Do Libra Women Come Back (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Do Libra Women Come Back (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Will you still get back with your Libra woman after a breakup? What happens after? Are there ways to get back with her? Find out more in this article!

Most definitely she will reconsider going back to a failed relationship, she is open-minded, a diplomat, and a generally forgiving sign, you might however find it difficult to reach out to her because of her always on the go schedule, however, you will have a hard time getting back at her if you cheated or betrayed her trust.

Libra women are sensual and graceful, incredibly refined in manners and talking, highly sociable and intelligent, she is a masterful diplomat with a knack of solving things by seeing all sides of the perspective, alongside that they are incredibly gifted with beauty!

Your Libra lady is no exception, ruled by Venus – the planet of pleasure, beauty, love, and all aesthetics, she personifies beauty and grace at the same time, as such her Venusian aura and charm is hard to resist, she is extremely charismatic among all kinds of people.

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That said, let’s look at things deeper and find out more about your Libra woman’s psyche, her love and dating style, how she handles breakups, and what are ways you can win her heart back…

Let’s dig in!

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Libra women dating style and in love

Your Libra woman is charming and loveable during her meeting upstage with you, hidden or not you will essentially feel her subtle seduction once she meets you assuming that she is interested in dating you.

Do Libra Women Come Back (After A Breakup, No Contact)

She will show her utmost presence during her meeting up with you, she’ll be incredibly kind, friendly and at the same time sensual and charming that will make you want her more, she knows that she’s a catch but she never flaunts it, as such she might depreciate herself every time she gets compliments from her appearance.

She doesn’t go around flaunting her beauty and charm, she lets other people do the talking, her dating style will be communicative and free-flowing, you will feel at ease with her refreshing and vibrant personality, she won’t show that she is a romantic at the core but she is one!

She enjoys and relishes in beauty and as such you might find her life a little bit more interesting and colorful than you, she’s the kind of girl you’d picture playing in a flower field, with her beauty complimenting nature, she’s a true charmer.

She likes to please her partner, in all aspects of her relationship with you, she craves balance, as such she does not like being controlled or constrained, she knows she’s a devoted partner but will make sure everything in her life stays put, she is represented by the scales, meaning she thrives in the equilibrium.

When she’s in love with you, expect her outgoing and polished manners to be present, she will be a smooth talker and will try to get you to know better, she’s nonconfrontational so don’t expect her to say how much she loves you, she instead becomes action-oriented and might do things to make you happy.

Overall, her dating style is benefic and light-hearted, she is a kind and devoted partner who will enjoy extreme pleasures in the relationship, she is an idealist and a romantic, she sees her partner as a perfect image that mirrors her throughout the relationship.

Will you still get your Libra woman back?

Yes, most definitely! Libra is a thoughtful and forgiving sig, she rarely holds grudges or resentment because she most likely communicates during and after the breakup, she will most likely come back if she was serious about the relationship in the first place.

Do Libra Women Come Back (After A Breakup, No Contact)

You can get her back by being a gentleman and releasing your inner emotional and romantic side, do not be overly clingy or touchy, the key is to unlock your sensual side too so you can attract her back in your life, be wild and spontaneous, show her that you’re the man everybody loves.

However if in some cases she does not come back after trying to reach out, it’s either because you’ve caused her enough pain, trauma, and guilt that she shuts down her emotional and romantic feelings for you, it likely you did something like a cheat or physical or emotional abuse.

In some cases, she’s already moved on with another guy who she deems “perfect”, remember Libra is a sign of partnership, either through marriage or relationship, this means she’ll be least likely single after your breakup.

Her beauty will spawn many admirers who will try to pursue you, your lucky enough if the relationship was committed and deemed serious, because this sign is also open to casual flings, if you both are not in a committed relationship then expect her to move on easily, but she might go around because of her indecisiveness.

What are the good and bad traits of a Libra woman?

She upholds the beauty of Venus, aesthetics and sensuality matter to her, she’s indulgent in her affairs, incredibly magnetic and captivating, she holds the power of beauty and charm, she uses it to her advantage, however, she sometimes can be too conceited about her appearance and mannerisms.

She places too much importance on her public image, as such you’ll see her polished and refined in every manner, in light side, she is incredibly friendly, charismatic, calm, non-confrontational, and would like to resolve every issue or problem through diplomacy.

She is a social butterfly, popular among her peers, admired for her beauty and intelligence, she is a wonderful friend to be around, she is kind and loving, she projects inner light across the rooms she walks.

Although her kindness can sometimes be taken advantage of by some people, she can be a bit of a pushover especially if she hasn’t grown her bad trait of being decisive and inability to say no, her first impressions can be seen by deeply attuned people as shallow and inauthentic.

She can be seen as shallow and unemotional, she usually represses and emotions that come along the way, making her insincere in the process, alongside that she puts way too much effort into the physical appearance that people might see as shallow.

Aside from being changeable and indecisive, she often puts too much emphasis on balance and not taking on both sides which might make her seem two-faced which can be off-putting to some deeply emotional and intuitive signs, especially water.

What are the most compatible signs for Libra?

Libra women go along really well romantically with fellow air signs (Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini) because they all thrive on collecting and sharing ideas and thoughts.

Dating with a fellow air sign means both are mentally stimulated in all of their interactions and they both understand each other’s motives and love languages.

Libra women also go along well with the fiery and passionate fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), just like how a fan feeds off and make a fire stronger.

A Libra woman can be intellectually supportive and offer great companionship with a Fire sign man, in turn, the fiery nature of the Fire sign will excite and make the life of the Libra woman adventurous and spontaneous.

Earth and water signs do not go along well with this cool and collected Libra woman as she might be deemed as off-putting due to her indecisiveness regarding taking a side on a situation, she can also be seen as unemotional and detached which water and earth sign might deem unattractive in a long-term relationship.

She might also lack emotional tenderness or open up of vulnerability which is greatly needed by water and earth signs in order to trust the person they’re gonna be with, they want to see you as an open book and the Libra woman might not fit that box.

However, friendships are possible with the airy Libra sign and other water and earth signs as long as they settle each other’s differences and understand that we both thrive in different coping mechanisms.

Does a Libra woman miss you after a breakup?

Libras usually don’t stay single, being a sign of partnership along the graces of Venus, she’ll most likely be on a rebound after your breakup, especially if you caused her too much pain, however, she will miss the relationship if it was fun or a serious one.

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How to get back with your Libra woman? (8 Ways)

Do Libra Women Come Back (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Socialize, party, meet new people and live the life after your breakup as if nothing happened, be wild and spontaneous in your approach to her if you happen to see her at a party, do not try to talk about the past, be clingy, or let it all out on her, it will spoil away from the fun and attraction in the process.

Do not be afraid to tap your inner flirt

Be a good chaser, this is the time when you should focus more on being the best possible version of yourself, be wildly attractive, get into the gym and focus on physical aesthetics, take care of your appearance, and groom well.

Successful flirting will only occur if you are physically attractive enough for her, show her your improvement, during the time when you have the opportunity to talk to her, be casual and light, do not overstep, and be friendly while subtly flirting with her.

Take it slow and build momentum in the growing attraction…

Show her you have a lot of options

Make her a little jealous, and do not be afraid to see how many people are trying to get with you too, this makes her think and believe that you are also wanted by other people.

Because your Libra woman craves her partner to have a perfect image as her, showing that you are wanted and admired by a lot of people brings a lot of questions to herself.

Surely in no time, when you try to initiate getting back at her, she’ll say yes to you!

Make your life interesting

Travel with friends or alone, experience life for what it is, relinquish the time you have with your friends and family, do some humanitarian work, focus on building your passion, and be open to sharing your new experiences, you live for life and not her, this independence and assertion wildly brings out her feminine side well.

Do Libra Women Come Back (After A Breakup, No Contact)

This will make her reconsider going back together.

Improve your life in general

Improve every aspect of your life, pursue your career or if you have a business, be successful and proud of your endeavors, showcase your passion in social media, and be open to sharing and communicating, this helps you put your brand to fruition.

This will make you more attractive to her and she will be inspired by it, meaning she’ll be more wildly interested the next time you ask her out.

Be open to being friends with her

Libra is generally a light and friendly sign, she’s one of the signs most likely to stay in contact with an ex-partner, and it will be much easier to contact her if needed, with that said if you are in the same inner circle of people where most gatherings or socialization takes place – be open to being friends with her.

Start casual and create great conversations, take it slow, and be genuine in communicating things with her, over time this creates building attraction and connection to the both of you.

Do not be afraid to show your kind side

Libra is an altruistic sign, like attracts like, this case shows her you deeply care about other people and the world in general, offer your help if needed, try out a humanitarian aid or cause that you can ask her to help you with, she’ll surely help you in no time.

Being kind always gets in her heart and this shows her that you are a good person which means you are also capable of doing good in your next relationship.

Tackle the root issue + apologize

Do Libra Women Come Back (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Apologize, if necessary tackle the issue of why you guys have broken up, reconcile any past thoughts and differences, and learn to grow and move on, this way you’ll help her ease the painful thoughts away from her head and you’ll gain trust again.

If in the moment of passion, ask her to be with you again, tell her you love her and mean it, if she says yes then it’s a great time to create strong boundaries and fortify your love language which will remind both of you about the love you cherished.

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Get your Libra women back, final thoughts…

Start things casual with a Libra woman after a breakup, don’t break a sweat, improve yourself physically and mentally, connect with her through casual friendship, and see how it goes…

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