5 Signs A Leo Woman Is Playing You

A Leo woman believes that actions speak louder than words. Hence, you will know if she wants to have a serious relationship with you by observing her behavior. If you want to know if a Leo woman is playing you, you have come to the right place.

When a Leo woman is playing you, she will avoid you and become closed off.

She will also be sensitive to even minor things and she will be demanding in order for her to take control of your relationship. Moreover, she will make excuses as to why she is behaving this way and why she cannot make time for you.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with this woman.

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That said, before we talk about the signs this woman is playing, let’s see what she is like in love.

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Characteristics Of A Leo Woman In Love

She is loyal

You can count on a Leo woman’s loyalty despite the fact that she is quite extroverted and outgoing. She will be undoubtedly devoted to you once she is in love with you. No matter if you are friends, family, or even your partner, if she does not get the same in return, she will make sure you pay the price.

She is a trustworthy woman and the best secret keeper due to her strong loyalty. She will make sure you know she always has your back and that you can trust her. It takes some time to earn a Leo woman’s trust, but once you do, it is completely worthwhile.

She is passionate

She is passionate about nearly everything she does, including her profession, her loved ones, and her interests. Because a Leo woman tends to be passionate and tenacious, she is the best at romantic relationships. She will fall head over heels far too quickly and wears her heart on her sleeve.

A Leo woman has a love for life and all of her relationships. She can communicate effectively and is truthful in how she expresses her emotions. A Leo woman is also expressive and she will tell you right away whether she loves or dislikes anything.

She wishes to express her feelings to her loved ones and doesn’t understand the need to hide anything.

She is caring

A Leo woman is tender and caring with her loved ones. Since she is such a kind person, she cannot watch her loved ones in distress. A Leo woman may be confident and extroverted, but she can also be sensitive, especially to the feelings of others.

She is forced by this trait to bore the burden of other people’s troubles.

Among those very giving zodiac signs is a Leo woman. In addition to being liberal with material possessions, she is also very giving when it comes to sharing her compassion, gentle care, love, attention, and money. A Leo woman often exhibits dramatic reactions because she feels so deeply for others.

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Characteristics A Leo Woman Dislikes In A Man


For the Leo woman, being around a man who doesn’t know what he is doing might be a cause of frustration. Everything about a man that seems too impossible to be true can be off-putting. The lack of trust that characterizes your relationship with a Leo woman is only intensified by your unreliability.

The fixed sign can have a hard time adjusting to someone who doesn’t take their words seriously or doesn’t keep their promises. A Leo woman will leave a man and never look back if he doesn’t have his sights entirely on her.

A deep relationship between them will never develop if her boyfriend isn’t committed to her and is very unreliable.


The Leo woman enjoys feeling important in her partner’s life. You better be prepared to offer her the attention she requires if you’re into her. An approach to let her know she matters to you is to pay close attention to what she enjoys or despises.

In the end, it would be a big mistake to be unattentive and ignore the crucial aspects of your Leo woman’s life. To continually let her know how you feel about her, you must be sensual and affectionate; else, she will turn her attention to someone else.


A boring personality is the number one thing that will turn off a Leo woman. A person who does not understand the appeal or thrill of attempting new things will utterly fail to win her heart. She does not like someone who follows a strict routine and is not amenable to the idea of having fun.

A Leo woman is a zodiac sign that is associated with the fire element. This gives her the impression that she is a  fiery and outgoing person. She will always enjoy having fun and being with people who share her enthusiasm for life.

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5 Signs A Leo Woman Is Playing You

She avoids you

It’s likely that she is only playing you if you’re wondering why a Leo woman suddenly seems to be avoiding you.

She simply doesn’t want to make time for you, even though she has a lot of free time. She will run away from you, make an excuse, or shut her heart to you. That is how to tell if a confident Leo woman is not interested in a serious relationship.

A Leo woman would always say that she has things to do when you try to get in touch with her. She could also be staying away from you because she doesn’t want to hurt you. She will become increasingly irritated if you keep pressuring her to interact with you.

Since a Leo woman expresses her emotions through actions, you will know where you stand if you can understand her behavior.

She is sensitive

Due to her emotional sensitivity, she just cares about herself and speaks without considering how her words may affect her. You’ll feel bad around a Leo woman because of her sensitivity. She will be really harsh and will have a bad impression of you for no reason.

You can finally understand if she is playing you when she starts acting this way.

A Leo woman might portray your actions or words as improper even when they are not. She prioritizes herself, puts herself first, and treats you like you’re just a stranger. She gives you a slow period of disregard before she loses all manners and she will immediately leave you.

She is demanding

A Leo woman is renowned for being really demanding. Because of her dominant character, she will be in charge of taking control. She will perceive herself as an autonomous leader and expect others to do as she says because she is a domineering person.

She may only be playing you if she starts to boss you around and demand a lot of things from you.

A Leo woman may not necessarily be self-centered in doing this; rather, she just needs to feel important in order to fulfill herself. She will probably find someone else who can give her that kind of attention if you can’t.

She makes excuses

If a Leo woman makes a lot of excuses, it’s probably because she’s not that into you anymore, if you’re wondering why.

Whether she is too busy or unwell, she will always find a reason not to meet with you. Additionally, if you do manage to see her, you will find that she is aloof and uninterested in what you have to say.

She seems preoccupied and uninterested in what you have to say when you finally start talking. A Leo woman may even end the conversation abruptly or give a reason for leaving early. Any topic that doesn’t keep her interest will swiftly lose her attention, according to a disinterested Leo woman.

She is closed off

The body language of a Leo woman should be observed if you want to know if she is serious or not. She will be kind and approachable when she is interested in you, but her body language will change when that attraction wanes.

She may even begin to move her body away from you as she begins to cross her arms and legs.

She might also begin to avoid your gaze, which is a sure sign that she no longer finds you attractive. It’s preferable to move on and find someone who is interested in you if you notice these changes in her body language.

You have no business pursuing a Leo woman who is only paying you.

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5 signs a Leo woman is playing you, final thoughts…

If a Leo woman is playing you:

  • She avoids you
  • She is sensitive
  • She is demanding
  • She makes excuses
  • She is closed off



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