How To Talk Dirty To A Leo Woman?

How To Talk Dirty To A Leo woman

Look for no more! In this article, we’re showing you how to turn on your Leo woman by talking dirty to her in person and through text!

When you’re talking dirty to a Leo woman you must continually assure her that she’s gorgeous and you love making love to her, do not be afraid to match her level of assertion, tell her how aggressive and wild you’ll make out with her, be descriptive with your feelings; worship and praise her, she’ll love it.

Leo men women are the strong and fearless women of the zodiac, incredibly loving and big-hearted but courageous and passionate in their endeavors, they are incredibly gifted with the zeal of The Sun

She lives an incredibly passionate and heartwarming love life, in matters of sex, she wants self-assurance that she pleases her man well and at the same time wants his man to assert himself enough in order to please her.

Her sex drive can even top her fellow fire signs sisters (Aries and Sagittarius), this woman is not playing around when it comes to sex, ruled by The Sun, she’ll have incredible energy levels in and out of the bedroom!

With that said, how can you turn her on through dirty talking? In this article, we’re going to show you the perfect way to talk dirty to your Leo woman!

Let’s dig in!

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How to turn on a Leo woman through dirty talking?

How To Talk Dirty To A Leo woman?

Before talking dirty to your Leo woman, you must make sure you are in the right state of mind, always, and be focused on doing one thing — turn on your desire.

Your Leo woman is proud but wants reassurance from the man she loves, even if she knows how gorgeous she is, she still wants you to acknowledge it and praise her like no other!

When you’re talking dirty to her, ask yourself why you want to turn her on. Is it because you’ve turned on yourself and want something to happen? If the answer is yes then you’re in the right state of mind.

To begin dirty talking with her, you must continually praise her looks or figure while sensually touching her, specifically her waist or back, this increases her energy levels up and sets you up in the right mood.

Continually praise her while whispering in her ears what dirty deeds you’re gonna do to her if she lets you do this in a manly and deep voice, the raspier the better.

Get expressive and emotionally charged, when you’re talking dirty to her, don’t be afraid to get intimate in the middle of a heated conversation, tell her things like  “I’ve never laid eyes like this on anyone but only you.” while holding on intense eye contact.

This will overall, turn him on like no other.

How to talk dirty to a Leo woman through text?

“Worship” her body

How To Talk Dirty To A Leo woman?

When you’re messaging her be sure to be imaginative when saying things that would please her mind just by thinking about it!

Tell her how much you wanted to give pleasure to her body, treat it as sacred and a place to be venerated…

When you’re worshipping her body try to be sensual and tell her how much you love and adore her physical beauty, maybe her figure or any part of her body you’re wildly attracted to!

Get descriptive in how you want the sex to happen

This applies both to Leo men and women, in this case when you’re talking dirty to her through text message!

Get descriptive on how you’re gonna do the sex part when you have the chance to see her.

Tell her you want to touch her, caress her, do things to her pleasure spots, the key is to be freaky as possible when describing how you’ll do her when you see her.

This will definitely create tension and arousal on her part!

Tease her with romantic adventures

Tease her with romantic escapades! Entice her to do different sex positions or entice her to make love to you in different places other than your bedroom!

This encourages her to get creative and imaginative about where and how it would happen!

Play truth or dare “sexting” edition

How To Talk Dirty To A Leo woman?

When you’re in the heat of sexting her, play truth or dare during the conversation…

This will immensely turn up the heat as both of you are exploring your wildest and darkest sides in a fun and teasing way!

When you’re playing this with her, remember to be lighthearted and upbeat, do not play the game just for the sake of turning her on, instead, be fun and enjoy the process!

Don’t be afraid to tap into your animalistic side

Don’t be afraid to tap into your Animalistic side, more often than not when talking dirty to her be sure to be your most aggressive and wild as much as possible, because this woman craves intense and sometimes even ruthless animalistic sex.

Telling her you’re just that, a dominant man who likes to assert himself and control will make her immensely turned on.

Send her sexy photos of you

Send him hot photos of yourself, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a nude photo, anything that showcases your physical looks, your muscles, maybe your beard or abs, anything that you know might turn him on!

Be full of fire!

How To Talk Dirty To A Leo woman?

Last but not least! Love what you’re doing! Talk dirty to her in a way where she’ll genuinely feel you’re enjoying it too!

Talking dirty to a Leo woman, final thoughts…

Dirty-talking Leo women are fun to do, because of their high energy levels, she can reciprocate back the energy you give to her at an outstanding level, she’s a real woman-keeper to be sure!

It is also essential to talk dirty to him as a part of foreplay or any regular conversation physically and through text as it keeps the passion and lust in the relationship and fortifies the walls of it completely, we cannot deny that sex is an important aspect in keeping relationships together!

When you’re talking dirty through text, however, you must always praise her sexual prowess and reassure her, do not be afraid to be straightforward in telling her what you want to do to her and how you’ll pleasure her…

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