How To Attract A Leo Man

How to attract a Leo woman?

Leo is the fifth stage of cosmic creation, from Aries’ “I am”, over the Taurus and “What is mine” and Gemini’s “who is around me”, and then Cancer’s “What are my roots” straight toward “what is my joy”. The Leo stage in life is all about talents, progeny, romances, and generally, about all the matters of the heart.

And the surefire way to attract the Leo man is to become the queen in this king’s heart. This means that you have to be special in some sense, and this can be your professional passion, your appearance, or your unique skill. Something about you has to be special, and also very uplifting in order to catch his glance.

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Why a Leo man is so self-centered?

Leo man is not self-centered, nor is he egoistic. It’s just the fact that the sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun, and naturally, the Lion will become a natural focus in each situation. It’s exactly like the Sun. You don’t have to look at it directly, but you will know its position all the time.

In astrology, there are four major elements, fire, earth, air, and water. And the sign of Leo belongs to the fire element in its stable form. In Aries, fire is ignited, in Sagittarius is weak, but the Sun of Leo shines steadily all the time. And this is the “central” point or area of the whole Zodiac wheel.

In this sense, a Leo man doesn’t feel the innate need to be the “boss” or to rule the world.

He knows that this is his main role, and he feels like this is the only righteous position this life has intended for him. However, it’s not the quality of vanity, but the inner light that dictates him to be present and his presence to be felt.

The ruler of Leo is the Sun, and as such, the Leo man will be all about joy, not ego, and all about expressing the best talents, and emotions toward the whole world.

Leo individuals are not just extremely good leaders, they are also remarkable entertainers, performing artists, and phenomenal parents or teachers, and they possess big, loving, and kind hearts.

Leo man is also lighter in his complexion, hair, and eyes, always has this calming smile on his face, and later on, he is prone to weight gain.

At that age, he can expect some issues with his heart or spine.

What are the main traits of a Leo man?

The Leo man is intelligent and practical. He possesses an unusual energy and he is very proud, too. Due to the strength of his will, he bravely copes with difficulties, almost always achieving the desired goals.

Also, the Leo man can be a great idealist, so when he is disappointed, he immediately takes a defensive stance. The “higher” type of Lion has a natural superiority and radiates positively to the environment, while the “lower” type likes to show off and brag about his connections with influential people, especially politicians.

The Leo man is always surrounded by many people, and thanks to his kind attitude and intelligence, he is able to easily reach a leadership position.

And although he is sociable and noble, and has many useful connections with the most loyal and devoted people, it often happens that someone takes advantage of his “lion’s” nobility or naiveté.

Can you seduce a Leo man?

You can seduce a Leo man if you possess certain qualities which will make you stand above all other people in your surroundings. In this sense, you can be the most beautiful person in the room, someone talented, or someone rebellious, but different, and therefore, exciting.

However, this formula can’t guarantee his devoted love or anything committed happening because his whole chart has to be analyzed to determine what makes his heart tick. And also, some Leos will fall for beautiful appearances, while others will seek something more than just the flashy facade.

And if you really want to know what kind of romantic partner Leo man is attracted to, then you have to find out his natal Venus position, and which is never too far from the Sun. In the case of a Leo man, his natal Venus can be anywhere from Gemini, Cancer, Leo, or Virgo, all the way to Libra.

And the planet Venus in the man’s natal chart shows what he loves in relationships, and what are his core values.

If his natal Venus is the air signs like Gemini or Libra, he will be attracted to talkative, but “light” types of people, who know many things, but at the same time, act diplomatically and with sustained style.

For Gemini Venus, he will love easy kinds of relationships and a youthful appearance, while Libra Venus will love maturity and the ability to act without many words. If a Leo man has his natal Venus in Cancer, then he will fall for a lighter, softer type of behavior, and he will love a silent and gentle partner.

When his natal Venus is in Virgo, he will be all into practical and rational, savvy types of women, but if this Venus is in Leo, then he will strive for a “trophy” wife, his equal queen, or someone very significant.

How to attract the younger Leo man

The younger Leo guy will surprisingly be extremely attracted toward “common” girls, or better to say those girls who are coming from a humble background. However, his special girl will have to show something which will put her above the rest of the crowd.

The area of partnerships for Leo is placed in the sign of Aquarius, just opposite Leo. And this sign is ruled by the planet Saturn in the traditional sense, and also Uranus.

Saturn and Uranus can be positioned in any sign in someone’s natal chart, but where ever those two planets are, they will show how the problems arise and can be resolved, for Saturn, and what is unusual, refreshing, or sudden in the case of Uranus.

In this sense, he will fall for someone who fights with a great zest for some higher causes, like human or animal rights, ecology, or anything similar. And he will think that this person will be truly special if showing some extraordinary results in science or technology.

At the same time, the person of his desires will glow naturally with their inner fire, shine their light, and be someone who comes from the area of “usual” or common people, which will only add a true value to their life mission.

For very young Leo guys, this can mean a gamer girl with her hair painted in blue and green, but for some a little bit more mature, this can mean falling for a young political figure, for instance.

How to attract a mature Leo man

The older or the mature Leo man will feel the strong need to widen his views and meet someone similar, yet refreshingly different than the people he encountered earlier in life. He will seek someone naturally wise, but also energetic and ready to start the new adventure.

If a Leo man ends up alone later on in life, which means that he is divorced or in rare cases widowed, this will mean some sort of defeat for him, and although he will never show it, he will be in a real hurry to find an appropriate long-term partner.

And this will happen simply because he won’t have the nerve to get into the dating scene again and waste his precious time exploring possibilities.

So, the sooner the better will be his highest goal while trying to meet a person who will be his equal in some sense, to take over the place of a queen.

However, this time either he will look for someone knowledgeable, humorous, and seen the world, or he will seek a brave and pure-hearted warrior type of spouse. Or, in some cases, both.

The Sagittarius and Aries houses in his natal chart will become highly active, and the main Archer and Ram traits will become something hard to resist because both of those signs will give him one more chance to experience things he missed while being younger.

He will, then, become exceptionally attracted toward lean-looking ladies who dedicated their lives to teaching others, accomplished the highest academic titles, traveled the world, and still remained positive, open, funny, and down-to-earth, which all derives from the sign of Sagittarius.

He will feel the great joy of being beside someone who had the sporting or military type of education, had to step where most people are afraid just to look at, and still remained pure-hearted.

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