How To Talk Dirty To A Libra Woman?

How To Talk Dirty To A Libra Woman

If you’re dating (or want to date) a Libra woman, then you have come to the right place.  Let’s talk about how to talk dirty to a Libra woman to turn her on and make your relationship fun and exciting! 

Talking dirty to a Libra woman is simple – playful banter and airy flirtation. These two things go hand in hand, assert yourself, challenge her assumptions of you, and exceed her expectations. While talking dirty, you must keep an air of friendliness and playfulness and not get overly serious.

Libra women are the diplomatic women of the zodiac, very diplomatic, graceful, kind and thoughtful, gifted with beauty and grace, they are incredibly romantic and passionate in terms of expressing their love and affection to their partners.

Ruled by Venus and is a cardinal air sign, she thrives in communication and exchange of ideas, she will be incredibly wonderful to be around, especially in social scenes where one involves socializing and meeting new people.

With that said, how can you turn her on and elevate her arousal levels to the roof by talking dirty to her? Do not fret as we’re giving you the ways to talk dirty to a Libra woman successfully!

Let’s jump right in!

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How to turn on a Libra woman through dirty talking?

How To Talk Dirty To A Libra Woman

Talking dirty to her requires two things – playful banter and flirting.

These two go hand in hand when you’re in the process of dirty talking to her because she is an air sign, she likes dirty talking as much as you do because she can express herself freely when she talks.

In her mind, flirting with her partner is just the same as dirty talking with her, as such don’t be surprised if she just randomly or casually talks about making love to you in the busiest and most public of places.

Represented by the scales, she comes off as perfectly balanced, however, she often is not and instead craves that perfect “balanced” life, even in relationships and sex.

She can be a bit of a pleaser, in and out of the bed, if you’re with a Libra woman, your job is to make her self-assured enough to know that both of you will get the fun and pleasure.

When you have reassured her enough with that, start on with the dirty talking process, doesn’t matter if you’re in the bedroom, in the car driving, or at a shopping mall, keep on chatting with her.

By seemingly friendly “flirting” that potentially leads to arousal and then sex, you are stimulating her mind and ego and you are sticking up to an Air sign’s thought process.

When you do a playful banter with her, you can tease her with things like repeating certain phrases that denote sexual pleasure, teasing her with things that are sex or pleasure related, and being chatty about different positions you might wanna try with her.

Keep the conversation light and fun, your Libra woman loves a good time and she probably will go with the rhythm once you’ve set the pace of the conversation.

You can also tease her about how some people have unusual kinks and ask her what kink she might like, tell her too that you might wanna try some kinks that both of you haven’t tried yet, this immensely turns her on like no other!

When you’re flirting with her which is the same as dirty talking in her mind, always be sure to have a cool demeanor, do not get overly giddy or childish, keep your air of manliness, and always be sure to talk in a deep and raspy voice, prolonged eye contacts and sultry smile also helps.

How to talk dirty to a Libra woman through text?

Woo her by being romantic and distant at the same time. 

Because you’re potentially talking dirty to her on the phone which means both of you are far away from each other at that given moment.

This is a great time to make her miss you by messaging messages that will turn her on and melt her heart at the same time.

Message her things like, “You know how great it would be to just sit here with you and talk about life and maybe do something else after…” or “A nice touch from you would be nice but I bet you’re looking for more than just that…”

Being expressive in wooing her while keeping an air of distance is a great way to make her head over heels for you, in no time she’ll likely reciprocate and keep the conversation going.

Be poetic and “gooey” in dirty talking to her

How To Talk Dirty To A Libra Woman

When you’re in the heat of dirty talking to her on the phone, get poetic and mushy when you express your lust and desire to make love to her in bed.

Be imaginative and creative, you can even be funny in delivering it, the point is you need to get poetic in delivering your lusty dirty messages to her to turn her on immensely!

“Cliche” dirty pickup lines work with her well

Your Libra woman is an idealist in love, she probably grew up thinking that cliched romanticism in films is what and should be the standard in lovemaking.

Things like roses, a candle-lit room, and nice hand-written messages from her lover are what set the mood for her…

As such even cliche pickup lines that denote things lustfully and sexually help her get aroused in messages, there are tons of pickup lines you can create and find on the internet, the key here is to both be fun in delivering it.

Keep the sunshine and passion in.

Send her lyrics to a romantic yet lustful song

How To Talk Dirty To A Libra Woman

If you have a song in mind, try sending the lyrics to her and see how she’ll react, most likely she’ll get fuzzy and romantic about it, it’s not that you’re not original in your way of talking dirty to her.

It’s a fact that you remember a lustful song and it solemnly reminded you of her.

The more romance the better

Emotional intimacy is a must for a Libra woman! When talking dirty to her, do not be afraid to express your love and affection.

For her love and sex are both the same and part of the spectrum that you need to show in order to make her feel balanced and well in a relationship.

Send her messages like, “God I love talking dirty to you but I love it more than I’m still with you after all these years” or “I love pleasuring you just as much as I care about you in this relationship”

Well-written phrases after the “dirty” and “freaky” messages get her turned on like no other!

Tell her how much you like her

How To Talk Dirty To A Libra Woman

Last but not least, tell her sincere comments that compliment her greatly, tell her how beautiful she is and how lucky you are with her, tell her the things you’d do to her, and tell her how good her style is.

The more you tell her how much you like her physically makes her self-assured about herself and will be more eager to please you back in and out of the bedroom!

Dirty talking with your Libra woman’s final thoughts

Libra women are sensual and romantic, dirty talking is fine with them as long as they can feel self-assured and their partners are giving them the kind of romantic love they are looking for.

Overall, the best way to talk dirty to her is to be romantic and playful especially when you’re talking dirty to her, playful banter and flirting are essential to turn on a Libra woman, doesn’t matter how random it is, if she is a chatterbox, match her energy!

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