How Does A Scorpio Woman Test You?

How Does A Scorpio Woman Test You?

In Greek mythology, the Scorpio woman would have a resemblance to the goddess Athena. She Is hailed as a strategist that wants to prove astrology, Scorpio women are ruled by the planet, Pluto.

This planet represents death and rebirth, and transformation. Their sign also manages the 8th house which deals with taboos and power struggles. The Scorpio woman is calculating and not for the faint of heart.

The Scorpio woman will test you with her conspiracies. She does not trust easily. To be with a Scorpio woman means not to rush her into intimacy. She wants to be sure of your motives. She has a fear of abandonment and is ready to use the means of control just to keep someone.

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Profile of a Scorpio woman

How Does A Scorpio Woman Test You

The Scorpio woman shares traits with the goddess Athena. She is the icon of both war and freedom. She might come across as cold at times. As the manager of the 8th house, she might enjoy reading about the occult, but it is an ode to their love of finding secrets.

Many can comment that the Scorpio woman’s drive is to know someone’s motives.

She takes life seriously but she is also one of the most sensitive. The Scorpio woman can be entrapped into her own world and be so consumed that she may not be able to see how others are feeling. She is private and does not want to show vulnerability.

The Scorpio woman loves what’s hidden. She enjoys finding out the secrets of others but does not want to reveal her own secrets. As a fixed sign, she is a faithful and devoted lover. She is determined for her cause.

She might also be regarded as a sensual woman, which she is, and often has a strong and passionate drive.

The Scorpio woman craves intimacy but they would choose to have a long-term commitment. They are not fans of hooking up but they could do it to pass the time. She is also reputed to be notoriously jealous and has difficulty letting go. For Scorpio, love is a war that she intends to win, despite the costs.

The Scorpio woman is protective, strong, and resilient. She has a sixth sense in regard to the people she cares about. She works hard in her endeavors and set her vision in the long term. They are the ones to make their dreams to reality.

7 ways a Scorpio woman will test you

She will test your level of commitment

How Does A Scorpio Woman Test You?

She is relentless, if she feels that what you have is purposeful and means something, she could move mountains for you. They are determined personalities. When they want someone, they feel entitled to them. When problems arise, they use their strategic abilities to get out of it.

The Scorpio woman will test your loyalty. She wants to be with someone whose intentions are for life. She seeks the exclusive. When a Scorpio woman loves, she is protective they will not hesitate to fight for you. If you have no intention to make it work until the end, just don’t come her way at all.

She seeks secrets like it’s a discount coupon. If there’s a choice between being manipulated or being a manipulator then it will be a Scorpio woman that will choose the position of power. When dealing with the Scorpio woman, good intentions will keep you safe.

The Scorpio woman does not truly forgive, she can adapt and understand, but she will never forget.

She tests you through her schemes

She is infamous for conspiracies. It is not surprising for a Scorpio woman to scheme. Many times, her partner might think life is good, but then suddenly she comes at you for whatever hurt her days, months, or even a year ago.

It is not surprising for the Scorpio woman to make a conflict just to see your reaction to it. Scorpio used to be ruled by Mars alongside Aries and therefore can be combative in nature. The Scorpio woman strikes randomly and emotionally too. For her, she will not take any chances for granted.

She tests you through her abandonment issues

This is one of the most uncomfortable things you can feel with a Scorpio woman.

She is ruled by her ego and has a tendency to control others to her will. Her intensity may come from a place of conflict. If they start feeling like their lover is not as invested as she is, she will become paranoid and even more possessive.

Many times, the more we hold on, the tighter it gets and it becomes harder to breathe, she often lives her very own fear of being abandoned because of this. Even so, there is a symbolism of Scorpios as the rising Phoenix, you can make sure she can transmute her pain to power.

She tests you to stay even if she’s guarded

How Does A Scorpio Woman Test You?

The Scorpio woman is guarded. She does not want to be the public’s commodity. In Greek Mythology, Hades, the personification of Pluto, is seen as an icon of the otherworldly. He was the guardian of the underworld and is isolated from most of the living.

The Scorpio woman wants to care and show she loves and it might be hard to believe that she does. Even when she is distant, she might think of you but in reality, she is scared to be vulnerable. Like the sign of Capricorn, she is focused on remaining in keeping things in control.

She wishes to belong to only one. For her, what is the sense of being the public’s commodity? She loves in a way that consumes her entire being that single person and wants to stand by him in life and death, brutally romantic.

She will test you on her inability to express herself emotionally

She finds it hard to tell her what she’s feeling or what is on her mind. The Scorpio woman is intense but it is automatic for her not to show it. Even if you sense it, she will not admit it. This might present a potential communication gap.

The trick to the Scorpio woman’s vulnerability is to remain standing by her side. Do not rush intimacy with her. Treasure the friendship between the two and respect her secrets. When she does open up let no one else find out.

She tests you through her intensity

In the Disney movie, Hercules, Hades was based on the underworld god of Greek Mythology. He was determined to throw everything to eliminate the movie’s heroes and when he realizes that he can manipulate Hercules psychologically he does not pass the opportunity.

Like Hades, the Scorpio woman is stubborn to a fault. It is hard to change her mind when she has already made the choice. It is best to reflect if you share the same goals and dreams in life as this will truly help you both.

The Scorpio woman appreciates positions of authority and being able to come closer to her goals. A partner that helps her achieve is welcome and she will treasure him until her death if he allowed her.

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Is your Scorpio woman testing you, final thoughts…

How Does A Scorpio Woman Test You?

The Scorpio woman is determined, persistent, and reserved. She will test you through your motives. This sign would rather be in a long-term commitment versus a short fling. Though they might have occasional hookups out of boredom.

After all, Scorpios are sensual, and in medical astrology, they even rule the sexual organs.

She needs a partner that is dedicated to her and she will mirror the same commitment back. The Scorpio woman is protective and controlling. If she is not mature or maybe if the partner keeps giving her reasons to get jealous and doubt him, it might just become another suffocating relationship.

With the Scorpio woman, take it or leave it, all or nothing. You are hers, and she is yours. It is a love that transcends death and taboos only if you are brave enough to enter her world but be careful, sometimes there’s no going back.



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