7 Effective Ways To Seduce A Cancer Woman

Known to be sensitive and emotional, it can be a little hard to seduce a Cancer woman. In order to do this, you need to be patient enough to wait for her. There are things you need to do before she even thinks about sleeping with you.

If you are looking to seduce your Cancer woman, you have found the perfect article!

To seduce a Cancer woman, be patient and do not push her too much. Act interested and compliment her all the time. Talk about family and how you want to build one with her. Show your sensitive side, and do not be shy to ask for help. Don’t be too loud and obnoxious when around her and make her laugh.

There’s a lot more to know if you want to seduce a Cancer woman. So, if you intend to do so, continue reading! But first, let’s get to know how your Cancer woman is in bed.

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How A Cancer Woman Is In Bed

Your Cancer woman is ruled by the moon, and so she is known to be very emotional and emotionally secure within herself. She is naturally in tune with her emotions and the emotional world.

However, she can be moody sometimes but know that she can also connect with other people. This is because she is warm and forthcoming which makes people comfortable around her.

She is naturally very sympathetic, and there is an aura in her that makes you feel safe when you are around her.

When it comes to the bedroom, your Cancer woman likes to take her time because she wants to have a deeply emotional experience with you. There are times when she is horny, she will be seducing you in a very feminine and flirtatious way.

She has this very submissive way of expressing her sexuality. She likes to study your body, and she believes that lovemaking is an emotional experience. Aside from that, she is also very comforting in bed.

She wants to have a very comforting atmosphere when you are about to make love.

When your woman has a very heavy Cancer placement in her chart, then she must love music. So, when making love, know that she enjoys having background music when making love.

She also likes a great meal, so if you can incorporate food before the hot session, then you’ll truly seduce a Cancer woman.

Again, when you are with her, you may feel very comfortable because she is very welcoming. Well, this is just the energy of a Cancer woman. She will cater to all your needs, including in the bedroom.

She is also going to be very cuddly after the session because she likes to have that intimate bond with her partner. She is going to make you feel that she is glad to be with you.

7 Effective Ways To Seduce A Cancer Woman

Do not push it

Much like people with Taurus placements, your Cancer woman is slow-moving, and she likes to take her time getting to know you before getting on the bed with you.

Do not ever try to push sex because there is a lot more that you need to go through before she even thinks about getting with you. You need to be able to woo her emotionally first.

So, when you want to seduce a Cancer woman, you need to be patient because you won’t be able to do things with her if you pursue her like a Gemini. So, show that you are serious about getting to know her.

Show a little chivalry because that is how you can get a Gemini woman. Buy her flowers or chocolates. She needs to feel that she is safe with you first before she does anything with you.

Act interested and compliment her

Your cancer woman is not the type to go out all dressed up and have a full face of makeup all the time. She likes to be on her own and just appreciates the little things in her life. She does not like to compliment herself that much. In a nutshell, your Cancer woman is very quiet and into herself.

She is also very sensitive, and you cannot catch her chasing a person that she finds attractive. She won’t be asking questions.

So, to seduce her, you need to show that you are truly interested in her and that you find her amazingly beautiful to the point where you’ve got nothing to say. Compliment how beautiful you think her body is, but do not make it too creepy because she will not like that.

Talk about family

Again, it takes time to make a Cancer woman go to bed with you. Before you even think of doing so, you need to make sure that you are ready for a long-term commitment with her.

What you are doing now is not manipulation unless you really want to be with her for the rest of your life. So, if you want to seduce her, talk about having a family.

Talking about creating a family with her gives her a sense of security and willingness to be with her. You can also talk about your family and some of your funny stories with them. You can also ask her about her family and what they do.

This gives her an impression that you are family-oriented, and that is one thing a Cancer woman looks for in a partner.

Show your sensitive side

Again, your Cancer woman is a very sensitive person. This does not mean that she is weak thought. This just means that she is sensitive to the emotions of people around her.

I mean, to me, she is strong because she is not afraid to express whatever it is that she is feeling, and it takes a lot of courage to do that.

To seduce her, you need to show her that you are willing to express your emotions with her. Show her that you are willing to take down your walls and be completely vulnerable around her. When you do this, she will feel that you are trustworthy, and in time, she will trust you with getting into bed with her.

Ask for help

Because of the caring and nurturing nature of your Cancer woman, she likes to feel wanted and needed.

She likes to feel that she is someone important in her life. So, if you want to seduce her, do not be shy to ask for help from her, but only with things that she can handle. She also likes to think of herself as wifey material.

To her, if you ask for help from her, you trust her and that you need her in her life. Again, she is naturally caring, and she will definitely want to care for the person she likes and want to get in bed with.

Don’t be loud and obnoxious

Your Cancer woman likes to keep things simple and to herself. She is not the type to make a scene in public because she likes to be reserved. Usually, she does not like people, and if you are one of them, then she will find you annoying.

Do not be showy and too talkative if you want to seduce her. She likes her quiet space, so do not be too charming.

If you enjoy going out, lessen it a little bit because if you are too charming and too outgoing, she might think that you do not care for her, and that is the last thing you want your Cancer woman to feel.

Make her laugh

Because of how sensitive your Cancer woman is, she does not like to laugh too often because of how sympathetic she is. Sometimes, she absorbs the energy and emotions of other people.

However, she needs a break from all of these. To seduce her, you need to have a good sense of humor to make her laugh.

7 effective ways to seduce a Cancer woman, final thoughts…

To seduce a Cancer woman:

  • Do not push it
  • Act interested and compliment her
  • Talk about family
  • Show your sensitive side
  • Ask for help
  • Don’t be too loud and obnoxious
  • Make her laugh



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