How Does A Sagittarius Woman Test You?

How Does A Sagittarius Woman Test You?

Sagittarius is associated with Temperance in the Tarot, which is an inclination for higher learning. Sagittarians are explorers and also act as the manager of the 9th house which is about philosophy, long-distance travel, and higher education.

She is also ruled by Jupiter, known as the great benefic, the planet of luck and expansion.

The Sagittarius woman tests you through her love of variety. She does not want to be controlled and honors her freedom. This woman will not commit easily. The ideal partner for the Sagittarius woman is someone spontaneous, knows how to live in the present, and is up for an adventure.

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Profile of a Sagittarius woman

How Does A Sagittarius Woman Test You

The Sagittarius woman is symbolized by the archer, she is the fearless hunter. As a fire sign, she is passionate and extroverted. She is all about making the most of life and having fun. Being in a mutable quality, she embraces changes and is adaptive.

The Sagittarius woman is a free spirit that may have an honorary place as an Air sign, they just cannot stand routine or being constrained in a container. She is full of energy and keeping her at home will drive her to misery.

She wants to keep things light-hearted and would rather not think of problems.

She makes a good motivator, always cheering on the bright side of life. Her outlook on life might as well attract luck. The Sagittarius woman is sure of herself and this might also be the reason she could be blunt. Her honesty can come across as brutally insensitive.

Though, if she can choose to be, she would rather not be in a conflict.

The Sagittarius woman doesn’t want to be bored. She might always look for people’s attention. For her, friends can come and go but appreciate the connection that she makes. She likes to learn about other cultures, philosophy, and a fresh point of view to people.

7 ways a Sagittarius woman will test you

She tests if you suffocate her

How Does A Sagittarius Woman Test You?

Sagittarius is an independent woman, if you find her flirting with you, it does not always mean it’s serious.

She might just be doing it for the sake of fun. She does not like it if the partner is too clingy. The Sagittarius woman is looking for a partner that understands her need for freedom and is not afraid to reject him if he proves too controlling.

Sagittarius women don’t match well with sensitive people. She is open to casual relationships and is more of a physical lover than a romantic one. For the Sagittarius woman, love is an adventure, you never know what’s in store but her promise is this, “If you keep her safe, she’ll keep you wild.

She will test how much you are willing to trust

Sagittarius is not known to be the most reliable person. She can be inconsistent because she is always on the lookout for something fun to do. They make up for it by being one of the most honest of all the zodiac signs. They would easily be described as, “what you see is what you get.”

The Sagittarius woman will always give you a straightforward answer.

She is always searching for her spirituality and appreciates philosophy. It is this very reason that she is non-committal, and if you really wish to be with a Sagittarius woman, you would have to trust that what’s for you won’t miss you even if it doesn’t end up with her.

She will test you through her temper

The Sagittarius woman has a short temper even in the smallest of matters. The way they attack is through a sharp tongue throwing up ruthless words. The good news is, once they are done expressing themselves, most of the time it is finished. It takes a lot to make a Sagittarius plant resentment.

Sagittarius women might be moody because they get irate quickly and lose it the same way. They normally avoid drama. She takes pride in having many friends and also being able to have good relationships with all of them.

She is optimistic and forgiving to those who hurt her. Although the opposite is true when it’s their turn to admit they’re wrong. She will have difficulty admitting she made a mistake.

She tests you with her pride

How Does A Sagittarius Woman Test You?

The Sagittarius woman is emotionally gifted and is able to understand the philosophy behind people. This could also mean that they might come across as all-knowing or egotistical. Their optimism makes them overconfident in their abilities.

It’s hard for a Sagittarius to accept criticism or constructive feedback. Confidence now becomes arrogance because although they are good at seeing the bigger picture, they forget to plan the details that make that vision happen.

She will test if you will take her for granted

Sagittarius women tend to be one of the most charismatic because of their optimism and their kindness. They are emotionally intelligent and open souls. They want to experience the unknown and their fearlessness continues to attract people.

They may be good hosts that can get along with different groups of people.

This kindness or warmth is also what makes them vulnerable for people to take advantage of them. It is hard for the Sagittarius woman to say no, and wants to make sure everyone has a good time.

She will test you with her inconsistency

The Sagittarius woman is restless because she jumps from one idea to the next, she may prove a tendency to be an enthusiastic starter but it’s not surprising for them to leave unfinished projects. This might translate to the way she treats her relationships in general.

It is not uncommon for them to ghost their friends only to reappear months later.

Her constant search for new experiences means she will not commit easily. She will do well with a partner that may also be as detached as her. Gemini might get along with her love of variety as well as an Aries that is also initiative as she is.

She will test you with her detachment

How Does A Sagittarius Woman Test You?

Sagittarius women are practical, get bored easily, and are quick to move on. She is optimistic and if she loses someone, she knows there are plenty of fish out there. In situations where she can’t find something positive to think of, she would rather put on a face that seems like she doesn’t care.

They are able to hide what they feel around people and only let those closest see it. Sagittarians don’t like to talk about what they’re feeling preferring to experience it instead. She has emotional resilience and knows that she will not die from being single.

To attract a Sagittarius woman, you would have to give her new adventures. A trip to some new place or trying out new experiences might be a way to attract her. She would also appreciate deep conversations and talking about cultures around the world.

A relationship with a Sagittarius woman is that she never takes herself seriously. In love, it is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. She can make for a loyal, compassionate, and most of all brutally honest partner.

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Is your Sagittarius woman testing you, final thoughts…

The Sagittarius woman will test you through companionship. She is not always seeking a committed relationship and wants to have a partner in crime that she can do anything with. The Sagittarius woman is looking for someone who shares her love of variety and that can understand that she is not clingy.

To love a Sagittarius woman is to accept them for who they are. They do not wish to be restricted. She places importance on her freedom above all else. She wants to travel the world and she will not be happy living the role of a housewife.



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