How Does A Leo Woman Test You?

How Does A Leo Woman Test You?

Leo is the 5th sign of the zodiac and is ruled by the Sun. The Sun is the planet represented by vitality, life force, identity, and ego. They are happiest when they are able to express themselves. Leo women are born leaders with big hearts. She is hardworking, stubborn, and dislikes taking orders from anyone else.

The Leo woman will test you with their high expectations. They crave attention like how Tinker Bell needs it. If you want to be with a Leo woman, she has to be number one and the only one as she does not like to be your second option.

The Leo woman demands their partner to make time for them and can have issues if left ignored.

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Profile of a Leo woman

The Leo woman is not the type to settle. She likes to be pampered and given regal treatment. She is passionate, adventurous, and they are not a stranger to drama. As Leo also manages the 5th house in astrology, they are happiest when they get to express themselves authentically.

The Sun is often the giver of life and the one that provides light for everyone. Since Leo is ruled by this, the Leo woman has an assertive personality. She is mostly self-confident and likes to be in the spotlight. It doesn’t mean to say that they are self-centered.

It is just how they are built. Their drive mostly comes from the need to be recognized and admired.

As the Leo woman is a hard worker, it takes a lot to convince her to quit. They are persistent and devoted to their cause. She is independent. The Leo woman keeps her standards and would be alright in remaining single rather than keeping up with someone to whom she does not have a connection.

The Leo woman wants to enjoy her life and be seen in good light. She wants to be liked. They demand their partners to make time for them. She wants to enjoy the present. They are not the type to have a wandering eye and can be extremely devoted partners when settled.

7 ways a Leo woman will test you

She tests if you treat her like a queen

How Does A Leo Woman Test You?

Leo women like to have a grand entrance. She wants the best things in life and has faith that they will be led her way. She is independent and doesn’t need a man. What they are looking for are attentive and nurturing partners that can prioritize them.

She wants her man to be able to respect her. The Leo woman knows her worth. They do not engage in charity work. Remember, their symbolism is still the lion, it is best to leave her alone if you have no intention to bring excitement to her life.

She tests you based on what she reveals about her life

Leo women aren’t self-centered as most would like them to be. They are influenced by the Sun, they can’t help but radiate their light even if it means forcefully. Leo women like to be heard and acknowledged.

She is generous with what she has and attracts people to her energy.

Even though she can be popular, it does not mean she is an open book. She would still save bits and pieces of herself to those she could trust. If she shares with you anything she might have been ashamed of or regretful about, you might be one of her special people.

She tests you on your patience

The Leo woman is blunt and domineering. She might come across as tactless or even cold-hearted but that is not her intention. Do not take it personally. It is her personality that she likes to assert her authority. This is also why they are usually in leadership positions.

This could also mean that it might be hard for them to take criticism. You would have to be gentle in your approach to change her mind. It is best to let them know what was wrong but also reassure them that you appreciate what she does. Treat her heart as fragile and she will take notice.

She tests you on how firmly you hold your ground

How Does A Leo Woman Test You?

When in confrontations, the Leo woman is not shy to set fire to the other person. It will be hard to win an argument with her. She is influenced by the 5th house which is about creativity and passion. This also means she can make up the facts on what to say back.

The best way you can handle a Leo woman on fire is to remain as quiet as you could. Speak fewer words but be firm on what you have to say. This is almost like Virgo’s way. They do not have to waste time trying to convince anyone about what they think is right, they are simply right.

The secret is really waiting for them to cool down. Leo women will respect you if you did not bestow hurtful words or anything that would have shamed them. They would appreciate it if conflicts were done in private rather than in public.

She tests you on how you can add value to her life

As someone who is ruled by the sun, the Leo woman is independent and does not need a partner to thrive. She will continue to shine bright with or without anyone. What she yearns for is someone who understands how to live in the present.

She wants to have an adventure, to have different experiences. The Leo woman already knows she is special and will just enjoy someone’s company. The Leo woman does not want to be tied down in a relationship that is too serious that she becomes bored.

She wants the zest of life and you are just invited. For her, you are not a necessity.

She tests you on how much you secure her emotionally

Many will say a Leo woman is confident although that is true, they tend to be fragile emotionally. As one of the most generous signs, they are mostly taken for granted by the people they could have once cared for. They are looking for someone who can show them they are devoted.

The Leo woman needs constant reassurance that their partner will not abandon, use, or cheat on her.

She tests you with her jealousy

How Does A Leo Woman Test You?

If you want to have a happy relationship with the Leo woman, do not make reasons to make her jealous. Mind games don’t work on Leos. They are straightforward and value honesty to the core. She is a strong debater and if you try to make her jealous for fun, you are asking for a scandal.

Don’t get her wrong, she loves participating in arguments.

This is how she can show off her dominant and fearless side. Otherwise, you have just signed yourself up for an exhaustive fight that had no point. Arguments may be inevitable in a relationship but it is something worth avoiding if you’re dealing with a Leo woman.

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Is your Leo woman testing you, final thoughts…

The Leo woman tests you by her high standards. She has high expectations of her partner. She is already independent and self-confident. She will test you on the things you can add value to her life. The Leo woman lives in the present and seeks adventure.

She does not want to feel dragged down by too many serious issues.

A Leo woman wants a man that can look after her image. She wants you to praise her in public. If you want to win a Leo woman’s heart, make her your top priority. She will appreciate your consistency in giving her attention and she in turn will make a loyal and devoted partner for life.



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