How to Get a Leo Woman to Chase You

How to Get a Leo Woman to Chase You

She is lively. She is vivacious. She is creative. She is a Leo. If you can’t stop drooling over her, find a way to make her yours.

For a Leo woman to chase you, you need to dress well and give her enough attention. You have to expect and accept the unexpected. Listen to the things that she says. Encourage her, be loyal, and pamper and baby her. Be her best friend. And most importantly, be confident that you will get her.

Being with a Leo woman can be a whirlwind adventure. It can make you go crazy but the thrill and fun of her company can also make you feel exhilarated. If you want a Leo woman to fall and keep on wanting you, these 9 simple tips can help you get your love life going.

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Your Leo Woman and the Things You Need to Know

How to Get a Leo Woman to Chase You

Born between the 23rd of July and the 22nd of August, a Leo woman has a stern, influential, and proud force that if you come across one, you wouldn’t want to mess around with.

She is someone who strongly adheres to what she thinks is right.

She is confident in everything that she does, especially when it comes to fashion. To some, a Leo woman can be very intimidating. But if you truly love her, you shouldn’t take this in a negative way but instead, see her as someone strong and one which you can depend on.

If you truly want to have her, getting her may not be as easy as you expect.

She can be ultimately sensitive and getting her attention would require you to show just how passionate you are towards her. She can be short-tempered so having her chase you can be challenging as she doesn’t have much patience for people who she sees as just a waste of time.

However, if she sees your worth and how much you truly care for her, her loyalty can be unmatched! So hold on tight and skim through these tips to get your ideal Leo woman.

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9 Tips to Get Your Leo Woman to Chase You

Dress to impress

How to Get a Leo Woman to Chase You

A Leo woman is a lover of fashion. She can’t resist flaunting her graceful style and joining her at her game could just be your ticket to getting her attention.

You can try anything from flashy clothes and bling, as long as they go together, she will surely love them. Just make sure that the clothes you’ll be wearing will be comfortable for you as showing off your fashion comfortably is a plus point to her.

Attention is a must

If you want your woman to chase you, make her crave for you. Right now you must be thinking – I’m the one who wants her to chase me, how would I make her want me instead?

Well, a Leo woman loves attention. Being at the center of attention makes her heart full. If you want her to chase you, give her all the love and affection that you can give. Give her time, focus, and be attentive to just about anything involving her. She’ll soon enjoy getting your flattery and she’ll even want more.

Always expect the unexpected

If you’re someone who doesn’t like surprises, then perhaps it’s time for you to level up your game because your Leo woman is the spontaneous kind. Every once in a while, you might be surprised at how impulsive she is.

If she sees something she likes, she’ll most likely go after it (or him) without having second thoughts.

Just accept that this is how she is and there is almost nothing you can do to change that. On the other hand, this could be an opportunity for you to explore each other’s sides.

Stop, look, and listen

Your ideal woman is someone who loves to speak her mind. She’ll appreciate it more if you let her pour her heart out instead of restricting her. If she thinks she is right, she’ll fight through everything just to justify her beliefs.

And she can be the most stubborn when it comes to admitting mistakes. You’ll be surprised at how willful she can be sometimes if not most of the time.

Since you’re still both in the stage of getting to know each other, extending your patience can help you pin her attention down. Try listening to what she has to say. Show her that she can depend on you and she can tell you all her thoughts. Soon after, she’ll long for your attention.

Be her light and encouragement

How to Get a Leo Woman to Chase You

Because of her given nature, which is always seeking happiness and love, she can easily make judgments that can negatively impact other people around her. One of her many weaknesses is her thirst for belongingness.

Because of this, she always seeks attention and feels the need to always be first even if it means hurting other people’s feelings.

Now that you know of this, you can help her see that she is beautiful and doesn’t always need to compete.

Make her understand that for you, there is no competition because she is the only one. Enlighten her and encourage her to be more open to suggestions and that it’s okay to be wrong sometimes.

Be loyal

Just like any other, a Leo woman wants someone who is loyal and faithful to her. Just like how she doesn’t know how to share the limelight, she is also not open to the idea of sharing when it comes to love. (I mean, who in their sane minds would agree to have their partners shared with others, right?)

If you want to keep a Leo woman, be loyal to her, just like how she is (or will be) to you. It is an unspoken rule to not entertain others when already dating someone else.

Pamper her, baby her

A Leo woman can sometimes be lazy. We all get lazy sometimes. That is reality. She’s someone who’ll most likely give a d*mn if she thinks it’s not worth it.

When times like this ever arise, be sure to pamper her, baby her and just give her everything she wants.

Aside from it saves you the hassle of going through so many arguments (It could happen, believe it!), it’s also somehow fulfilling seeing her smile over your gestures and how you spoil her. Another way to make her go crazy over you!

Be her best friend

You do not have to know everything about each other to be best friends. She is actually just looking for the male version of herself. Someone she can relate to, and who can also relate to her.

You do not have to be a Leo to be the male version of yourself. You just have to understand her personality and accept that she is how she is. Being her isn’t easy sometimes so knowing that there is someone who understands her can be a very big thing for her.

Be confident that you can win her

How to Get a Leo Woman to Chase You

Being a woman with the personality that she has, she wants a man that can give her the impression of how big a catch he is to her. For her, it’s more like playing hard to get will get her more into you.

Show her that you can have any woman you want. Be self-assured and value yourself more. That way, you’re sure to have your Leo woman chasing over you. Just like what they say, the harder it is to acquire something, the more satisfying it is.

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Have your Leo woman chase you, the final word…

To get a Leo woman to chase you, you need to:

  • Dress to impress her
  • Give her attention
  • Expect and accept the unexpected
  • Listen to how she pours her heart out
  • Encourage her
  • Be loyal
  • Pamper and baby here
  • Be her best friend
  • Be confident

Happy chasing (and being chased)!



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