How Does A Libra Woman Test You?

How Does A Libra Woman Test You?

The Libra woman is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. They make great mediators in places of conflict. As they govern the 7th house. Libra is all about partnerships. The Libra woman is charismatic, friendly, and sees the best in everyone. They are natural peacemakers and are skilled diplomats.

The Libra woman will test your patience. You would need to prove yourself to her before she can give you, her devotion. She is only interested in someone that can secure and support her. Commitment is not easily earned with this sign, but once you have won her, she will prioritize what makes you happy.

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That said, let’s take a look at your Libra woman in more detail…

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Profile of a Libra woman

How Does A Libra Woman Test You

The Libra woman is a social butterfly. She Is always found in the presence of her friends or connected to them in some way.

As she is associated with Venus, she enjoys surrounding herself with beautiful things and people, but it doesn’t mean that they are superficial, in fact, they like to chat with intellectuals and are attracted to a man with a beautiful heart too. The inside also matters to them.

The Libra woman is protective, she may not always jump into conflicts, but they are prepared to give you a living hell if you hurt anyone she loves. Libra is Justice in the Tarot and is exalted in Saturn, she is a force not to be underestimated.

As she is influenced by the air element, she will definitely enjoy hearing about other people’s lives. She might fall into the rumor mill without her realizing it.

As they are the managers of the 7th house, they are generally kind but can also come across as indecisive because they are too busy thinking of what the other person might think or feel. Libra is represented by the scales and aims to keep things balanced at all times.

A Libra woman has leadership qualities and is adaptable to change. It might be difficult for her to express or even figure out what she truly wants. They are not quick to commit and will most likely date the entire zodiac wheel before she does, or you know, she won’t date at all.

In romantic settings, she only requests good company. The Libra woman’s characteristic is to always put others first before them. When a Libra woman loves you, you don’t even need to question it. They will show you their affection every chance they get.

7 ways a Libra woman will test you

She tests you with time

How Does A Libra Woman Test You?

The Libra woman has commitment issues. You would have to set expectations not to rush them if you want to end up with her. It is also good to note that they act like mirrors. Your actions will reflect on how she behaves towards you.

You might have a good time with her, and things look smooth but as she is ruled by the scales, she is thinking about things if it is viable. She always has to weigh in and think if she accepts you in her life, will the balance be out of order? It does not guarantee that you have already convinced her.

Do not rush the Libra woman to be in love or be committed. They embrace their freedom and know that they are charismatic. When you take them for granted and they have decided to move on, usually there’s no turning back.

She will instead think there are plenty more in the sea who can appreciate her as she is and there’s no need to settle. This is what’s happening now with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

She will test you with her indirectness

When it comes to honesty, the Libra woman will appreciate a transparent partner. However, she herself might struggle to do this. There are cases that she may not have the intention to lie but will decide not to tell you in order to avoid any conflicts.

If she does lie and gets caught, she is prepared to prove her point. On top of that, she is capable of holding a grudge. If a Libra woman lies it doesn’t usually come from a place of deception but rather to keep everyone happy. Many times, you might have to compromise when it comes to a Libra woman.

There are also blunt Libra women who rely more on the values of fairness and justice. Another take is that a Libra woman is difficult to get to know on an intimate level because people assume they are close to her but in reality, she is quite guarded and cares a lot about how she appears to other people.

She tests your social graces

The Libra woman will dislike you if you talked her over. She does not like when people are disrespectful. She will not enjoy seeing someone bullying another person. Libra is all about fairness and harmony. She might have trouble trying to vent it out.

It might be that she will become passive-aggressive about the things she is bothered with. You would need to remind her that there is no crime in speaking her mind. The Libra woman is the type of person that will sacrifice her mental health just for everyone’s approval.

Libra is influenced by the air element and is an excellent observer. This is a reminder that Libra most likely knows the latest gossip and takes pride that they know things about others that most people have no idea about. They also use this in their interactions with people.

If you want a tip, don’t tell a Libra woman all your secrets.

She tests you by keeping her company

How Does A Libra Woman Test You?

Libra is a zodiac that gets a reputation for being codependent. The Libra woman does not want to be by herself and may have an issue with being single. For Libra, relationships are like blood flowing in. If you want to keep her, you would need to make sure you are always there when she needs you.

However, you have to do it in a way that does not come across as emotionally draining. Libra dislikes petty cries or unnecessary calls for attention. She wants to have a partner that is reliable because she is already aware of her indecisive personality.

She tests how playful you are

Many times, a Libra woman might go to extremes and give people a good time. It may also manifest in a way that she is shy about her sensuality. This has something to do with the Sun being in the fall in Libra. Her self-esteem suffers.

The Libra woman looks like she can fall in love non-stop with someone for good or again, with changing partners of the season. These ladies are amorous. If you get her to settle with you, they will not appreciate traditional marriage settings.

If she trusts you, she will be experimental and aims to please her partner. A good partner for the Libra woman is an open-minded individual that is not prone to jealousy.

She will test you in her detachment

The Libra woman will isolate herself when they are vulnerable. This is not the most comfortable thing for them to do as they dislike being left alone. They will try to apply logic to what they’re feeling. She becomes disconnected from people that they don’t feel aligned.

As a result, she might come across as cold or unemotional at times. The Libra woman will not make an effort with someone she has no chemistry with.

She will test you with her mind games

How Does A Libra Woman Test You?

The Libra woman is knowledgeable about what’s happening in her crowd. She is able to get close to others and people like to flock to her because she makes a great listener. They are charismatic and sometimes leverage that to make people do things for them.

If there is a skill the Libra woman has, that is influence. They can convince others to go along with what they think is better. She might reveal something confidential just to entertain others. Another way is that they might self-pity when things get tough.

It can be difficult for a Libra woman to assume responsibility when times do not go her way. The key here is not to assume things with her. Love her without expecting anything back. Hang out with her because you enjoy her company.

That way regardless of what happens both can cherish the memories.

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Is your Libra woman testing you, final thoughts…

The Libra woman will test you with her playfulness and challenge of commitment. She is a social butterfly and may flirt unconsciously or is even proud of it. They are codependent in their general relationships and aren’t looking to get tied down.

She enjoys her freedom and anything that is too serious or forceful in having to get her to pledge her commitment can scare her.

A good partner for the Libra woman is someone who is outgoing and is not easily jealous. They are ruled by Venus so you can expect that people will always be attracted to her. She would prefer a man who is like her and can respect her boundaries.

The Libra woman takes her time to get to know someone. They won’t have a hard time moving on. She might have regrets if she knows she didn’t treat you right but inevitably, life goes on and she can try again.



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