5 Signs A Gemini Woman Is Playing You

A Gemini woman has a hard time expressing her emotions, so it may be easier for you to know if she is not serious about you through her actions. If you want to know the signs when a Gemini woman is playing you, you have come to the right place.

When a Gemini woman is playing you, she won’t be trustworthy and will keep lying. She also becomes unfaithful to you. She will also become detached and inconsiderate towards your needs, especially when you open up to her. Moreover, she will constantly test you by playing hard-to-get and playing mind games.

Sounds simple enough, but we’ve just scratched the surface with this woman.

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That said, before we talk about the signs this woman is playing, let’s see what she is like in love.

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Characteristics Of A Gemini Woman In Love

She is understanding

She is so adaptable and understanding that she almost cannot find any flaw in the man she loves and moreover wants to always be there for the people around her.

When a Gemini woman is in love and spending time with a man who completely understands her and motivates her inner self, she will only be at her best and behave the same way.

A Gemini woman will cherish all of your differences in a relationship and, rather than using them against you, will embrace you wholeheartedly. She will not permit anyone to even remotely think that your bad traits are greater than the positive ones.

Even if she is surrounded by people who constantly bring you down, she will manage to maintain her own opinion about you.

She is communicative

In a relationship, a Gemini woman needs connection and communication because she is a naturally curious person. She has the ability to convey ideas in an engaging and humorous style while always putting the most profound concepts into aesthetically stunning forms.

The worst thing you can do to a Gemini woman is to refuse to communicate; doing so will most likely result in the breakdown of your relationship. In both good and bad situations, continue to communicate by talking or even writing a message.

The Gemini woman is a very outgoing, bright, and talkative partner who is worth spending a lifetime with.

She is affectionate

The Gemini woman only expresses her actual feelings and personality when she falls in love. She develops a strong emotional attachment with her lover and shows it through unexpected embraces, kisses, morning cuddles, and other displays of affection.

A Gemini woman is intimately as unpredictable as she is creative and original.

She may not be completely certain of her feelings or whether she will stay forever, but she is aware that she needs to enjoy the moment and show her love. A Gemini woman is clear about what she wants in a partner, but if she doesn’t get it, she’ll move on.

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Characteristics A Gemini Woman Dislikes In A Man


A Gemini woman hates anyone who doesn’t challenge her mind with their intelligence.

She might be easily turned off by a man who cannot hold a sustained and interesting conversation with her. Unless he can think at her pace and help her be open to new ideas, her partner might not be a significant person in her circle.

A Gemini woman prefers to have a mental connection with her partner. She likes to have a man who can keep up because she is intelligent and can digest information quickly. A Gemini woman is used to seeing many perspectives, therefore being overly rigid in her thinking can bother her.


The Gemini woman is a very honest person who immediately acknowledges her flaws and errors. In her relationships, she prefers transparency and does her hardest to find quick solutions to problems by communicating.

When she is with a man who refuses to engage in discussions, she might lose her temper.

Moreover, if a man has a track record of building anger, engaging in passive aggression, and storing rage, she will loathe him in their relationship. People may put up walls and stay a safe distance from the Gemini woman because of her aloof personality.

If there is a problem, she wants to have an open conversation and find answers rather than increasing the situation and expanding the problem.


A Gemini woman becomes annoyed by men who try to be domineering.

The arrogance that tries to stifle her thoughts and actions is very annoying to her because she highly values having her own space. If a man enjoys being the center of attention and constantly asking for recognition, she might not be able to tolerate such domination in her life.

A Gemini woman is flexible and can be laid back, but if someone is too strict, a rule enforcer, or repeatedly tells her what to do, her cunning side will come out. Being weighed down by a clinging weight is not something an air sign enjoys.

She is a powerful woman, and limiting her to satisfy one’s wishes will only lead to disaster.

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5 Signs A Gemini Woman Is Playing You

She isn’t trustworthy

To begin with, a Gemini woman won’t be trustworthy because she doesn’t tell you things. If you ask her questions about this, she won’t tell you the truth even when lying is unnecessary. A Gemini woman simply does not want some details about her life to be known to someone she is unsure of.

Unless she is convinced otherwise, she is skeptical from the start.

She will act dishonestly behind your back while she is violating your trust or maybe cheating on you. It’s challenging to distinguish fact because of how skillfully a Gemini woman can lie. In reality, she is rarely affected by the suffering that her untrustworthy action results in for you.

Moreover, she will only be available if it is beneficial for her with no strings attached.

She is detached

The Gemini woman rarely commits to someone unless she has thoroughly explored all of the possibilities.

It’s also possible for her to fall in love and out of it rapidly. Therefore, if your Gemini woman is in the mood to take advantage of and play with your feelings, don’t be surprised if she is less influenced by your demands, needs, or convenience.

You should take it as a sign of her lack of interest in you has persisted for longer than normal. Although a Gemini woman is not egotistical, her laid-back attitude is a result of her instability and frequent mood swings. She will feel uneasy and becomes detached when she discovers she is in a loveless relationship.

She is inconsiderate

A Gemini woman will start becoming harsh and your feelings won’t be given a single thought. Instead, she’ll say you’re being overly sensitive and she won’t treat you with respect either. A Gemini woman will also strike when you are at your weakest.

Because she will soon split up with you, she doesn’t want her to have to worry about hurting you, thus she doesn’t want you to continue relying on her emotionally.

Despite her assurances that she will be there for you, she will only disappoint you or never show up. When you need her, she will take a rain check, and when things become tough, she will leave. A Gemini woman will become critical and will never be considerate towards your feelings.

She is unfaithful

A Gemini woman will reconsider all of her options now that she is eager to move on and looking forward to doing so. If she isn’t emotionally invested in you, she may have several sexual interests. She has a talent for communication, which gives her the chance to interact with a large group of individuals.

A Gemini woman will find an excuse to leave you if she is involved in unfaithful activities behind your back. If she is playing you, she will be overly flirtatious and neglect your suffering. She will be aware that you might be in pain, but as long as she hasn’t made any promises to you, she views herself as a free woman.

She tests you

A Gemini woman might not express any emotion at all when she is playing you and she will actually always find it tough to express her feelings to you.

Because she enjoys the game of being pursued and pursuing someone she has her sights on, she may occasionally purposefully play hard to get. A Gemini woman is trying to test you when she starts to act this way.

She wants to know how you think and sees if you and she are on the same page. A Gemini woman will frequently state that she isn’t ready for a commitment if she isn’t interested in developing a serious relationship with you.

She won’t comply with any of your demands to clarify your status with her or the relationships you have with her.

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5 signs a Gemini woman is playing you, final thoughts…

If a Gemini woman is playing you:

  • She isn’t trustworthy
  • She is detached
  • She is inconsiderate
  • She is unfaithful
  • She tests you



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