Does a Leo Woman Cheat?

In this article, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Leo women and cheating, we’ll give you all the factual information about whether or not your potential Leo lover is being sneaky and is cheating behind your back!

Yes, a Leo woman will cheat only if she feels that she isn’t given enough love, appreciation, and praise in the relationship, she will also potentially be more inclined to be unfaithful if she expresses overexpression of her ego and her narcissistic tendencies, this unhealthy toxic energy can often feed the need of her to validate and overexpress.

The Leo woman is the proud and grand woman of the zodiac, a natural center of attention, magnetic and powerful in her aura, she is a wonderful person to be around, a great supportive friend, and a passionate and exciting lover. 

Nevertheless, she can be bossy and stubborn, because of the fixed modality that can make her stubborn in receiving changes, she can be extremely opinionated making her a tough one to deal and argue with, ruled by The Sun, the solar powers of this celestial body makes her incredibly magnetic, true light-bringer and harbinger of warm summer.

She is the center of attention and she loves being in it, she thrives when she can express her creative and passionate pursuits, in terms of love, she will be extremely generous and grandiose in her expression of love, and she will surely pamper her lover deep wild love that many men look for.

However, problems can happen and volatile emotions can surface, there can be several ways why your Leo woman would be unfaithful and cheat on you, with that said let’s tackle the psychology of why would your Leo woman cheat in a committed relationship and how can you spot if she’s betraying you behind your back!

Before we jump into more details, there is one thing that a man can do to win a woman (or keep her interested) so she never thinks about cheating, is to intrigue her and keep her intrigued. There is no better person to explain this than Derek Rake. He is the master, click her to see how he does it.

Let’s dig deep!

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Are Leo Women More Likely to Cheat?

Luckily no, Leo women aren’t fond of cheating and most often, they are deemed to be one of the most loyal gals in the zodiac wheel, this is because of their fixed modality and the fire element – obsession and attachments. 

Leo women can be faithful and loyal to their partners, they can also be extremely good at being attached to their partner, whether it’s genuine or not, it sums up to them being good at theatrics. Most often they can be good at faking it.

Either way, being unfaithful is a term that is mostly foreign to a Leo woman, she can be, however, be vindictive to her partner and show to her partner that she’s got plenty of other admirers and worshippers who are waiting to take the chance to get her on a date.

This can be incredibly toxic to both parties in the relationship, either way, and therapy or close-session counseling is a good way to fix a relationship if you both ever truly deem your relationship to be important.

However, if you both think the relationship is becoming toxic and volatile, it is best to just accept that both of you are becoming too complicated for each other, forgive, forget and move on…

Why Do Leo Women Cheat?

The Leo woman can however cheat on her partner due to three simple reasons – she deems her lover to be weak and effeminate, she doesn’t get really enough support, appreciation, and praise from her partner and the last one, and she never loved her and was just there for the power.

First, she can and will cheat on you if she feels like she’s more of the “man” in your relationship, the power dynamics between a couple should be simple, your Leo woman, no matter how tough she might seem should feel feminine and should protect whenever you’re around her.

If she deems you weak and effeminate, she might be more open to looking for guys who are more masculine and dominant than you, this is why it is essentially important to exert a masculine aura and be the leader in your relationship.

The other reason why she would cheat on you is that she feels she’s in a relationship that doesn’t give her growth, she feels stuck because you never give her enough love or affection to begin with, because this woman needs more pampering than usual, acting cold will surely be a way to make her disinterested.

Another reason and last reason why a Leo woman would cheat on you is that she just used you for your money, power, or influence, because she expects a grandiose life of her own and she wants to afford the luxury, she can get into a relationship with a guy just solely because the man gives her the needs and wants that her ego desires.

Once this power or influence diminishes, her affection can lessen and the true colors of her personality can start to surface, she will be extremely volatile and aggressive, either way, a relationship based on giving and take is a relationship doomed to fail.

With that said, the complications in a relationship are necessary to grow but if it becomes harmful to both parties to the point that it gets brutal, it is best to seek counsel or to know when to split and move on. 

Because this woman is good at theatrics, she can be quite expressive about her passion for love for his partner, she can be more emotionally charged and expressive than the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) who are often stereotyped as more emotional.

The Leo woman will have an easier and more harmonious relationship with someone who has fire placements (Aries, Sagittarius) and air placements (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), the relationships formed with these placements are passionate and truly exhilarating, promising a good and fruitful relationship!

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How to Find out if your Leo Woman is Cheating on you?

These are some of the signs that your Leo woman is cheating on you or is planning on replacing you, these potential signs must be an early warning sign to leave…

Let’s find out the signs!

The first thing you’ll notice is that her general vibe and energy will be sneaky and vindictive! She will be mean for no reason, and act spiteful while at the same time hyper-focused on making herself the most beautiful woman on the planet!

She’ll spend extra time looking good and you will see her in the mirror often, grooming and doing her best to look pretty, but beware! She’s doing this not because she wants to look pretty for you but because she wants to attract the other “lover”.

She will often go out with her friends, often partying or on a night out, of course, it will be a girl’s night out so she encourages you not to check up on her, this is often a good sign that she’s sneaking behind your back!

Another sign you’ll notice is that she can be aggressive or at times extremely volatile towards her interaction with you, she’ll be incredibly sharp-tongued and bad-tempered even at the smallest of things, this is a form of projecting her thoughts at you.

She will lie even at the smallest things, lie about her whereabouts, lie wherever she needs and wants to be, she will also be secretive about her phone and socials, if you’ve noticed a guy that keeps lurking on her social media and she is positively reacting to it (by commenting on the guy) then it is pretty safe to say that another guy has caught her attention.

Overall, the relationship will turn downhill from that moment because she will be caught up in her lies, guilt, and anger, you and the people around you will notice it, and her secrecy towards her actions will be most prominent in the relationship.

When this happens it is usually best to just move on with your life, a toxic woman will be no good for you and will never be!

If you’re concerned that your relationship is slipping away and you want to save it, then check out Derek Rakes method. Derek can give you the power back. He will give you the tools you need to make this woman yours for good or to end this relationship and use Derek’s methods to date any woman you desire.

Final Verdict: To keep or not to keep a Leo Woman’s cheating heart? 

Keeping a Leo woman’s cheating heart isn’t and will not be worth it, if she cheats it indicates that he deems you as inferior to him, it is much better to look for another good woman or focus on empowering yourself.

Getting back together with a cheating Leo woman will just feed her ego and make her think that you love her no matter what, meaning she can treat you like crap that she can toss aside, thereby feeding her ego and making her only worse!

Instead of doing things that can make it worse for the both of you, do the right thing, move on and focus on loving yourself more! Go to the gym! Pursue your goals! Spend time with the ones that make you feel warm and happy!

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