Do Leo Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Do Leo Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Dating a Leo woman can be exhilarating, her charisma and fierce outlook in handling things make her an exceptionally strong woman, however, what happens if you fall out of love and suddenly break up? Will you still get her back?

A Leo woman’s pride can be a tough barrier to break if you wish to get her back, however, it is possible she will come back and pursue her old relationship if she was the one to end it or she made the mistake first, however, if you do them wrong she’ll never be back.

Leo women are the center of attention, a fierce and loyal bunch of the zodiac, these women are born between the dates of July 23 to August 22, and you can feel their golden aura that illuminates the room because Leo is a fixed fire sign which means they are the ones who can endure and persist challenges for long periods of time, these women are incredibly determined and powerful

Whether it’s their business, career prospects, or artistic pursuits in which Leos generally excels. Whether it is singing, dancing, painting, or acting which is a natural talent for people born on this zodiac, they do it with regality.

Because of this many people will be naturally drawn to your Leo woman, she has this “thing”, a certain magnetic aura to them that makes her a social butterfly, talented and popular to many, she is a confident woman and she knows it!

To some extent, she can even attract jealousy and envy from some peers.

Ruled by the Sun and a fixed sign, these women are aware of the strength they have, they have the consistency, drive, and natural leadership that leads them to power and success, nevertheless, their strong personality is often overlooked as they also are incredibly big-hearted, compassionate and generous.

Their generosity can extend from supporting their friends or loved ones, giving time and help if needed, they are also incredibly generous by giving gifts or money, these women know that their generous giving cannot compensate for how much love and compassion their heart holds.

She may be seen as arrogant by some but her confidence and her creative talent make her a wonderful person who speaks her mind and wears her mind on her sleeve.

In terms of dating and love, a Leo woman is a romantic lover who lavishes her partner with material gifts, physical attention, warm, and energetic love. She loves hard and she will fight for you until the very end. She is loyal, especially if she decides that you are her heart and soul.

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What if you broke up with your Leo woman?

Do Leo Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

If you broke up with your Leo woman, be prepared and expect to have a number of dramatic and even over-the-top fights that might even look and feel like a scene from a romantic drama film!

Leo women are incredibly dramatic and expressive when showing their emotions, so expect more drama and a number of onlookers watching your relationship like a reality show tv full of surprises!

There can be contradictory scenarios that might play out in regards to you breaking up with your Leo woman, for instance, Leo women are ruled by the sun, which gifts them with the creative life force that makes them full of will. 

She can either be stubborn about persisting in fixing your relationship even after you broke up or will definitely drop you off for good, this is where the drama comes in, she shows it in a number of ways that can surprise you. Expect the confrontations to be emotional and melodramatic!

Although it may seem like it is for the theatrics, it will be certainly sure that your Leo woman will feel genuinely bad and devastated after breaking up. The fire signs in general are incredibly expressive in releasing their emotions.

This means that she’s open to reconciliation and reigniting your relationship together if she feels that under the right circumstances, it is right for her and it’s what her heart truly dictates so.

Leo women are incredibly big-hearted to the point that they can be inevitably loyal to their partner regardless of the situation, if you broke up with her first, it is best that you humble yourself before presenting yourself to her, be generous and expensive when it comes to showing how much you mean to her.

This is the right way to truly melt the fiery barrier that guards her ego, in this way, you can show you’re sorry for your actions and that you want the relationship to continue in a positive way, where both of you could learn from your mistakes and grow as a couple.

This is by means of the light offenses that you or she may have committed during your relationship which led to your breakup, however, beware, if you truly wronged and betrayed your Leo woman’s love and loyalty, be prepared as she can express the shadow and underdeveloped traits of the Sun and fire

She can be stubborn and dangerous when expressing her rage, this is one of the zodiac signs that can have bad tempers. Her anger is simple, there are no hidden agendas, no power play or cold approach for revenge, and what you see is what you get, her rage is loud and unapologetic.

She will be blunt and aggressive with you, after the fight she may be bossy, evasive, and self-protective, she may react harshly to you, this woman’s pride is unimaginably strong and she may never directly apologize to you but will easily forgive you if you initiate first.

A Leo woman’s anger during a breakup is similar to the other fire signs (Aries and Sagittarius) but because Leo is a fixed sign, she may have a hard time letting go of her anger and might harbor some resentment after a while, only sincere and direct apologies could calm her otherwise.

How does a Leo Woman handle a breakup?

Do Leo Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Leos just like the animal they symbolize, The Lion or Lioness is known for their vivaciousness and extravagance, they are magnificent lovers which means they can also be terrible at handling their breakup.

Leo women love to show their love because their passion and romanticism can kick in the fire inside them, they can be extremely showy when they love someone, this means they can also be overly dramatic when they try to end things with their significant partner.

She might express her anger to her friends, and family members or may even post on her socials, she wants the breakup to be apparent and seen which is secretly a way of getting your attention. Her anger can be physical or mental but either way, her anger will be loud and will be heard by many.

In matters of who broke up first, if she’s the one who kicked you first, it might be because she can sense your disinterest in her and might try to protect her ego by dumping you first, in this way she can show to everyone that she’s way better than you are, in general, Leo women bounce back easily to breakups they first initiated.

On the other hand, if you’re the one who dumps her first she will feel devastated and her heart will be left feeling wrecked, they might express their anger in a lot of creative ways and it will surely be overly dramatic.

However, it is important to take note that no matter how overly dramatic Leo women are seen, their expressions of pain are genuine, this is what makes their creative work authentic and artistic which is why more often Leos or people with plenty of Leo placements seem to have a knack of acting and theater arts.

They just have no time to repress it, keep it, or deny it like other signs do which makes them incredibly strong and self-resilient individuals who can move on pretty easily after they released their anguish after a breakup.

Do Leo women come back after their breakup?

Do Leo Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Yes, they can under the right circumstances, under the condition that you both will have a mutual and beneficial compromise, she doesn’t want to dwell in the past even if it caused her a great amount of pain and trauma.

However, the challenge will be you both reigniting your romance and passion while regaining her trust and friendship without making her feel as if she’s lowering her ego for you.

Your Leo woman is a master at the art of being stubborn and persistent, so a great way to apologize to her is by being showy and extravagant in terms of showing your sincere apology.

Being generous, and taking extra effort, they love being shown admiration and affection. This is especially true if you did something serious that made the relationship crumble for good.

Can you make your Leo woman fall in love with you again?

Yes, in most cases you need to cut to the chase and tackle the main issue of why you broke up, your Leo woman is straightforward and doesn’t like you going sideways about the issue.

Win her all over again by being direct and assertive, showcase that you admire her and you admire her creative and wonderful qualities such as her work, her style of dressing, her personality, or her looks.

At the same time build your self-confidence as this will naturally prompt her to admire your masculinity, and engage in a physical sport or hobby that you can showcase your competitiveness, your Leo woman will be definitely attracted to a guy who is naturally dominant.

She sees herself as naturally superior so she will also definitely look for a partner or a man that is charming, inspiring, and excels as well as exudes natural dominance in every undertaking they do.

However, this is usually just a general overview, your woman is more than her sun sign and you have to dig deep into her birth chart to find out her Mars, Mercury, and Venus signs which are important aspects of how they act upon love, how they show love and what kinds of people they’re attracted to.

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6 Ways to win your Leo Woman Back

Assuming that you both have reconciled your past to her and she is done expressing her anger to your breakup, you can do these things to sexually attract and reignite the spark she once had with you.

Let go of the past 

Do Leo Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Leo women in general don’t like unhappy men that bring shadows to the inner light and optimism they show to the world, being sad and holding grudges or even trying to win her back for the wrong reasons will only show pity and disgrace.

Truly showing you have moved on and are now on the right set of mindset where you can grow as a man and evolve as a man is naturally attractive to a Leo woman, by doing these you need to love your life and rebuild your self-esteem and self-confidence and this will, in turn, enhance your sexual stamina, making you more magnetic and charismatic.

Have a greater purpose

A Leo woman will naturally be attracted to living large, this sign is the house of showing off and being at ease with yourself and as such, she will be attracted to a man who has a greater purpose in her life, whether it’s his career, improving his creative outlet or some other humanitarian aspects, she will be drawn to you if she sees your living life passionately as an individual.

Seeing that you have a sense of will and drive to achieve your purpose will make her rethink twice about the times you spent with her, in a sense this will reignite her feelings for you, no matter what feelings it is, feeling something rather than feeling better is much better when evoking your love for a Leo woman, she lives with fire inside her soul.

Be a social butterfly and get reacquainted

This is a great time to show off your seductive side to her, be presentable as much as possible, work out, look manly, try a new haircut that suits you, wear outfits that accentuate your manliness, try to be a slow and deep talker, this was you can try showing off what she missed since the last time you broke up.

Do not overdo it, but be sure people notice the changes that you did with yourself, physical upgrade must also come with a personality upgrade, try to keep it casual, and try being friends with her.

Create an atmosphere of lightheartedness and fun while treating her regal

In this step, you need to regain her friends or even just regain her as your acquaintance, be fun and exciting, and show her the world as you see it, full of beauty and wonder.

Encourage yourself to do the creative outlets she does on a daily basis, this creates a newfound trust and will make her rethink why you’re doing it, nonetheless making it seem cool and breezy while actually genuinely complimenting her work.

To add more flavor to the meal offering, you also need to be extravagant in showing her how much you mean to her, your Leo woman enjoys the finer things life has to offer, try inviting her to an impressive date where you can showcase your good taste in luxury.

This will encourage her to delve deep into what you are and what you’re about to offer, in this step you need not pretend, be authentic about the opulent things you’re drawn to.

Pay attention and support her dreams and goals!

Doesn’t matter if it’s small or big, logical or not, your Leo woman is an optimist who sees good in the bad and is a wildly ambitious person who has the will and creativity to create and build anything they desire.

Pay attention and be there when she needs moral support in every challenge or undertaking they do, she really appreciates gestures and she sees it as a big thing!

Because she is an optimist by heart she cares more about the positive things you do, be careful not to criticize her work in any way, just be there and be empathetic, and be a great listener and supporter.

Genuine compliments are a sure-fire way to make her feel wonderful 

A Leo woman’s tendency to love and be at the center of the spotlight is her soul’s natural inclination, she does this not because she’s a narcissist or attention-seeker that is selfish which some people might perceive her to be.

But because she has so much more to offer, she is a natural performer that inspires people.

Genuinely complimenting her looks, her style, the way she talks and flaunts herself, and most especially the things she’s passionate about will surely make her a special place in your heart, a Leo woman doesn’t like it when she feels she’s ignored for her achievements.

The thing here is to make it as if she holds a special place in your heart which is why shallow compliments or backhanded compliments even as a joke should be avoided, be sincere, you love her and want to get her back, show her that you are.

Reasons why your Leo woman won’t get back at you

You have severely damaged her ego

Do Leo Women Come Back? (After A Breakup, No Contact)

Either you cheated on her or broke her heart by being cold, harsh, or ruthless, there will be a time in a Leo woman’s life when she feels that enough is enough, whether there is a time in your relationship where she feels like you are constantly dimming down the fire she ignites.

Or even if she feels like you’re trying to curb away from the attention she’s supposed to be given, she will ultimately feel unloved and her ego will reside to showcase her pride even more.

Essential to the Lioness is her ego which fuels her passion to succeed, she knows she can do it, and trying to limit it or control it or even slight criticism can make her retaliate and lash out.

If you’re the jealous type who wants a submissive partner, then maybe she’s not the one for you. Leo women are known for subverting gender roles as she likes their partner to see them as equal. 

She is uncompromising and fixated on her decision

This is related to the first one, if she feels she’s betrayed and that she knows for a fact that you’re the one who blew it off either by not giving her the energy you give back or by cheating or betraying, she will never return to you.

This fixed sign is stubborn and once she sets that leaving you is the right decision to do, she will cut you off without ever thinking about your feelings.

Her heart already belongs to someone else

Long story short, she already found someone else who is fueling her fiery passion, because Leo is a fire sign, their goals and mission in life can be pure because of seeking the fun and wonder this life has to offer.

If she finds someone who can reignite that love for life in her soul, and give her fun, drama, and excitement she looks for a man, she will be completely head over heels for the man and will fixate on him until they both make it work, this can be indicative that you should also move on from the relationship.

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Win your Leo woman back, final thoughts…

The Sun-ruled Lioness is an overall benefic sign that shows you the grandeur of things in life, she is action-oriented and determined, and as a partner she makes a great entertainer and companion.

She shows you love and generosity like no other, however, she will not back down to a fight when trust is betrayed, she’s strong and proud and she expects a man to treat her as an equal and not as a subordinate.



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