How Does A Pisces Woman Test You?

How Does A Pisces Woman Test You?

Pisces is the compassionate and selfless sign in the zodiac. As the manager of the 12th house and the follower of Neptune, she is the daydreamer, the hopeless romantic, and the idealist. The Pisces woman is highly sensitive, intuitive. She is not focused on the mundane side of life but tends to give meaning beyond what we usually experience.

The way a Pisces woman will test you is how you make your love like a fairy tale. She is the type of lover that would admire you from a distance and look you in the eye. She loves as if she’s the main character in a movie and she hopes she can spend her life with someone who could feel the same.

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Profile of a Pisces woman

How Does A Pisces Woman Test You

The Pisces woman is symbolized by two fishes going in opposite directions. She sees life in a bigger picture and oftentimes can be branded as absent-minded because she’s busy in her imagination. She loves quite deeply and you would have to expect that she cries foul to the opposite as well.

If there is a downside to a Pisces woman, it is the accusation of victim mentality or martyr hood. They do make selfless individuals but there are cases, especially when it is an immature Pisces woman, that she is instead self-centered. Others view her as too sensitive, caring too much, and fearful of the worst.

In its mythology, the fishes in the Pisces symbolism were the ones who helped Aphrodite and Eros, Greek gods to escape the fearsome Typhon.

This is where Pisces is associated with escapism. They knew they couldn’t face Typhon who was considered a diabolical force, but nevertheless, one can question if it’s really them giving up or that by knowing their limitations, they were able to choose differently than to face their demise.

The Pisces woman is spiritual. She teaches the importance of surrender. She is the ending and the finish line. She aims to be a home where her lover can rest safely. She wants to seek safety in her lover and get lost with him and just like its constellation, they lived happily ever after, forevermore.

7 ways a Pisces woman will test you

She will test you with her push-and-pull tendency

How Does A Pisces Woman Test You?

The Pisces woman is indecisive. Like how they behave in nature, fish often find themselves in groups. A Pisces woman does well as a member of a team more so than to be a leader. She tends to overthink before she can make a choice.

Sometimes they never make a choice at all and let the rivers flow and take care of it.

It could be stressful for both you and the Pisces woman when it comes to choices so it is better to lead her instead. She fears making the wrong decision and would rather put the burden on someone else so she takes care of what that person would feel about whatever happens.

She will test you with her emotional fragility

Pisces women are infamous for their sensitivity. Some make fun of them for being crybabies but they can’t help it, they wear their hearts on their sleeves. Pisces women understand what it’s like to hurt and will put themselves in others’ shoes. Out of all the water signs, the Pisces woman is the least to retaliate.

However, there is a growing topic that most serial killers list Pisces as one of the top signs to do so. They are not to be underestimated. They might seem like pushovers but they are still influenced by deep waters.

There are many things we do not understand about our planet’s oceans and that’s exactly how Pisces mentality works. If there is someone that you do not want to become an obsessive stalking ex, that’s a Pisces woman for you.

She will test you with her dependence

The Pisces woman just like her sister’s sign, Virgo, is co-dependent. It is like their purpose is to serve others and die for a cause. She cannot truly be happy if she lives for herself. The Pisces woman seeks meaning in all things.

When she loves you, she will tend to make you, her world. She would do her best to please you and make you happy. Many times, the Pisces woman attracts abuse this way, which is why she hopes if she gives you her heart, you will not break it.

The Pisces woman looks at her man in admiration and almost worships him. She is the epitome of sacrifice. If Virgo sacrifices through her actions and devotion, Pisces gives her life and entire soul. It is scary that it is not surprising if they say, they will die without you.

Many times, the pairing of Scorpio man and Pisces woman is established because of Scorpio’s devotion and desire to completely own the other person. The Pisces woman loves the security that he is able to give her, but if both signs are still immature they will be a cautionary tale of toxicity.

She will test your strengths

How Does A Pisces Woman Test You?

The Pisces woman yearns for a strong man as if he’s prince charming and she’s the damsel in distress.

She will not observe you on physical tests but on how much you are willing to make things work. She is the classic Disney Princess, and even though she might have lived life in unfairness, she still believes that it can always get better.

Pisces women can go in two ways just like the fish symbolism. She might either be the positive kind or the pessimistic kind, sometimes you would have to be the strong person for her, or she will be the one to lift you up when you are down.

She could summon the strength to carry the relationship as long as she will it. If there is something Pisces fears the most, it is being abandoned by the one she loves the most.

She tests you with her moodiness

The Pisces woman can act like those baby girls on social media. There are depictions of Pisces women being the bimbos of the zodiac. They can look clumsy and clueless but some Pisces women do this on purpose and end up surprising you with the knowledge they have.

She is creative; therefore, she might also possess the artist’s temperament. She needs to feel inspired to get moving and sometimes when she feels things are getting too heavy, she is like a tree with deep roots that refuses to be moved.

It might be best if you are able to remain patient with your Pisces woman during these times and understand that they have a period-like personality that will never go away.

She will test you with her escapism

Pisces manages the 12th house in the zodiac which is also like the house of mysteries, the unconscious, and the otherworldly. This can also translate to Pisces women being secretive. They are the antithesis of Aries. They do not want to face their demons headstrong.

The Pisces woman might throw in topics or anything to distract you from what she doesn’t want you to know. They tend to play the blame game and allow others to deal with it. They are not known to have a strong will when it comes to direct confrontation and will fold easily.

She tests you on her passive-aggression

How Does A Pisces Woman Test You?

Pisces women can be scary even if she looks weak-willed. When there is a problem, she might tell you indirectly. They are not known to say things upfront. She might write about you in a song or a poem that you would know too late.

Emotions drive the Pisces woman, as well as fantasies. When she feels forced to do things, she can become miserable quite easily. Worse, when she does let herself feel angry, she will then feel guilty about letting you know.

It is unpredictable what happens when a Pisces woman is mad. Just remember that if she is in love with you, it is like a never-ending storm that casts a rainbow the next day. It may be their favorite saying, “This too shall pass.”

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Is your Pisces woman testing you, final thoughts…

The Pisces woman makes a devoted and deep love. She will test you on her tendency for escapism. She is passive-aggressive and does not take direct confrontations well. She would rather follow than lead. The Pisces woman is looking for a strong figure to whom she can safely surrender her entire soul.

Because of her desire to serve people or to be there for others, she is most likely been hurt and abused in the past so someone that can gently warm her up and make her believe she is worth it is her ideal partner.



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