When A Pisces Man Is Ignoring You, Do This! (5 Things)

He has a very sensitive personality and a delicate soul, yet once you get to know a Pisces man well enough, you’ll understand why he ignores you. To help you out, I have listed 5 things you can do when a Pisces man is ignoring you.

When a Pisces man is ignoring you, you should give him a break when he asks for it. If he doesn’t ask for a break, give him attention and try to communicate with him to fix the issues in your relationship. Remember that a Pisces man hates confrontation, so avoid doing that. Lastly, keep yourself busy.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with your Pisces man.

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Before we dive into the details about what you should do when this man is ignoring you, we should first look at his dark side and why he might be ignoring you in the first place!

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The Dark Side Of A Pisces Man

Many people value a Pisces man’s ability to be in touch with his emotions, but occasionally, it can be a little much. He is not the best at compromising, which could arguably be one of his darkest traits that causes him the most trouble because he always strives to avoid conflict.

He would prefer not to address a toxic individual about their actions than maintain them in his life, and he won’t talk to them about it, despite the fact that they continuously bother him.

Reasons Why A Pisces Man Is Ignoring You

A Pisces man doesn’t have the tendency to confide in others. He might not be dismissing you; it’s just the way he behaves among strangers.

Another reason why he’s ignoring you is that you might have offended him emotionally. He can experience pain from time to time, just like other people, and he can start giving you quiet treatment if he is unsure of how to express his thoughts.

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5 Things To Do When A Pisces Man Is Ignoring You

Give him space

A Pisces man might simply need space and not know how to ask for it if he suddenly ignores you. Ask him if he needs some alone time before you move forward because he can be reclusive.

No matter how much a Pisces man loves you and cares about you, he will occasionally need some time alone. If you push him too hard to come out of his shell, you may end up pushing him farther away.

When a Pisces man needs to unwind, he may change his attitude and become more reserved. To make sense of his emotional ups and downs, he needs to retreat into his own small world and have his own time.

However, it may be preferable to drop a subtle line to check in with him if he remains silent for an extended period of time or if you assume he is angry with you. Even if you do this, don’t overcrowd a Pisces man or press him for an answer.

Communicate with him

Let a Pisces man know that rather than ignoring you, all he needs to do is to communicate with you. Make it clear to him that you respect all his positive or negative emotions.

Assure him that his emotions are real and that you won’t ever criticize him for them because if he feels that you will make fun of him for how he feels, he may avoid talking to you.

Keep your communication light-hearted and avoid coming across as desperate or in need. Instead, project a sense of assurance and act composed and moderately interested, but not overly so.

By displaying your emotions, you can take advantage of this and get him to react to you by seeming distressed about the situation.

However, if your main objective is to encourage him to communicate with you as quickly as possible, you can choose this easy route and see quicker results at any cost.

Avoid confronting him

A Pisces man will be prone to ghosting once he is done with you because he hates confrontation. If he begins to grow quiet, you shouldn’t cast him out, even if it could seem offensive to completely you.

But remember that Pisces men struggle with being forceful, which is why he steers clear of confrontation at all costs. He simply finds it simpler to overlook a problem than to deal with it, so allow him to begin pulling back when he does because he needs to know first that you trust him.

Don’t push a Pisces man to respond when he is obviously ignoring you because he can feel overpowered and start ignoring you more if you do that.

He will be less inclined to disregard you if he never feels pressured by you, and he’ll open up to you more if he thinks you’ll respect his desire for solitude or space without objecting to it.

If he’s anxious, a Pisces man might ignore you, and pressuring him will just make him more anxious.

Keep yourself busy

Just go live your own life if he requests some alone time or won’t communicate with you. Even if a Pisces man isn’t ignoring you, it’s still a good idea to remain independent.

Make it clear to him that you can take care of yourself and won’t be overly dependent on him because he will value it.

 Because he expects too much from the people in his life, a Pisces man will occasionally overlook them. If his partner asks him to do things for her frequently, the Pisces man will feel overburdened.

Don’t pursue a Pisces man who is ignoring you. Keep yourself busy and prioritize spending time with friends and family. Keep in touch with him and let him know you’re thinking about him by sending him a message, but otherwise, get on with your life.

Spend some time treating yourself and go after the things you’ve always desired. Time passes faster as a result and can also make a Pisces man question what you are doing.

Give him attention

If you dismiss a Pisces man who is attempting to grab your attention, he will be deeply hurt. When he doesn’t receive the attention or affection he desires from his partner, that’s when he begins to withdraw.

Remember that he won’t always come right out and tell you what he needs. Your Pisces man will be less likely to ignore you in an attempt to get your attention if you consistently give him the attention he needs.

If he already receives everything he needs from you, he won’t need to ignore you to attract your attention.

A Pisces man may ignore you if he feels he isn’t getting what he wants from the relationship. When you can, show him some affection, make an emotional connection with him, and express your love to him as he desires.

If his needs are being addressed, he’ll be less likely to ignore you, but if you come out as overly frigid around a Pisces man, he may seek to distance himself to protect himself.

He might begin to believe you don’t have any regard for him because he requires a lot of love and consolation from her partner.

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When You Ignore A Pisces Man

The issue with ignoring a Pisces man occasionally is that this behavior sometimes completely backfires because of his sensitive nature. Therefore, it may result in him putting more distance between the two of you rather than chasing you and attempting to improve his actions in the future.

Your Pisces man can also get quite moody in response to your disregard for him. When you are the one ignoring him in response to one of his terrible decisions, this can be painful and frustrating.

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5 things to do when a Pisces man is ignoring you, final thoughts…

When a Pisces man ignores you:

  • Give him space
  • Communicate with him
  • Avoid confronting him
  • Keep yourself busy
  • Give him attention



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