5 Signs A Pisces Man Is Playing You

You must be confused and constantly thinking as to why your Pisces man is behaving in a way you think he shouldn’t be. To help you out, here are the signs you need to look out for when a Pisces man is playing you.

When a Pisces man is playing you, he won’t be romantic and will blame you to see how far he can push your buttons. He will constantly tell lies, and you can’t really rely on him for anything. A Pisces man who is playing you will be overly sensitive for no reason at all. He will be complaining about almost everything.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with your Pisces man.

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That said, let’s first review what he is like in love.

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Characteristics Of A Pisces Man In Love

He is vulnerable

Once a Pisces man is certain that he has found the right one, it is not even rare to see him reveal his emotions to her. He will struggle to keep his emotions to himself, especially when he is experiencing a deep and passionate love.

He would strive to spend more time with you and would occasionally drop hints to let you know he is genuinely in love with you.

You can tell that a Pisces man is ready to turn things up while indulging in loving you to death if he tends to be expressive around you. Keep in mind that he takes his romantic commitments very seriously and yearns for a more profound, emotional connection.

He is caring

Other people find his ability to take care of your needs and occasionally surprise you to be attractive. If a Pisces man cares about you and has fallen in love with you, he will stop at nothing to make you feel special.

Although when he is in love, his mind can occasionally wander even as he makes every effort to give his loved ones his undivided attention.

A Pisces man shows her partner love and cares without any hesitation. He doesn’t hold back when expressing his love and appreciation for his partner, and he will go above and beyond to make her feel valued. His actions would definitely reflect his compassionate and empathic personality.

He is supportive

A Pisces man won’t turn around if he makes pledges and commitments to you.

Although he can adjust to changes, if he genuinely loves you, he will never stop standing by your side. He will always stand by you and help you through difficult times and he wouldn’t establish a plan just to disappear later when he was supposed to meet you.

A Pisces man respects you tremendously and values you. Because he can accurately read your emotions and respond accordingly, he will make a great and dependable partner. He would also be happy to give you some space if you felt the need for it or to be by your side if you were going through a difficult time.

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Characteristics A Pisces Man Dislikes In A Woman


A Pisces man detests being dominated or pressured.

He is a self-reliant individual who values independence and living life on his terms. The Pisces man is extremely sensitive and he won’t think you are worth his time and money if you expect him to comply with your requests while being rude and uncaring of his needs.

He must experience joy and happiness, otherwise, the Pisces man may succumb to sadness. He would therefore want a woman who is kind, independent, and understanding of him. If she doesn’t convince him of her optimism and vision, he might not be all that impressed.


A woman who does not appreciate the Pisces man’s efforts will eventually lose his respect. He will be turned off by love if it is imposed upon him or comes with requirements. When a Pisces man tries to give you advice, take it with pride.

If you want to follow his advice, he will be more than pleased to contribute his ideas and help you out of a sticky situation.

Never betray him; otherwise, he’ll regret letting you into his life. Adore a Pisces man and let him know how proud you are of him. He would begin to trust you if you were able to control his emotions and patiently allow him to tell you his goals. A Pisces man will leave if he feels unappreciated or let down.


The Pisces man will have trouble with a woman who is jealous of his time, makes conflicts when she thinks he isn’t paying enough attention to her or doesn’t reply to texts right away. No matter what decisions he makes, he wants a woman who can trust him and understand that he will always return to her in the end.

He doesn’t need someone who gets into fights over trivial matters because she thinks she’s not getting enough attention.

The Pisces man seeks a partner who will recognize and respect his requirements. He prefers to pursue his aspirations without having to consider what other people will say, but when dating a jealous woman, this is never possible.

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5 Signs A Pisces Man Is Playing You

He isn’t romantic

As the most romantic sign in the zodiac, it is a huge warning sign that he is playing you if he is not being romantic. By keeping a barrier between you and avoiding closeness, a Pisces man is only ensuring that you will have a brief encounter and nothing more.

A Pisces man won’t provide you the chance for any type of closeness when he wants to keep a safe distance and make sure he is not committing to the relationship. Bear in mind that he can be quite manipulative and all of this is a test to see how far he can push you, and he enjoys seeing how you react.

He is unreliable

A Pisces man has a tendency to be quite noncommittal and carefree. He acts as if he doesn’t care about your plans in an effort to drive you away, and the more you encourage him to follow through, the faster he attempts to leave. Consider a Pisces man’s absence or tardiness as a response.

Let him know how awful his behavior makes you feel when he behaves erratically; this can prompt him to reconsider how he is treating you.

In order to obtain what he wants, a Pisces man who is playing you will say exactly what you want to hear. When he gets his way, he will retract and claim that he is not yet ready to commit or that the time is not right for him to be in a relationship.

He blames you

A Pisces man won’t accept any responsibility for his mistakes and will place all the blame on you. If you give him the opportunity, he will lash out at you.

Just be aware that he may be trying to test his boundaries with you if he displays extreme sensitivity and plays the victim. He wants to test how much he can get away with and how far he can take things with you.

A Pisces man would blame all of his issues on others and offer justifications for why they were never his fault. Because of this, he will only act nice to you when he needs you and after getting what he wants. A Pisces man won’t pay attention to you and will snap at the slightest thing.

He constantly lies

A Pisces man misleads you and makes up all sorts of excuses. He may lie without intending to hurt you, yet it might also be the other way around. He wouldn’t have the courage to tell you that out loud if he wasn’t serious about you or playing you.

So you would catch him lying and making up excuses why he can’t see you or be with you.

You know your Pisces man has a way with words that can persuade anyone of anything if you’ve spent enough time with him. This includes tricking you into believing he is telling the truth when he is actually lying.

He has grown quite accustomed to himself because he is so skilled at fabricating information or twisting the facts.

He is sensitive

There seem to be those days where whatever you seem to do or say, he seems to take such offense to. He may not even be that conscious about this one. A Pisces man is extremely perceptive to other people’s feelings, but he also has a lot of power since he is the best at finding the weak points in others.

He acts this way to know if you’re willing to change your behavior in order to please him. However, he must understand that his sensitivities and feelings are his own, and he must learn how to deal with them. He would conveniently point the finger at you even if it’s not your fault because he wants you to solve his problems.

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5 signs a Pisces man is playing you, final thoughts…

If a Pisces man is playing you:

  • He isn’t romantic
  • He is unreliable
  • He blames you
  • He constantly lies
  • He is sensitive



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