7 Effective Ways To Get A Leo Woman Hooked

It’s easy to get intimidated by confident women – let alone Leo women. Even though this is the case, it doesn’t mean that getting her hooked is impossible. If you want to know how then here let’s review some effective ways to do so.

To keep a Leo woman hooked, celebrate her. Admire and appreciate the little details about her. Let her shine and do not even attempt to take away her freedom to work hard for her success. Be loyal and truthful to her. Be fun and adventurous. Most importantly, show her that you are also independent and able to keep up with her.

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That said, before we get into the 7 ways to get her hooked, let’s see what she’s like when she has a crush.  OK, let’s go!

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When A Leo Woman Has A Crush

The one thing that describes a Leo woman is that she is dignified. She takes pride in who she is. So, if she likes you but is not really sure whether you like her back or not, she might hold back a little bit.

Because of how confident a Leo woman is, she has no problems flirting with the person she likes. She is also very direct, and when she does like you, there will be no doubt that she will verbally let you know.

Just like an Aries woman, a Leo woman likes to show off. There is nothing more that she likes than being seen, admired, and desired. She has this charisma – a combination of warmth and power to influence.

It takes no effort for her to show this off, but if she likes someone, she is going to overly show this. She is going to dress up extra for you or drive the car faster. Another thing she does when she likes someone, she will shine her light on you.

She is going to do things with you and take you to places. She will be this warm and generous soul that will spoil you.

Another thing that a Leo woman does when she likes someone is that she gives that person gifts and showers that person with admiration by giving that person compliments. That person will feel that she is admired and respected by this Leo woman.

She will also sort of claim you by showing you off. She will post you on social media even if you do not have a relationship yet. She wants you to feel that you are part of her life and that she is proud of you.

To Seduce A Leo Woman…

It is relatively easy to seduce a Leo woman if you know how to compliment people. Remember when I said that a Leo woman likes to be desired? Well, a Leo woman thrives on flattery.

She thrives when you let her feel that she is important and that she is the most beautiful girl that you have ever seen. This does not mean that your Leo woman is conceited though. This is just how a Leo woman is because she is ruled by the sun.

To make her feel admired and loved, you need to make sure that she feels that she is the center of your attention. Make sure that you make her feel that she is the apple of your eye.

Notice the little details about her, like her hair, her scent, and the like. Flatter her about how good her outfit looks for the day. Lastly, she loves to live a life on a grand scale.

And if you are innately elegant and have taste in clothes and things that give you allure, you are definitely going to seduce a Leo woman.

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7 Effective Ways To Get A Leo Woman Hooked

Celebrate her

Because a Leo woman takes pride in what she does and who she genuinely is, there is no denying that she definitely wants to be celebrated, and she deserves to be.

It is not easy to be true to yourself, and the fact that this is innate to a Leo woman is enough to make her feel special every single day. With this being in mind, know that a Leo woman knows her worth, and she will definitely not settle for less.

So, you need to be that someone that strikes a perfect chord with her.

The thing that you can do to celebrate her is to make sure that she knows how much she wants you. Appreciate her by complimenting the little things you find beautiful.

Even if you have different love languages, make sure that you will be able to show her love and admiration through her love language. One of her possible love languages is gift-giving. This is based on the personality of the Leo woman.

So, treat her with relatively expensive gifts and fancy restaurants.

Let her shine

If you think of influencers, the most successful ones usually are Leos. This just goes to show how a Leo woman is born to influence and inspire. She is born to be a leader in whatever field she is in.

Think of Kylie Jenner. She is the perfect example of a Leo woman. Look at her followers. She leads trends, and she has her own company that she leads. Your Leo woman is the same. She may not be the influencer type but know that there are people that admire her.

Let her know you are willing to take the backseat and let her shine to get her hooked. Let her know that you are willing to take the center stage and bask in everybody’s attention.

Let her know that you are not there to take away her shine. You are there to support her.

Do not take away her freedom

A Leo woman is just like an Aries woman – always wanting for more. A Leo woman always strives for the best of everything. She wants the highest quality of things that she wants.

So, it just makes sense that she has high aspirations and dreams. And the last thing she wants is someone to restrict her from doing these things.

So, you need to let her know that you are not there to take away her freedom of doing things that lead to her success. Trust her.

A Leo woman is known to be jealous, and there really is no need to be anxious about her being unfaithful. These are things that you can do to get her hooked.

Be loyal

As I have said in the previous point, a Leo woman is very loyal. She is the type to take bullets for you. She will love you when she sees the future with you. And when she does love you, she will give you warmth and generosity.

So, to keep her hooked, you need to do the same. You need to be loyal to her and never let her feel that she has competition over your love.

Be fun and adventurous

There is no doubt that a Leo woman is very fun and likes to experience a lot of new and different things. To keep her hooked, you need to show your fun and adventurous side too.

If this is innate to you, then you already have the advantage. But if you are an introvert, then it is time to step out of your comfort zone for your Leo woman.

Take her on dates like hiking and other fun outdoor activities that she will enjoy. Make her laugh. Show that you have a sense of humor because a Leo woman can be quite funny. She can take a joke. So, do not hesitate to show your goofy side.

Be independent

When you meet a Leo woman, you will instantly notice that there is this aura in her that is just admirable. She is very independent and can handle herself pretty well. There is this power that oozes from her and that is something she wants to have in a partner as well.

She dreams of being part of a power couple, and this could only happen if you are independent enough to work hard on your goal to impress her. This is another way to get a Leo woman hooked.

Do not lie to her

As I have mentioned earlier, your Leo woman is very loyal and the thing that hurts her the most is someone betraying her.

If she sees signs that you have tendencies to lie to her, then she will definitely avoid the red signs and move on. So, show her that you have no intentions other than to love her forever.

To keep her hooked, show that you are truthful and trustworthy. You need to get her trust first. Do not even attempt to tell her things that she will doubt – even white lies.

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7 effective ways to get a Leo woman hooked, final thoughts…

To get a Leo woman hooked:

  • Celebrate her
  • Let her shine
  • Do not take away her freedom
  • Be loyal
  • Be fun and adventurous
  • Be independent
  • Do not lie to her



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