How Does A Leo Man Test You?

How Does A Leo Man Test You?

Leo is the majestic and 5th sign of the zodiac. Their rulership is managed by the Sun, the planet represented by identity, ego, and vitality. The Sun brings forth life and many times the Leo man feels like he was born to be in the spotlight.

His element is fixed fire and once a Leo man has decided on his target, no one should come his way.

A Leo man tests you on how you are able to back him up on his image. He is motivated by praise and recognition. He will test your loyalty and honesty and make sure you don’t take him for granted. He’ll test your strength and resolve while also expecting you to be gentle and kind with your words.

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Profile of a Leo man

How Does A Leo Man Test You

Leo men are associated with the animal symbolism of the lion, they like to have the royal treatment and is willing to be the dominant personality. They make natural leaders. Like some good-natured kings, they are generous and quite often, have a big heart. It is very rare for a Leo not to appear self-confident.

A Leo man is motivated through praise and recognition. In the first place, their confidence attracts a lot of people to them. Since they are quite giving of their resources, they secure attention. When a Leo man has an achievement, he wants the world to know.

If you keep on feeding his ego, you can make him do anything.

That is also why Leo men are said to be arrogant. Because of their love of praise, sometimes you could be looking for a shoulder to cry on and they will find a way to make it all about them. Leo men might be dismissive of what your feelings are especially if you do not see eye to eye with him.

As a self-confident sign, he could have issues handling feedback. A mature Leo man knows that everyone can make mistakes and since he is a natural leader, it is for sure that he would have that figured out. They just need someone they can trust and know how to handle their ego.

What are your chances with your Leo man?

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7 ways a Leo man will test you

Leo men test how passionate you are

How Does A Leo Man Test You?

Leo’s men are influenced by the fire element, which is all about passion. Leo men look for partners that have a strong drive in everything they do. For them, they check how assertive their potential lover is when it comes to her own needs.

For the Leo man, the king needs a queen. They look for someone who has a zest for life and wants to experience the many great things the world has to offer. They are playful in their relationships and do not want things to always remain serious. He needs to be entertained too.

He will test you with their honesty

Leo men are loyal when they are devoted and expect their partner to reciprocate. These are people that would approach you directly, which sometimes makes them look insensitive. This isn’t always their intention; it is just that they are naturally dominant that honesty becomes brutal.

Don’t take it to heart, Leo just wants to place their authority. If you think about it, just think of cats. Cats look in the mirror and see lions. You just need to be patient and take note of how to earn their trust. The Leo men make fierce providers and protectors but they really just like to be complimented a lot.

He will test you by how comfortable you are with them

Leo men love to share what they have. It makes them happy to provide gifts or show off to others. They are ruled by the sun, they want to shine the light on others. If you are someone who struggles to accept what they can give it might push them the wrong way.

It is better if you would have to be comfortable with their generosity.

If you want to be with a Leo man, you have to let him protect and take care of you. You would have to let him be the face of the relationship. All he wants is to see you have a good time and be appreciative. He wants to feel like he makes a difference in your world.

He tests you on how you handle confrontations

How Does A Leo Man Test You?

As a sign that is upfront and direct, to the point, Leos respect if you are able to be straightforward with them. Forget acting like he will figure out what’s bothering you. It doesn’t work on them. Save your tears and don’t rely on mind games to make a point.

The queen has to tell the king what she wants.

So, if you’re worried If your Leo man will take offense just remember to do a sandwich approach which is to say that you appreciate his presence, then what it is that is bothering you and end it with how grateful you are that he is in your life and you’re going to work this out together.

He will test you on how you can encourage him

There was a movie called Sunshine back in 2007 about the sun dying and they sent in astronauts to shoot nuclear missiles in an attempt to restart the sun.  In that regard, your Leo man is looking for someone that is able to give him life.

The key to the Leo man’s heart is through loving words. Leo men are proud of themselves and they become their best selves when they know that they are surrounded by people who believe in them. You do them service when you are able to be open with your words. He will happily accept them anyway.

When a Leo man has an issue, they can really make a scene. This zodiac sign is also associated with drama after all. When they have a problem, they could become close-minded and egotistic. You would have to attempt to lead them back to their confident self.

He tests you by the things he shares

Leo men have a lot of friends but even with this long list, it does not imply he trusts them all.

He may be enthusiastic about sharing his mundane tasks, or day-to-day with people but he is selective to share his secrets. If he is able to share with you what he considers a failure on his end, you might be one of his chosen people.

A Leo man has standards. He sees himself as regal. He doesn’t want to settle for anyone less than he wants. As a fire sign, he may easily get bored if it doesn’t make him feel good anymore. If he is popular, he will then keep an exclusive, closer circle that not many can access.

He wants a lady that can protect his reputation and public image. He wants you to be able to tell apart what he likes and avoids. The Leo man will become protective of a woman who shields him when he is not there to defend himself from hearsay.

He tests your loyalty

How Does A Leo Man Test You?

As one of the Fixed signs, they take commitment seriously. Many will agree that Leos are loyal and they are ride or die. Leo men wish to be with someone who will be there when things get rough. They want to be with someone who knows how to take care of his heart.

Leo men despite being known for their confidence, are sensitive. He wants someone who can reciprocate their loyalty and make them feel safe from being backstabbed or from betrayal. As they are generous so, do they attract people that take them for granted?

Once you have established that you are here to stay and they know you love them sincerely. They will begin to shower you with their affection in a regal way. They become romantic. The Leo man is willing to commit to life and will pamper you as his love language.

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How your Leo man tests you, in a nutshell…

The Leo man is generous, bold, and direct. He will test you on how much you can bring him life. He tests you on how you can lift him when things get tough.  This man is looking for someone who is passionate as he is.

He will appreciate a woman that can defend him in public and when he is not around. He wants someone that will not take his generosity for granted.

It is not always easy to love a Leo man. He can make a dramatic scene when he has problems. He could become close-minded. He yearns for a love that knows how to handle his moments of fragility without having to expose his weakness. He needs her to give him lots of praise and attention.

He will then reward you with his devotion, protection, and will to provide for you until the very end.



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