Does a Gemini Woman Cheat?

In this article, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Gemini women and their cheating habits? Do Gemini women cheat? Are they more likely to cheat than any other zodiac sign? If you suspect your Gemini woman is cheating on you, what are ways that you can spot her lying?

Now to answer if a Gemini woman can cheat…

Yes, a Gemini woman can and will cheat if she feels that the relationship is dull and she finds the relationship non-committal or if both of you agreed to not make the relationship “serious”, detached nature can also make her feel less remorse when cheating – all recipes for cheating, lying and unfaithfulness.

The Gemini woman is the incredibly fun and popular woman of the zodiac, wise and witty, she knows how to work and interact with people, making her extremely likable, her charm comes from her wit, ruled by Mercury, this woman is cunning! But she often hides it by her nice friendly girl facade…

In terms of love, she is a fun and exciting lover, often showing her love in different ways, she can be a woman full of talents and can amaze you in the process, when in a relationship, you’ll be sure to be in excitement 24/7…

There can be several ways why your Gemini woman would be unfaithful and cheat on you, with that said let’s tackle the psychology of why a Gemini woman would be most likely to cheat in a committed relationship than any other zodiac sign!

Before we jump into more details, there is one thing that a man can do to win a woman (or keep her interested) so she never thinks about cheating, is to intrigue her and keep her intrigued. There is no better person to explain this than Derek Rake. He is the master, click her to see how he does it.

Let’s jump right in!

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Are Gemini Women More Likely to Cheat?

Yes, Gemini women are more likely to cheat due to their inclination to be detached in romantic relationships, she is also most likely to cheat if people are trying to tease and flirt with her and her impulsive chaotic side gives in.

The Gemini woman is more likely to cheat than any other zodiac sign because of her energy and modality, she is ruled by Mercury.

The mercurial energy of being fast-paced, going on to the next thing out of impulsivity and boredom is part of her, especially if her underdeveloped shadow traits are present.

This can make her impulsive and thrill-seeker, if her shadow traits are more dominant, she can be impulsive and hop from one person to another without hesitation.

Her element is air which can make her logical and in need of mental stimulation, without mental stimulation, she can get irritated and bored pretty easily, her airy nature also makes her detached, if she is in a relationship for the wrong reasons she’ll be more likely to not give a damn whether the relationship goes broken.

Lastly, her mutable modality makes her incredibly open to change pretty easily, she can be pretty flighty and changeable, meaning she’ll have no problem leaving a relationship she deems unworthy.

However, do not fret the Gemini woman is also capable of being faithful and loyal to the right partner – the partner that can give her enough excitement and enough mental stimulation so that she will not find it in other people, this is often the key that makes a Gemini woman stay faithful for life.

The Gemini woman will have an easier and harmonious relationship with someone who has air placements (Aquarius, Libra) and fire placements (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), this is because these signs complement and give the mental stimulation and adventure the Gemini woman needs.

Why Do Gemini Women Cheat?

The Gemini woman cheats because she didn’t find the relationship to be long-lasting in the first place and got bored, she is then tempted to seek excitement from other sources, your Gemini woman can also cheat simply cause they are not in love with their partners and are detached enough seek somebody else.

Gemini men are incredibly fast-paced men, they seek thrill, excitement, and experience all at the same time, as such certain women can match up the vibe and energy they put up to, if you’re not as thrill-seeking and adventurous or mentally active as them, they will find you boring and will look for excitement from other people.

The Gemini woman is incredibly fast-paced, she seeks mental stimulation, excitement, and adventure, she has light energy that contradicts the heavy and malefic energy of other signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn), because of this, she will always be the fun type of girl, the one who is sociable, popular and gets along with other people – a social butterfly.

This can give her an ample opportunity to meet different people and different potential lovers, whether you like it or not, she will always have options, and the minute she thinks she’s better off without you, she can hop from one person to another.

If she’s inclined to her shadow side more, she will be more selfish and be ruthless, she will certainly want to seek sexual pleasure from other people if she feels her needs and wants aren’t met because she thinks her partner can’t give her what she wants and she finds him boring, she has plenty of other admirers, why not give it another try?

This selfishness and lack of empathy for her partner can cause problems and make her cheat without remorse.

Her flirtatious nature can also attract plenty of admirers, she wants someone confident and assured of themselves, the minute her partner shows blind rage and jealousy or even possessiveness can turn her off, making it impossible for her to be attracted to her partner!

All of these things are deadly ingredients that can tempt your Gemini woman to replace you, because of her indecisiveness and changeability that is given to her by her mutable modality, she can have a hard time choosing whether the relationship is worth it or if the new lover will bring more fun and excitement into her life.

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How to Find out if your Gemini Woman is Cheating on you?

There are plenty of good ways to find out to truly test if your Gemini woman is cheating on you, the first thing to look out for when you’re suspecting that she’s cheating on you is her body language when she is around you!

If she’s cold, unbothered, and seems to “fake” the fun every time you meet her or you’re in the room with her, it is a good sign that she’s losing interest or that she’s interested in someone else, check out if her smiles are genuine, Gemini woman can be known to be fake and two-faced, often to hide their true emotions.

She will also lie, often telling you how much she loves you but the body language she exudes says otherwise, she will be fidgety in her moves, this is because her anxiety levels are piling up, making her cautious of her every move.

She will be secretive about her social media interactions, often hiding her phone away or may even not use her phone at all while she’s with you, this is to cover up the fact that she’s already flirting with someone else!

Overall, the energy and vibes she gives off will be fake and unusual, almost seems like she’s hiding something, which usually is, she will also be extremely detached and cold to you, the fun and smiles she gives in before are now gone.

A little stalking also helps, check where she’s at if she’s in pretty unusual places or stays up late at night, or even lies about where she’s gone, it’s a pretty good indicator that she’s seeing someone else.

If that’s the case, detach yourself from her, cut the cord and disappear from her life, this power dynamic can bring the power back to you! The moment she knows you know, she will gain guilt and will want to pursue you once more, she might even become obsessed with you!

Remember the saying “we want things we can’t have”, the more she’ll see it as her loss, the more she will surely be inclined to get obsessed with getting back together with you!

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Final Verdict: To keep or not to keep a Gemini woman’s cheating heart? 

If you want to make a Gemini woman stay with you for life you must be exciting and adventurous, being sexually experimental and playing mind games should be a part of the dynamic 24/7.

However, it is really hard to get back with someone who has betrayed your trust, and in this case, if your Gemini woman cheats on you, the relationship is usually a done deal for both of you.

If you’ve confirmed the signs that she’s cheating on you, trust your heart that you will find someone more suitable for you, move on and meet other women who are worthy of your attention! Do not waste your time giving your love and attention to someone who just took it for granted!

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