Why is your Leo Woman Jealous?

In this article, we’re going to tackle the signs that your Leo woman is jealous while in a relationship with you and we will tell you some of the good ways to cure her jealousy without making the relationship complicated!

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The Leo woman, strong and proud, is the most confident woman out of all the zodiac signs, incredibly fierce and creative she is a fixed fire sign that brings the heat to the table! She is powerful and magnetic often she uses her prowess to inspire others and make herself known to the whole world!

Your Leo woman being a fixed fire sign, you’ll know that she is the most capable out of all the people in the room, she may be the loudest person in the room or not but you’ll she’ll always be the most confident. She knows who she is and she does not let other people hinder her! She is a real leader!

In a relationship she is incredibly generous and warm-hearted, often clingy and attached behind closed doors, she is the kind of woman who is passionately in love with you and will do everything for your happiness and pleasure no matter how extravagant it might be! 

However, when she’s jealous it can be pretty bad, she might express her shadow Leo traits such as being confrontational, hot-headed, explosive, and aggressive which can make things worse in the relationship.

With all of that in mind let’s tackle the ways why your Leo woman is jealous and how jealous can your Leo woman b?

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How Jealous Can Your Leo Woman Be?

Jealousy level: 9/10

Your Leo woman despises the person she’s jealous of! In fact! There’s nothing more she would want than to end that person’s life! For real! The anger that the Leo woman holds is insurmountable which is why she needs to transmute those feelings into creative expression if not she can turn deadly!

Her jealousy level is like that of Scorpio and Aries, both are very aggressive and dominating planets which your Leo woman can also vividly express! Her anger is hot boiling anger that is hot to touch and is incredibly powerful!

She will be expressive of her anger and she will make sure that everybody knows her opinion about the situation, this is because your Leo woman is ruled by The Sun, just like how the rays of the Sun’s light want to reach even the darkest places on the planet.

Your Leo woman will make sure that everyone knows she is angry even with the person she’s jealous of!

She is incredibly forceful in terms of showing it to other people, she might be oversharing on her social media or doing creative pursuit that shows her pain and anger, whatever it might be. It is a pretty bad sign that she’s jealous of someone!

With all of that said, let us now move on! Let’s find out the most obvious and the most flat-out signs that your Leo Woman is jealous and what ways you can help him get out of it!

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1. She is angry for no reason!

The Lion is an undeniably powerful animal considered to be the king/queen of the jungle. With all of that in mind, you will notice that she is jealous when she expresses anger and frustration over you or someone you might know.

The feeling will be there and you’ll feel it in your guts that she truly hates someone you know…

2. She tries to be over-confident

The second on the list, you’ll notice that your Leo woman will try to appear more social and confident, especially in group settings. She’ll be with her friends but it will seem like she’s the leader of the pack often you’ll hear them bad mouth the person she’s jealous of!

This is a coping mechanism to prove that she’s the best out of them all and it’s also a warning sign to the person she’s jealous of that she’s not the one to be messed with! This may seem petty to you but it is her way of also telling you that she is not comfortable with the person.

3. She is obsessed with looking good 24/7

The third sign that your Leo Woman is jealous is that she makes sure she looks beautiful 24/7 whether it is her makeup, her wardrobe, style, fashion, or general aesthetic. She’ll make sure she looks better than anyone else in the room.

She’ll be the best-dressed girl in the room and she’ll even pay more attention to her looks when she knows the person she’s jealous of is in the same room with her. This is a pretty obvious sign that there is a competition going around and that you need to do something about it!

4. She overshares on her social media

In reaction to the third sign, she’ll make sure she’s the prettiest girl in her clique and will make sure everyone knows her latest story updates. She might also share posts that are a subtle hint of mocking or making fun of that person.

If you see her do these on any of her social media platforms then it is a pretty good sign that she is jealous of that person and you need to talk to her immediately! The faster you resolve the issue the fewer complications you’ll have with her in the future!

5. She gets argumentative

The next sign on the list! You’ll know she’s jealous when she gets argumentative for no reason, even simple things will be complicated between you and your Leo woman and you’ll be sure to experience some setbacks in the relationship.

Always remember that your Leo woman does this sometimes to set a test on whether you still care for her or not. It is best to try to be understanding because she’s dealing with her jealousy and anger issues at the same time!

6. She might talk to the person she’s jealous of!

This is scary! She might talk to the person to tell her to back off from the relationship or she might also confront her because her anger gives her enough power ad confidence to do so! When you know this it is best to truly stop her from doing any irrational things!

7. The spark in the relationship is off or dimmed…

The last and the most obvious sign that your Leo woman is jealous is that she will be less romantic in the relationship, there will be less sex, romance, or intimacy in the relationship.

Your Leo woman is passionate and happy about living life so if you feel that she’s becoming cold or uninterested it is time to talk things out with her.

How to stop your Leo Woman from being Jealous!

To stop a Leo woman from being jealous you must show her that you truly care about her and the relationship! Tell her how much you want her, desire her, and love her! Reaffirm your love for her and tell her nice things about her.

Remember to compliment her genuinely and tell her that you have been faithful no matter what.

Remember to stop adding fuel to the flames by being argumentative, the proper way to talk to her would be you being calm ad understanding of the situation and make sure that you get her point straight.

Proper communication will only prosper if one of you humbles down their pride to be able to communicate properly.

Alongside that, you must show her that you are committed to the relationship by doing the necessary things to block off the person she’s jealous of in your life, either you show her that your gonna block that person from your social media or you’re gonna tell her that from now on you’re gonna stay away from that person.

This is a truly kind gesture that will surely make your Leo woman feel fuzzy and warm inside because she knows that you’re serious about her and that you are dedicated to making the relationship on good terms. With that said you should also double up your game by being extra romantic and passionate!

Make intimacy a more integral part of the relationship, make time for her, or set a schedule wherein you can spend time together, the both of you. In this area, you will see how much she truly loves and cherishes you not only the sex but also the genuine care and affection!

Leo Woman and Jealousy: Final Thoughts

The Leo woman is a fierce and protective lover! she‘s incredibly jealous because she is naturally inclined to show her feelings and emotions in a fiery and forceful way. Her fire energy will be through the roof and this will cause problems if you don’t know how to handle her properly.

Always remember that no zodiac sign is perfect and every one of the signs has different shadow sides, jealousy is one of those ugly but useful emotions that can guide all of us in making decisions. Instead of vilifying her aggressive nature ask yourself a world without her. A world without someone who truly loves and passionately desires you…

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