What Happens When You Ignore A Pisces Man

Keep in mind that when you ignore a Pisces man, you are doing such a big risk for your relationship. A Pisces man does not really do well with drama, so what kind of reaction will he give? To find out, here’s what happens when you ignore a Pisces man.

When you ignore a Pisces man, he gets moody because he needs appreciation all the time. A Pisces man may chase you but he will need time to ponder, so he will keep his distance at first. He will feel self-conscious. If a Pisces man still cannot get the assurance he needs, he will eventually move on with his life.

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That said, to understand a Pisces man when he is being ignored, then we must consider his weaknesses and what he is like when he’s mad.

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Pisces Man’s Weaknesses

The emotional sensitivity and vulnerability of the Pisces man are extreme; numerous issues may result from this. For a variety of reasons, a Pisces man is prone to making poor decisions and his great sensitivity is one of the main causes.

Because a Pisces man is sensitive to any change in your focus or energy, he may have a tendency to ruin relationships. A Pisces man will assume the worst if he thinks you are drifting away or are going to leave him.

If he believes you are angry with him, a Pisces man can assume the worst about your motives. If a Pisces man is upset, he might also reflect his emotions onto you. A Pisces man who is responding to situations that aren’t really happening can become emotionally and physically worn out.

Because he makes himself anxious without cause, he can lose interest in a relationship; although he can be impulsive when emotionally aroused, he can also be sluggish to act in love.

When A Pisces Man Is Mad…

A Pisces man would undoubtedly turn his attention inward when he experiences emotional strain in a relationship.

You might see that he loses vitality and becomes emotionally cold while he does this; this is to safeguard himself against more harm, not to harm you. A Pisces man might eventually return to being more like himself, but these thoughts won’t go away.

A Pisces man might also act in a way that affects himself or the relationship if he keeps being hurt after withdrawing and exposing himself.

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When You Ignore A Pisces Man…

He will get moody

Your Pisces can also get quite moody as a result of you ignoring him. When you are the one ignoring a Pisces man in response to one of his terrible decisions, this can be painful and frustrating.

The reason is that if a Pisces man has mood swings, it can end up hurting your relationship more than it helps. See how a Pisces man is feeling before attempting to ignore him because his response will depend on how he is feeling at the moment.

A Pisces man’s mood swings could make him question whether this is something he wants in his life, which could hurt you more than it already has. Although a Pisces man may be temperamental, he does not want anything in his life to exacerbate his emotions.

A Pisces man will probably appreciate you leaving him alone for a while if he wants some leisure. He might not assume that you are ignoring him and he’ll only assume that you are respecting his demand for privacy.

He will chase you

If you ignore your Pisces man, one of the best outcomes you might observe is for him to pursue you even harder.

This can occur because it’s true that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and it can be especially true for Pisces men, so don’t ignore him if he sends you a message asking about how you’re doing or if he did anything wrong.

Your Pisces man is probably in a panic now that you’ve failed to encourage him to chase you if you are ignoring him for too long.

This is a result of a Pisces man’s perceptive and careful disposition. Above all else, a Pisces woman will want to win the approval of his object of affection, and if she sees that his actions have fallen far short of this, he will work hard to make amends.

In some cases, ignoring a Pisces man is a good strategy to let him know when his actions have not been up to par; but if a Pisces man feels you have too much going on, he might decide not to pursue you.

He will keep his distance

The issue with ignoring a Pisces man occasionally is that the move sometimes completely backfires because of his sensitive nature. Therefore, it may result in him putting more distance between the two of you rather than chasing you and attempting to improve his actions in the future.

Moreover, a Pisces man will quit communicating with you if you ignore him for days on end. If a Pisces man believes someone is not interested in him, he does not want to pursue them.

Therefore, ignoring your Pisces man may not be the best course of action if you believe that he has a tendency to become excessively sensitive in a variety of situations.

Instead of improving your relationship, you can end up driving your Pisces man away, which is something you might not want. However, there may be instances when you feel as though you have no choice but to disregard your Pisces man because of their behavior.

He will move on

You don’t usually get the silent treatment when you ignore a Pisces man because he’ll begin getting ready to move on after assuming that perhaps you simply aren’t into him anymore.

Pisces men do not appreciate being neglected and they will experience disdain and rejection as a result. If you suddenly stop talking to him or appear as though he doesn’t matter to you when in reality he does, you won’t score any love points with your Pisces man.

If you don’t want to lose at your own game with a Pisces man, playing mind games isn’t the best course of action. A Pisces man dislikes being ignored since it makes him feel uncomfortable and unwanted, and he doesn’t fare well when someone is trying to hurt them.

You might want to wait and find another way to handle what went so horribly wrong unless you really want a Pisces man to feel this way and realize what the ramifications could be.

He will feel self-conscious

You must provide a lot of assurance to a Pisces man because he frequently lacks self-confidence. If you ignore him, your Pisces man can feel self-conscious and he might assume that you dislike him or find him annoying.

Be ready for it to backfire if you disregard your Pisces man because he may decide that you don’t want him to pursue you, in which case he won’t do so at all. If you want to become close to a Pisces man, you must learn to recognize his feelings and emotions.

You’ll need to reassure your Pisces man that you actually want him around if this occurs and remind him of your enjoyment of his company and your interest in him; he’ll probably just back off if you don’t do this.

A Pisces man won’t automatically infer that you’re being sly because if you want him to pursue you, you must show interest in him; do not ignore him.

A Pisces man usually has a lot of emotion. If you ignore him, a Pisces man is more likely to think you’ve offended him or that you’re not interested in him.

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What happens when you ignore a Pisces man, final thoughts…

When you ignore a Pisces man:

  • He will get moody
  • He will chase you
  • He will keep his distance
  • He will move on
  • He will feel self-conscious



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