Do Cancer Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Do Cancer Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

One of the most if not the most loveable and homely women of the zodiac, cancer women showcase their femininity and brand it as their strength, these women are ruled by the moon which means emotions are intense if your cancer woman has left you or broke up, will she come back?

A cancer woman will most certainly come back even after you broke up with or without contact!

A cancer woman’s love is proven and tested by time, she feels things deeply and holds on to the memory persistently, this will give her enough strength to further deepen her relationship or to see it as null and void.

A Cancer woman’s love is like no other! Her love is undying, especially to the people that matter to her which means by showing her that you truly care and cherish her, she’ll welcome you with open arms.

Cancer women and the sign as a whole is the motherly figure or the parent figure of the zodiac, and just like their parents and their unconditional love for their children, no matter how much children stray, their parents will be there guiding them way back home.

Cancer is a complex cardinal water sign, their volatile emotions are intense and are seen openly by onlookers, they are protective and strong yet they show excessiveness of doubt and insecurities.

The Cancer woman’s love is extremely apparent and can be felt even by the people not close to them, she has a very open, homely, and friendly aura that naturally draws people in no matter how withdrawn or reserved she is.

Cancer women are extremely romantic and intimate individuals who have a knack for feeling other people’s emotions and thought processes that they can be generally seen as psychic.

Along with the other water signs (Scorpio and Pisces), these individuals have feelings and emotions that run deep, you may never really know what they’re thinking, and the ways they show their emotions are insurmountable.

In this article, we will show you the reasons why cancer women come back and what could be their deep underlying issues to get back into the relationship.

Although it is important to look at your cancer woman’s sun sign, it is also generally important to make sure you know her birth chart and the time she was born, in this sense, you can overlook her whole personality as a whole and not base it on the general sun sign itself.

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That said, let’s see why a Cancer woman will come back…

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Why do Cancer women come back?

She is the motherly sign out of all the zodiac sign

Do Cancer Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Even if Cancer women, in general, have the tendency to hold on to past grudges and resentment, their good-natured soul comes out and overcomes all these negative aspects of their personality, especially if she’s an evolved cancer woman themselves.

An evolved zodiac sign means that they instinctively manifest and show to the world the good soul purpose of this zodiac sign, meaning that a cancer woman especially an evolved cancer woman will be incredibly attuned to all of her emotions, she knows all emotions whether good or bad passes which makes her more of a compassionate, soulful and forgiving individual.

A Cancer woman shows her love by being an incredibly strong support person, she’s there when you need her and she will be emotionally and physically supportive of you in everything you do, she might cook for you, give you warm words of encouragement and she might hug you or treat you like how a mother intrinsically treats her children.

She might not be the most energetic person in the room but she knows how to connect with you emotionally and sometimes even spiritually! That’s the kind of bond a child and a mother could have.

Cancer woman cannot let go of you and your relationship

Do Cancer Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Cancer women and Cancer as a zodiac sign is ruled by the moon and the fourth house which pertains to domestic affairs, family, past experiences, history, sentimental value, and your maternal relationship with your mother.

This means that the emotional attachments Cancer women make are incredibly important to the point that they can live for the nostalgia of reliving those things, this is usually an underdeveloped trait of a cancer woman who is seen as clingy and cannot get rid of her past, these could result in melancholy and depression.

No matter what the situation is, when they set their mind on you, they make sure they will pour out their love onto you, they will move mountains and cross oceans for you. This incredibly loving and tender individual is a person you should keep.

Their separation and abandonment issues instigate negative feelings for them that they may resort to emotional manipulation, passive-aggressiveness, or being stingy, but overall they are loving individuals who only cherish being with you.

This is why Cancer women are forgiving to the point of being selfless, they are open to you coming back at them when they love, they love hard.

A Cancer Woman’s idealized love life: date to Marry

Unlike the other signs which seek more thrilling and adventurous experiences, your cancer woman’s fantasy is to settle in with a romantic partner who is loyal and loves them the way she loves her.

Because Cancer women are attracted to stability and creating a secure life physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually, they might find a partner who they perceive as faithful and stable, the one who’s able to make good decisions for them in the future.

This is an overlooked fact with Cancer women who are seen as weak-willed and emotional, but in the long run, these women are one of the most prominent women in history because of their ability to see and build stability in the long run which enables them to be successful.

Because they’re old-fashioned they might do things the traditional way and in terms of dating it may be apparent as them going more for formal and traditional dates and courtship that ensure and test the man’s worth and intention.

As for you breaking up or in a difficult time with a Cancer woman, they usually won’t give you up unless you do something that makes them regret forever giving you their trust.

Yes, they might hold on a grudge against you and might act harshly or coldly but in no time by showing her you’re sorry and that you truly mean to be with her for the rest of your life she will willingly give you her forgiveness and her love again.

Cancer is a cardinal water sign that feels deeply

Love it or hate it, your Cancer woman’s love is one of the most pampering feelings you can ever feel throughout your life, they are tender lovers and passionate when it comes to you.

Cancer is a cardinal water sign which means they have a natural ability to be spontaneous, tenacious, and incredibly multifaceted, mixed with the water element, the cancer woman’s love is showcased in many impulsive and exciting ways, she may show her love and effort in different ways possible that will truly amaze you.

It also goes the same for amending your past relationship with her, she may make efforts to truly fix you because deep down she is a loving soul who is kind-hearted, sensitive, and deeply practical.

How do Cancer women handle breakups?

After a breakup a cancer woman would generally sulk in and retreat at her home for days, she might act stingy and incredibly aggressive to other people, especially other people she doesn’t know, she may show off her unreleased shadow traits and might even resort to emotional manipulation to get what she wants.

Her raging facade is only strengthened by the feelings of insecurities, melancholy, and cynicism, in this time it is best to let the emotional turmoil aside and let her grieve, difficulty ending close and private relationships isn’t a good Cancerian trait but with enough time, she’ll get better.

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6 Ways to win back your Cancer Woman!

There are 6 ways to win your cancer woman back and we’re going to show you how to properly do it.

Show her that you love her intensely

Do Cancer Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Cancer women are hard-core lovers, they love you in the ways they can show it and they can be incredibly heartbroken if you leave them, these may either feel resentful or depressed. You can counteract this by showing all your romantic effort to bring her back into your life.

Do it the traditional way! Send her flowers or any romantic gestures but be sure not to expect anything to return the favor, your Cancer woman needs to recuperate and take time to heal on her shell, this will be an incredible time to show her you are still mean the world to her.

Love her with intensity and love her tenderly, be there for her when she needs you, and make sure that you’re sincere with your emotions, Cancer women are willfully intuitive and will react basely on how they see you, your body language, the words you say, the tone of your voice and your facial expression.

Pamper her this time!

Cancer women love being taken care of just the same way they treat people around them, giving them a homely and cozy date, these will trigger her feelings of emotional satisfaction and emotional security that she will be in turn in the right mind to forgive you.

It’s the perfect time to show her how much you regret your breakup, treat her delicately, be soft-spoken, and try to be warm as possible, cancer women need constant reassurance due to their insecure and contradictory nature.

Apologize sincerely and ask to get back together again

Cancer women do not take it well especially if there are still past resentments she’s holding onto, you both need to resolve it and settle your differences in a calm and flowing manner.

This is also the time to admit your mistakes and letdowns, your cancer woman will generally appreciate it if you know and admitted to yourself that you have hurt her feelings, even if it is unintentional or not, it is important to keep tabs that Cancer women are by far the most ultrasensitive sign of the zodiac, these does not mean they’re weak.

Only by sincerely apologizing and passionately telling her that you still want to continue to grow with her shell be able to let her guard down and show her your trust again fully.

Take her on a romantic date!

Cancer women are incredibly romantic and idealistic in terms of pursuing and feeling love, taking her somewhere romantic such as a beach date will surely warm her cold heart! Be the man and show her that you truly love her by giving her lavish gifts that will turn on her sentimental side.

The date can be simple and inexpensive, you just have to show her your creativity and romantic pursuits, after all this is the perfect time to show her that you truly love her, be creative and think outside the box.

Heartfelt moments and words will win her back!

Do Cancer Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Alongside their intuitive and empathetic nature, these women are incredibly good at detecting lies, heartfelt talks can be an active way of winning her back!

This is mostly because Cancer women love to talk and deal with their emotions in a surface-level way because they’re a cardinal sign, they prefer to be confrontational but in a subtle way that you won’t even notice it.

By appealing to these parts of their nature, you can get the most sincere and purest forms of them saying I love you and I care for you, these women are incredibly gifted at making you feel like they’re the only man in the world.

Appeal to their nature and make them feel like they’re the only woman in your world because they are! 

What are some traits of Cancer women?

Cancer women and the Cancer zodiac sign as a whole exhibit personality traits such as being compassionate, cautious, psychic, intuitive, nurturing, security-seeking, sensitive, emotional, protective, and provider.

They are great healers and intuitive psychics that can emotionally support you, they are great friends and can be incredibly strategic when given leadership prospects in their relationship or work.

As an emotionally-driven water sign due to its cardinal nature can give Cancer self-initiating and tenacious traits that will make Cancerians more successful in their life ordeals as they keep in line their emotions in a more stable manner

Some of their shadow traits are being moody, emotionally manipulative, spiteful, crabby, unpredictable, passive-aggressive,  overtly sentimental, sometimes self-absorbed, being bossy due to their parent’s attitude of making things go on their way, and inability to let go of the past.

Their moodiness is strengthened as these women are ruled by the Moon, meaning emotional fluctuations are very apparent and noticeable. The moon phase can make them erratic which makes them known for their instability.

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Win your Cancer woman back, the final word…

As mentioned before, tracking down the rest of her planetary rulers and sub-rulers by enabling her birth chart is the best way to surely know her entire personality and life purpose, knowing her Sun sign may not be enough as there are the moon, mercury, venus, and mars placements that are incredibly important in revealing her whole self as well as tracking down your compatibility with her.

It is good to learn more about how astrology works. This way you can interpret her planets accurately and by not overly guessing her whole soul or ego based on her sun sign.

In matters of her own emotional needs, look for what sign her moon sign is in and what house it is placed in, mercury sign is best to interpret how she thinks and interacts with her words, and her Venus signs best interprets how she falls in love and what her tastes are while her mars sign specifically projects which type of sexuality or man she is mostly aroused into. 

Once you dig deep into your Cancer woman’s other placements you can see her complexities which will enable you to have more positive growth throughout your relationship.

But overall don’t fret! Overall Cancerian women are the most understanding and thoughtful, loving of bunch, and with the right sincere actions, they will forgive you and love you openly and tenderly just like the way she loved you before!



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