How does a Virgo Woman Express Love?

Are you wondering what a Virgo woman is like when she’s in love? In this article, we are going to show you exactly how a Virgo woman expresses her romantic and sexual feelings to her significant partner, and at the same time, we will give you tips on how to get your Virgo woman to express her love more openly to you!

The Virgo woman expresses her love in pragmatic ways, usually, she will be the one to solve your problems and make sure you are comfortable and contented in the relationship, she may be more physically intimate with you when she’s expressing love rather than expressing love through words, she sees her offer of service as a form of love.

The Virgo woman is the sixth sign of the zodiac wheel, represented by the Maiden, a beautiful untouched woman, humble, self-efficient, industrious. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and is a mutable earth sign, it is an interesting combination, Mercury being more with affinity with air and Virgo an earth sign, this can give her a rational approach to things.

Everyone knows that she is intelligent, she is practical, she thinks realistically, she is analytical and strategic, she knows how to balance out her work and personal life, she is classy and is subtle in her appearance, she does things with finesse. Her personality and appearance is not her utmost priority because she focuses more on the important things rather than the superficial things, this woman is real business savvy!

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With all of that said, The Virgo woman expresses her love differently and uniquely makes her stand out from the other zodiac signs, now let’s dive deep into the psychology of how a Virgo woman expresses her romantic and sexual feelings to her significant partner!

Let’s jump right in!

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How does A Virgo Woman express her feelings?

The Virgo woman believes that actions say more than words and this becomes her motto when she expresses her love in a relationship!

She loves through her actions, not her words, and she will offer services or help as much as possible even if her partner doesn’t need one, she does this because she believes that love can be quantifiable, and it can be by doing acts of love, things that are done out of love and not for money.

With that said, she can express her affection by showing you her practical solutions to the problems you’re facing, she can also become more analytical in trying to find a solution to your everyday problem.

Sometimes, she will give you unsolicited advice, do not take it for granted! She rarely gives her opinion on things and when she’s doing something to strike a conversation with you it usually means you mean something to her!

One of her problems is that she can be emotionally dry which can make her seem aloof and unemotional, so try not to look for her facial expressions, she might even feel all romantic on the inside but her face says otherwise, even in a romantic relationship, she might struggle to fully comprehend what she is feeling.

What’s worse is that she can be emotionally repressed from all those years that she still hasn’t met you, when that happens it is best to be understanding and patient as much as possible, do not force her to overshare, instead tell her that you are willing to wait and that its no big deal, she will surely appreciate it!

Either way, this is her form of love and her expression of love can be deemed dry because her love is practical, it can be hard for her to truly open up, she might find ways to fulfill that expression of love by trying to financially shoulder you or treat you on dates or trips that are fully paid for by her, this is not an attack to your masculinity but rather her pure expression of her love for you!

In a romantic relationship, she is organized and well-planned, she also makes sure that you are doing your best in whatever career pursuit you might be taking, she will be your great confidant who offers you good advice and words of encouragement, she is a mentally stable partner who can be a good influence you!

In sex, she can be extremely submissive, often her kinks are usually being ordered around or doing the “service” of pleasuring you, usually, her hidden life is how extremely aggressive she is in her sex life so take no surprise if she’s more sexually charged than you! This woman has a lot of pent-up sexual energy inside her so be ready for more jam-packed actions with her!

Overall, the Virgo woman’s love style is more focused on her acts of love, but overall she’s a wonderful and loving human being who wants the best for you and wants you to succeed in your life! She wants you to attain whatever it is you desire and this can make her one of the most selfless zodiac signs out there!

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How to get your Virgo Woman to express his love to you!

Be a reliable partner!

First off the list! Being practical and grounded in the realities of life is a surefire way to keep your Virgo woman, try to incorporate the traits of being assertive especially in work, dependable, supportive, and loyal to her.

Even if she’s a quick thinker and seems like a workaholic, deep inside she’s a naturally sympathetic woman who believes how powerful acts of kindness are to people, with that in mind, she will also feel attracted to a man who can act the same as him.

Also, you have to be as truthful as possible, be straightforward and blunt, do not take the sideway route of being passive-aggressive, and try to talk things out with your Virgo woman, she deeply admires a man who can say things out in her face, by doing all of these and by embodying those traits you are being a reliable partner to her!

Keep the relationship low-key…

Privacy is the main theme of a Virgo woman’s relationship, she’s not the kind of girl who likes to post 24/7 on social media or brags about it instantaneously with her friends or anyone she knows, she is more focused on what matters — the two of you, how the relationship is going and is the relationship going strong or not.

Be private but do not keep her secret, introduce her to your inner circle of friends or family but try as much as possible not to show off the relationship most especially on the internet! She hates making a fuss out of it!

Let her do things for you

Let her do things for you! Let her love you by letting her do the things she deems necessary to fix you or your life! Do not take it to heart, instead be appreciative of how much she cares and try to give her words of affirmation! In this way, you are building a rapport in the relationship!

Be romantic and do extra effort in making her feel loved

If she seems or acts cold, do not reciprocate it, instead, take in extra effort to make her feel loved and be a romantic guy, she probably hasn’t experienced any romantic gestures because she comes off as intimidating to other men, instead, show her that you are not afraid of her by giving her enough reasons to fall harder for you.

Give her flowers or better yet send flowers to her work unexpectedly, treat her out to a nice dinner, tell her the place and time, try to give her a relaxing massage or do something that both of you will enjoy, by taking extra measures to make sure she feels loved, she becomes more open to the idea of expressing her love for you!

Compliment her work and independent attitude

Be a classy complimenter and try to compliment her on her achievements, most especially her work goals, her schedule, and how she manages to do it all, also try to flatter her by telling her how much you admire her independent approach to things, this will surely make your Virgo woman fall hard for you!

Be patient with her

Remember that your Virgo woman isn’t the most emotionally expressive sign, she is not the most emotional nor the most likely to open up about her hardships or sufferings in life, with that said, try to be compassionate especially when things got rough for her…

Try to be more understanding of how her mind works and be patient in letting her express her emotions, do not force her to tell her feelings, instead, tell her that you do understand and that you are willing to wait and do everything to get her comfortable to fully express herself to you.

Kindness goes a long way…

Last but not the least, be kind to her and the world around you, it is extremely hard for a Virgo woman to live a life, her whole life she’s met with so many challenges that only she knows, it is always best to radiate genuine kindness, this makes your Virgo woman feel at ease with you and she will be more open to receiving more love from you.

Be more open to smiles, put in extra effort whenever she’s busy, offer her coffee when she’s working, and words of encouragement go along the way!

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How a Virgo Woman shows love (& how to receive love from her!), final thoughts…

The Virgo woman’s love style is more on acts of service and actions rather than actual emotional expression, she may, however, show her emotions behind closed doors when only you can see it, this usually takes time because Virgos are known for being emotionally dry…

Applying some of the things mentioned above to encourage her to express her love to you will further strengthen the relationship you have with your Virgo woman, always remember that this is a surefire way to keep the relationship healthy wonderful, and long-lasting!

Remember that this applies to women born with the sun in Virgo or those women who have plenty of heavy Virgo placements in their birth chart, if you want to know more about your Virgo woman’s full birth chart, you should determine her exact birth date and birth time as well as the location of her birth.

Also take note that the sun in Virgo can be an uncomfortable placement, the shy and inward sign of Virgo doesn’t fully express itself in the Sun which can explain why some Virgo women can be extremely emotionally repressed or socially awkward, the energies of the Sun and Virgo do not match up and this results in repressed energies.

In Astrology, it can be a good aspect if the sign is in its natural rulership, for example, a man with Leo on his planet Sun can be a good aspect because Leo dominions and naturally expresses its energy through The Sun. Another example would be having a Mercury in Gemini, it can be a good placement because Gemini feels naturally at home with the planet of communication and ideas.

With all of that in mind, there can be plenty of different aspects that can tweak or amplify the Virgo traits of your Virgo woman, for example, a Virgo woman who has a Scorpio moon and Aquarius Mars can tweak her overall personality, making her more interested in spirituality and occult and can give her witchy vibes.

Another example could be your Virgo woman’s birth chart showing planetary stellium which means her Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars or any of her inner planets are under the same sign of Virgo, amplifying the Virgo energy, giving her the stereotypical nature of a Virgo sign.

The only way to truly find out her full personality is by finding out her birth chart, specifically trying and looking for her Venus and Mars signs which will determine how she expresses love, how she expresses her sexuality and pleasure, and how she would like to be loved by her partner…



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