How Does A Gemini Woman Test You?

How Does A Gemini Woman Test You?

Gemini is the 3rd zodiac and is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. As the symbolism of Gemini is ruled by two heads or twins, a Gemini woman would be the type to see two sides of the coin.

She is one of those that can agree with you but may have other ideas in her mind. They can be fickle on the things they want and they enjoy having variety. Maybe you met a Gemini woman so you have doubts if she Is really interested.

The Gemini woman will test you on how supportive and accepting you are of who she is. Ultimately, Gemini wants a partner that they can talk to about anything and everything. Boredom is a nightmare for them and the key to success when it comes to a Gemini woman is to keep her stimulated.

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Profile of a Gemini Woman

The Gemini woman is fun, witty, and creative. They have the skill of making things seem easy. She is a social butterfly and, in the zodiac, Gemini is also mutable meaning they are adaptable to change. These women like to be stimulated intellectually which also is the reason they seem restless.

Her personality may not look like they’re seeking deep connections but don’t feel hopeless.

The Gemini woman still wants to find that intimacy with someone that’s long-lasting. She doesn’t mind relentlessly swiping right or going back to the dating scene. It could be tricky to discern if she actually has romantic feelings or maybe they are just enjoying themselves.

They have an inner child spirit that does not grow up. She remains curious and has a blast discovering new ideas. These women always welcome a different experience. She might also participate in gossip or discreetly enjoys rumors.

Because of her unpredictable character, the Gemini woman sometimes finds it challenging for her to remain focused on one thing.

They are the type to say what they are thinking at the moment. Pursuing a Gemini woman would require a lot of patience on your end as she is indecisive and she will take her time when it comes to a serious relationship.

When a Gemini woman likes someone, she may express this in words. You will know she may have feelings for you when she talks more about personal or serious issues. Topics would be deeper versus small talk.

Usually, they like to keep busy, but if she likes you, she will make a way to give you time. A Gemini woman in love will be comfortable opening up to you and her eyes will always shine with excitement when you are together.

7 ways a Gemini woman will test you

She tests you by her independence

How Does A Gemini Woman Test You?

Gemini doesn’t like to be placed in a container. The Gemini woman wants to have her space. She might be social but it is inevitable that she turns to introverted behavior to pursue her own hobbies and projects.

She is not threatened if you say you will leave her. What she looks for is a companion that can match the things she’s interested in. If you always ask her where she is or what she is up to, she might get turned off.

She tests your sanity

Gemini women are unpredictable, you will not be sure if the woman you’ll be seeing that night will be a happy prankster or if she shows up and let you see a bit more of her serious side. This is why she will test you if you accept her as who she is. Marilyn Monroe is a Gemini and she is quoted as saying, “If you don’t love me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best.”

She tests you depending on her boredom

Unlike the Taurus woman that likes things to remain as they are. Gemini is their antithesis. It doesn’t suggest they can’t commit to a long-term relationship but boredom is a big issue for them. If you want to keep a Gemini woman, have an open mind and adapt intellectually. These women enjoy partners that they can talk to about anything.

She will test your patience

How Does A Gemini Woman Test You?

Getting to know a Gemini Woman needs a lot of patience and understanding. Sure, they are great in communication but that gets thrown away when it has something to do with her feelings.

She may show that she is affectionate with you but she may still choose to hide her emotions. This woman does not want to expose anything that makes her seem weak.

She can have struggles in validating her feelings. They can easily put on a mask to hide what she truly feels. In order to discern if she is having problems, the Gemini woman will not talk as much as she regularly does and their enthusiasm is replaced by isolation.

Gemini is a sign that overthinks a lot and is a sponge to their surroundings.

She will test how you can adapt to her

The Gemini woman has an inconsistency with the decisions she makes and how she can act with people. As she is restless and likes to keep herself busy, she will find it hard to sit in one place.

If you want to keep things efficient, don’t ask her to decide things for you. Since she always sees two sides, she would prefer not to decide. It is hard for her to pick only one when you can have everything instead.

She tests you with her judgments

Gemini women enjoy having an opinion. To some, she might come across as a judgmental person, but the reason is she does judge based on what she sees in her appearance.

She might not have found out things about that person yet but already made an opinion on someone until she has more information about it. This is also the reason why you might experience misunderstandings with her as she can make others think she is superficial.

She tests you on your ability to commit

How Does A Gemini Woman Test You?

Commitment and Gemini don’t usually find themselves in the same sentence. The Gemini woman rarely finds a long-term commitment because of her own inconsistencies and dislike of being controlled.

She is a woman who likes her freedom. Oftentimes, she will experience many relationships before settling.

Her partner would have to be given extraordinary patience when it comes to making a Gemini woman commit. It would benefit both of them if they focused on enjoying the moment rather than expecting that their relationship is the finale. For a Gemini, the word commitment can feel like it’s a trap.

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Your Gemini woman is testing you, final word…

Gemini is one of the most difficult signs to have a commitment with. It is like choosing the highest level in the game of life. Gemini women are content with being single or they often think it is easy to meet someone new.

A Gemini woman will test you on how patient you can be and if you are able to accept her as she is. She is unpredictable, spontaneous, and likes to keep things brand new.  

An ideal partner for a Gemini woman is someone who can give her space and can be independent like her. She suppresses her emotions by treating them logically but she yearns to be vulnerable with someone she trusts enough.

It will take a lot of patience to handle her but she proves to be an extremely loyal partner once she is convinced about you.



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