What Happens When You Ignore A Pisces Woman

You may be thinking if ignoring a Pisces woman may be a good idea? A Pisces woman usually picks up on changes in someone’s behavior quickly; so you may either get the reaction you want or the tables may turn. Here’s what happens when you ignore a Pisces woman.

When you ignore a Pisces woman, she becomes sad and her emotions will constantly change.

A Pisces woman will also shut you out and will most likely withdraw from your relationship. Because a Pisces woman will feel all kinds of emotions, her behavior changes to being rude; especially if you ignore her for too long.

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That said, let’s first look at your Pisces woman’s weaknesses and see what she’s like when she gets angry!

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Pisces Woman’s Weaknesses

Pisces women tend to worry excessively, so she finds it challenging to establish relationships at times because of this. A Pisces woman worries that the person she likes won’t be a good match for her and she does not want to cause harm to anyone and does not want to let down the one she loves.

A Pisces woman frequently feels the desire to be distant since she becomes unhappy, depressed, and afraid easily. When a Pisces woman is anxious to escape her everyday life, she would do anything to find solace, even if it means risking her safety.

The capacity for interpersonal communication is one of Pisces woman’s weaknesses. She has a sensitive soul and prioritizes the feelings of others before her own and she considers her words carefully since she worries so much about saying the correct thing.

A Pisces woman appreciates harmony and abhors inciting conflict and she may find it difficult to be open about her thoughts or feelings because of this. A Pisces woman is simply anxious about being rejected by others.

When A Pisces Woman Is Mad…

When a Pisces woman is mad, it could cause her to become detached from the relationship, which would manifest in her actions as being aloof or distant. It’s probable that these habits will intensify, especially if you choose to disregard the warning indications which should be obvious.

But it’s also possible for a Pisces woman to express her frustration in words that are harsh or cutting. This is the typical way a Pisces woman expresses herself and not because she lacks self-control.

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When You Ignore A Pisces Woman…

She becomes sad

A Pisces woman would refrain from wasting time or exhausting herself by plotting revenge. She’ll merely give up and she would begin to feel less valuable and less confident as a result of the discomfort.

The Pisces woman will be let down if she is taken advantage of and she is unable to tolerate the tension caused by retaliation.

Therefore, a Pisces woman would prefer to let go and go on to new, enlightening experiences than harbor resentment forever. She would repeatedly think about the possible reasons for a long time, sometimes being entrapped in misery for days.

When the emotional bubble bursts, a Pisces woman will struggle to face the hard truth because she has an idealized perception of what relationships should be like. She will soon be able to tell if someone is hurting her based just on their body language; in this case, when you ignore her.

If you have bad intentions toward a Pisces woman, you can count on her to pick up on the small clues you leave behind. Though a Pisces woman’s selflessness makes her a highly forgiving sign, she won’t forgive the harm that was done to her mind.

She becomes emotional

A Pisces woman’s behavioral patterns and emotional displays will alter. Your woman is a Pisces which is a changeable sign and a water sign, thus these emotions could alter at any time.

A Pisces woman will probably turn inward and keep her emotions to herself and she might then display behaviors that are incomprehensible.

A Pisces woman can be forgiving one second and angry again the next, you never know because she might dismiss the notion that anything is wrong and retreat into her own particular fantasy in order to stay out of conflict.

A Pisces woman’s innate sensitivity will be sharply amplified when she is ignored. A Pisces woman is conscious of the stress that comes with dating and the fact that happy relationships often end.

She might have made the decision to quit the relationship because she is aware of where this may lead and believes that the relationship has been threatened. The strongest relationships can be nourished by Pisces women, but the same connections can also be destroyed by them.

A Pisces woman may descend into a depressive mood when she is harmed or feels slighted when ignored.

She shuts you out

A Pisces woman who gets upset, annoyed, or angry will be polite but will ignore you. Depending on how much this affects a Pisces woman, you can determine how far and for how long.

If you hurt a Pisces woman enough, you can very much count on her not wanting to see you or communicate with you for a time. A kind and compassionate Pisces woman can vanish in an instant if you ignore her for longer than necessary.

A Pisces woman may distance herself from others when she is seriously hurt because of an obsessive desire to feel better.

A Pisces woman can fall into depression, blame herself, and take the anguish out of herself when she is betrayed and harmed by a lover or someone who is very close to her.

It is reasonable to think that if a Pisces woman disappears on you, she did it because she thought it would make things easier for both of you.

A Pisces woman prefers to have nothing at all if she can’t have the harmony, happiness, and affection she values in all of her relationships.

She withdraws

You can count on a Pisces woman’s response to be emotionally charged when she is battling bad emotions. A Pisces woman might react in a number of different ways, such as isolating herself or acting like the victim.

A Pisces woman might have come to the conclusion that you two are no longer compatible, and she might be upset about what she perceives the future to bring. Keep in mind that a Pisces woman doesn’t like being put into a situation she doesn’t want to be in.

A Pisces woman is sympathetic and caring; this could be because she is a water sign. When threatened, a Pisces woman will fiercely defend what is rightfully hers and become annoyed rapidly.

However, if you ignore her, she will feel that the relationship is threatened and will then go into a shelter and not come out again until she feels safe again or until her trust has been earned again.

The Pisces woman will be let down if she is taken advantage of. Therefore, a Pisces woman would prefer to let go and go on to new, enlightening experiences than harbor resentment forever.

She becomes rude

You won’t experience complete heartlessness or disdain from a Pisces woman, but you will immediately regret even ignoring her in the first place. You will experience an overpowering sensation of passive-aggression as soon as you have hurt a Pisces woman by ignoring her.

If a Pisces woman isn’t feeling you at that particular time, she will pretend to smile and engage in conversation, and you will undoubtedly feel the heat. A Pisces woman can become cruel to the person she despises most, and it might be you if you hurt her in the process of ignoring her.

A Pisces woman will intentionally say the rudest things to make you feel bad; in fact, you might come to detest her. A Pisces woman will lash out at you for no apparent reason and she will hold you accountable for actions or involvements you haven’t even taken.

You shouldn’t be shocked if a Pisces woman doesn’t respond to you at all because you may tell that a Pisces woman simply doesn’t want to deal with you when she becomes utterly aloof around you.

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What happens when you ignore a Pisces woman, final thoughts…

When you ignore a Pisces woman:

  • She becomes sad
  • She becomes emotional
  • She shuts you out
  • She withdraws
  • She becomes rude



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