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How To Attract A Leo Woman

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Leo is the focal point of the whole Zodiac circle where the fire element is the strongest. The spark imagined in Aries, materialized in Taurus, and spread through Gemini and rooted in Cancer, now emerges and shines right out of the sign of Cancer. This is why the Leo individuals are so memorable.

A Leo woman is brimming with self-esteem and a unique style. And to attract a Leo woman, you will have to play the “opposite” game by behaving like someone who comes from a humble origin, had to overcome many obstacles in life, and now is ready to finally find his queen, and crown her as such to rule his kingdom. 

Is a Leo woman selfish?

A Leo woman is never essentially selfish, except in the case where the other negative planetary aspects affect her natal chart. As a general rule, she has a big, kind heart, and although she might be hard to cope with sometimes, her strong self-esteem is not a sign of her self-centeredness.

A Leo woman has her natal Sun naturally placed in the sign of Leo. And this shows that the Sun is the ruler of her first house and therefore, her personality. In a way, she is the Sun and everything revolves around her. And, not her feelings per se, because the Sun’s fire is not about emotional fluctuations, but rather steady, common-sense principles.

Full of will and energy, the Leo woman resolves all her problems, never giving up on her principles. She is not the one who suffers in silence and loneliness. Unsteady emotions frustrate her to the point that she instantly resolves them, sometimes in a radical way.

She also loves ceremonies and parties, home gatherings with a large number of guests, where she will show herself in the best light, as a successful entrepreneur, CEO, or a woman who runs the household and perfectly raises children.

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She demands a lot from life, thinking that it is natural, and this is exactly why she succeeds, and people generally admire her because she is persistent, moral, and wise. Sometimes she can be conservative or old-fashioned, but always with a perfect style.

She also knows how to be spectacularly funny, and then she is completely in her element. She does not want to appear in public if every detail on her is not perfect, and that also shows her innate discipline.

It’s as if she has a control panel, the Leo woman is completely able just to press the switch and regulate her feelings instantly. Even if it is a matter of deep love, she will not cope with any insult or cheating from her partner. And if she only suspects that something is going on behind her back, she will not bang her head over it, but will instantly stop loving, and move on. And this type of behavior might indicate that she is selfish, but she is truly proud and honorable.

What are the main traits of a Leo woman?

The Leo woman has an irresistible charm and anyone who is given the opportunity to get closer to her will inevitably succumb to her attractiveness, seriousness, and intrusive pride. She is full of joy and vitality she so freely and contagiously spreads on to all the people in her surroundings.

Because she maintains the strong faith in her own strength, the Leo woman quickly becomes needed by everyone around her, in this case, she is not too proud, or in some rare cases, conceited. And although she powerfully attracts men, she must control the need to always be the strongest or the most stubborn one.

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If it is a “lower” type of woman of this sign, then it can happen that while trying to be elegant and chic, she crosses some boundaries, and appears flashy, or too ornate with brands. But if that is not the case, this woman is the epitome of a unique style, and she is the perfect spouse for every ambitious and worldly-successful man.

Otherwise, she is always mannered, discreet, without prejudices, compromises, and complexes, and she does not pay attention to gossip and everything mediocre.

How to pursue a Leo woman?

A Leo woman will fall for the charm of someone brave, noble, but at the same time, realistic and down-to-earth when it comes to real-life battles. This person needs to be her equal, but also, this person needs to be a bit better or smarter, which are not the easiest qualities to achieve.

The love of the Lioness is passionately fiery and lasting, and she knows how to sacrifice only for her beloved. She is often more attached than all other women, and she is the one who feels, offers, gives, enchants, she is noble and truly intimate. She is actually a being to whom it is impossible to return all good deeds.

That is why her partner must be up to the idea of a perfect person, and he can only achieve that if he is disciplined, realistic, and at the same time gentle, kind, and reasonable. And of course, he must be successful in life to provide her with the conditions she imagines she deserves.

And this image of perfection will be easiest to achieve by acting, or better to say “fake it until you make it” methodology. By acting like someone knowledgeable, ready to take risks, show durable results, and at the same time, treat the Leo woman like a lady and meet her expectations, you will have to hear heart very quickly.

How to attract the younger Leo woman

If you want to attract a younger Leo girl you have to play the role of the “hero saving the princess”. You as the “hero” will appear to be someone plain or coming from the plain environment. But all of the sudden, you will show your superhuman skills. And, you’ll get all of her attention instantly.

In a Leo girl’s natal chart, her ideal partner is seen from the sign of Aquarius. And this sign is ruled by Saturn and Uranus at the same time. And although those two planets can be positioned anywhere in someone’s chart, they always indicate the same narratives.

Saturn as the ruler of Aquarius is all about coming from the humble origin, being powerfully connected to the collective, or belonging to the group of people who think likewise. On the other side, Uranus is all about being rebellious for those “lower” psychology types, and also being innovative, and capable of breaking frontiers for those “higher types”.

Having those facts in mind, a Leo girl will most likely madly fall in love with someone who stands out from his crowd, and this crowd will be opposite to her “crowd” consisting of special, noble, and probably rich people. She will fall for the one standing “over there” on the other side of the social order, but this person will have some marvelous qualities for sure.

How to attract a mature Leo woman

To attract a mature Leo lady, you will have to play on the card of being wise, but funny at the same time, and also being trained for all sorts of emergencies. On one side, she will be amazed by your knowledge, and on the other, with your dangerous and therefore, sexy physical skills.

If a Leo lady is single and available in her mature years, this means that she didn’t manage to find the appropriate king earlier in life. Or the person she had chosen before failed to be her true king in some sense. Now, she is not just after the power or influence, because she probably created those qualities herself, she is more into exploring the unknown worlds of existence.

This is happening because her Sagittarius and Aries houses in horoscope become active. And in this sense, she will seek someone who achieved the position of a teacher, instructor, or a guru of some sort, feeling the innate need to learn something more or something different from that person. Of course, this individual would also have to be educated, traveled, and have a noble sense of humor.

And on the other side, she will long for a brave warrior, someone who’s been trained in martial arts, military service, or someone who worked or who is working in emergencies, like a doctor for instance.

This will happen because in her mind and her heart also, an individual worthy of her trust and admiration will be the one to use the body, mind, and courage to save others or fight for the proper cause. This will be something amazing, and sexy at the same time, so she will find it hard to resist.

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