She feels that you are done with her

Let me just remind you that your Cancer woman is ruled by the moon, and this explains her very emotional nature. And we have talked about how she tends to misinterpret things and take everything personally because of this nature.

Even though you have no intentions of ending things with her, she may feel that you are definitely near to ending it because of this whole silent treatment that you are giving her.

We all know how that would go if she felt that you are ending things with her. You are going to deal with a lot of drama, and if you are not into that as a Taurus man would, then giving her the cold shoulder is not the best solution to this problem.

Instead of comforting her, you’ll end up comforting her instead. So, I’ll leave the best solution to you.

She might ignore you too

If she is done crying her worries away, then she is going to think of something that will make you feel the same way that she felt. She is going to think of some kind of revenge just so you will learn your lesson.

So, in time, she is also going to start ignoring you. You might get confused at first as to why she’s not letting in any drama anymore. That is because she is taking her revenge.

So, if you have given her the silent treatment, be prepared to be given the taste of your own medicine. If she was still preparing your food even though you’re ignoring her, say goodbye to that because she will not do anything for you anymore.

And we all know how caring a Cancer woman can be. She is going to treat you the way that you treat her.

She might cheat

Part of her revenge is making you feel worse than what she felt. Being neglected is actually something that a Cancer woman hates. You do not do that to her unless you are willing to lose her.

And before she realizes her worth, she is going to do things to get your attention. Some of these things are things that you will absolutely find annoying and hurtful.

An example of what she can do to get your attention is that she is going to talk with other men. She might do even worse. She can go out on dates with other men or maybe even hook up. So, before she even does this, you need to take the time to talk things through.

She will simply move on

As an empath, she just wants people that she loves to be happy. Even with all the drama, you have undergone because of the silent treatment you gave her, at the end of the day, she wants the best for you.

So, when she feels that this game is going nowhere, she will just simply move on. If she realizes that there is no chance to fix things with you, then she is going to know what to do and just let you do what keeps you happy.

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What happens when you ignore a Cancer woman, final thoughts…

When you ignore a Cancer woman:

  • She feels unworthy and insecure
  • She feels that you are done with her
  • She might ignore you too
  • She might cheat
  • She will simply move on



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